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The Wow Factor: Global Research Compendium on the Impact of the Arts in Education, Bamford, Anne
1 Bamford, Anne The Wow Factor: Global Research Compendium on the Impact of the Arts in Education
Germany Waxmann Verlag GmbH 2009 3830916175 / 9783830916178 2nd Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
178 pages. More than ever before, the arts are shaping and influencing our daily lives through the media and the creative industries. The arts are no longer confined to museums and theatres, but are adding value to our national economies and improving the quality of education. This has implications for arts education. However, unlike other subjects taught at schools, the arts have rarely made their purpose clear: Why are they taught? What is good arts education? And what are the benefits of teaching creative subjects or using creative ways to teach? In 2004 Professor Anne Bamford conducted the first international analysis of arts education research for UNESCO, in partnership with IFACCA and the Australia Council. Comparing data and case studies from more than 60 countries, the book analyses the differences between 'education in the arts' and 'education through the arts'. While appreciating that arts programmes are embedded in their unique social and cultural contexts, Professor Bamford develops internationally comparable standards for quality arts education. In addition, she identifies a number of concrete educational, cultural, and social benefits of arts education. This definitive work is of major interest to policy-makers, educators and artists. 
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Rhetorics of History: Modernity and Postmodernity (Papers of the Art Association of Australia - Volume II), Carr-Gregg, Michael
2 Carr-Gregg, Michael Rhetorics of History: Modernity and Postmodernity (Papers of the Art Association of Australia - Volume II)
Australia Art Association of Australia 1990 0959684360 / 9780959684360 1st Edition Stapled Cover Very Good 12mo 
67 pages. This volume is the second in a series of publications designed to bring the work of the conferences held annually by the Art Association of Australia to the attention of a wider audience for art. Sessions at these conferences function as forums for reflection on the assumptions about method we have in our work, whether it be historical, critical or practical. As the volume Practices of Criticism in Australia engaged with the writing of art criticism, so the session published here as Rhetorics of History was devoted to theories of history and problems in the historiography of art. Writing art history is an activity whose presuppositions are still insufficiently articulated. In writing, we activate a whole series of devices which have been developed over time and which help constitute the discursive parameters of art history as a discipline. The aim of these papers is partly to investigate such devices: models of change in history, concepts of periodization, the construction of canons of important artists, patterns of historical narrativization, and historical analyses indebted to sociology or psychoanalysis. Each of these papers in some way addresses that task of historical distinction which preoccupies many writers on the arts today: fleshing out what constitutes modernity or postmodernity, and investigating the relationship between them. My discussion of the modem/postmodern distinction serves as an introduction to various models of periodization and their historiographical implications. I suggest that we understand differing positions on the distinction between the modem and the postmodem as ways by which authors define themselves within the intellectual economy (extrapolating from the ideas of the sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, whose book Distinction served as the leitmotif of the AAA conference). Ian McLean then offers a discussion of ideas of modernism amongst Marxist critics of the 1930s; he revises conventional accounts of Clement Greenberg’s theories of history and modernist art in the light of parallel ideas held by his German contemporaries Walter Benjamin and Theodor Adomo. Terry Smith’s article (which was not a conference paper but was gratefully received for incorporation into this volume) focusses on the thought of Foucault in relation to concepts of modemity and, in particular, the relationship between surveillance and power in establishing the regime of visuality characteristic of the modem episteme. David Bennett, who writes from the perspective of a literary theorist, engages with two specific problems in the current theorization of postmodemism: the substitution of spatializing for temporal codes of cognition as constitutive conditions of postmodernity (as Jameson construes it), and consequent problems for Craig Owens’ reading of feminism as a model for postmodern criticality. Finally, Anne Marsh’s paper on performance an indicates symptomatic issues of historiography in the postmodern period: the status of the body, given the crisis of the humanist subject, and how an interpretative framework adequate to a history of performance might be found in Lacanian theory. All five papers have undergone rewriting in the light of comments by the editors and the other contributors. Contents: Modern/Postmodern: What is at Stake in Historical Distinction? by Roger Benjamin; Angel and Vise: Ideas of History in Marxist Modernism: Clement Greenberg, Theodor Adorno and Walter Benjamin by Ian McLean; Discourse and Desire: Foucault on Modernity and Visuality by Terry Smith; Periodizing the Postmodern/Spatializing the Posthistorical by David Bennett; Considering Performance Art The Absent Element - Fragments of History by Anne Marsh. 
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Australian Aboriginal Art: A Souvenir Book of Aboriginal Art in the Australian National Gallery, Caruana, Wally
3 Caruana, Wally Australian Aboriginal Art: A Souvenir Book of Aboriginal Art in the Australian National Gallery
Australia Australian National Gallery 1987 0642081441 / 9780642081445 Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good Folio 
55 colour illustrated pages. The work of Australia's Aboriginal artists, in all its variety of forms and social origins, has a sense of purpose and achievement. A knowledge of long traditions is reflected in the vitality and excitement of its contemporary setting. Aboriginal art, though relatively unknown, is one of the most important forms of artistic expression. It is not only the long history but also the continuing and evolving traditions of Aboriginal art that represent an extraordinary achievement, and most of the artists represented here live and work in traditionally oriented situations in the Northern Territory. This book aims to give the reader a feeling for the Gallery's collection, both in its scope and in its quality. Unfortunately not every artist represented in the collection can be mentioned here. For those that are, one work by each is illustrated. There are many omissions, but the selection has no bias. This book is intended to provide an overview of the Gallery’s collections and of the state of contemporary Aboriginal art. Most works included in this book were collected in the 1970s and ealry 1980s 
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Peter Callas: Initialising History, Cavallaro, Alessio (editor)
4 Cavallaro, Alessio (editor) Peter Callas: Initialising History
Australia dLux Media Arts 1999 0646378945 / 9780646378947 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo Libby Blainey 
79 pages including illustrations about the works of Peter Callas, a prominentf Australian electronic media artist. He is a pioneer of the artistic use of the electronic image in Australia. Over the last two and a half decades he has utilised a wide variety of electronic and digital media to create an ongoing series of cultural ‘portraits’, making challenging work from different places: Papua New Guinea, Japan, the United States, Germany, Brazil, Italy, India and Australia. His often address the issues of multicultural and transcultural identity and the 'reanimation' of history. 
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Arts Marketing: The Pocket Guide, Dickman, Sharron
5 Dickman, Sharron Arts Marketing: The Pocket Guide
Australia Centre for Professional Development 1997 1863391959 / 9781863391955 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
102 pages including drawings. This handy pocket guide to arts marketing will give gou the tips and tools you need to start thinking clearly about marketing yourself or your organisation. It will help answer gour questions about: the role of marketing in effective arts management; writing an effective marketing program; determining consumer needs and identifging markets; writing an effective marketing plan; analgsing and pricing gour core product or service; communicating with the marketplace; advertising and promotion; using and handling the media; direct marketing; merchandising; relationship marketing. Project undertaken jointly by the Australia Council, the Commonwealth Government's Arts Funding, and Centre for Professional Development: "abridged version of the marketing chapter of "Making it Happen: the cultural and entertainment industries handbook". 
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Theorizing Modernism: Visual Art and the Critical Tradition, Drucker, Johanna
6 Drucker, Johanna Theorizing Modernism: Visual Art and the Critical Tradition
U.S.A. Columbia Univ Pr 1994 0231080832 / 9780231080835 1st British Edition Glossy Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
201 indexed pages including b/w illustrations. A re-reading of the modernist tradition in the visual arts that provides a unique view of the history of modern art and art criticism. Concentrating on canonical critical texts and images, the book examines modern art through a rhetoric of representation rather than through formalist criticism or the history of the avant-garde. This book offers an extremely valuable overview of visual arts discourses through a rigorous examination of the rhetoric of 19th and 20th century critical writing and art practice. This work is an important contribution toward remapping modernist objects, subjects, and spaces. Johanna Drucker is an academic, author, visual theorist, and cultural critic. 
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2012 JADA: Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award - a Grafton Regional Gallery touring Exhibition, Grafton Regional Gallery (staff)
7 Grafton Regional Gallery (staff) 2012 JADA: Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award - a Grafton Regional Gallery touring Exhibition
Australia Grafton Regional Gallery 2012 0987424505 / 9780987424501 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
Oblong. 56 pages including colour illustrations and a leaflet listing award winning artists and drawings. This booklet was published by the Grafton Regional Gallery for the 2012 Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award held at the Grafton Regional Gallery from 26 October to 2 December 2012. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Art History and Class Struggle, Hadjinicolaou, Nicos
8 Hadjinicolaou, Nicos Art History and Class Struggle
UK Pluto Pr 1979 090438327X / 9780904383270 2nd Printing Soft Cover Good 12mo 
206 indexed pages including illustrations. Nicos Hadjinicolaou is a Greek art historian of Marxist-methodology and historian of visual ideology, known from this 1978 book "Art History and Class Struggle" in which he sets out to destroy the bland assumptions that art as well as art history flourish in an air-tight hot-house cut off from society, that there is no distinction between revolutionary and reactionary thinking about art. He introduces the concepts ideology and ideological class struggle into art history and elaborates on the notion of visual ideology in its critical and positive modes. He takes issue with the ‘liberal’ marxists who deny ‘cultural objects’ a class character and also with the dogmatic marxists who reduce every picture to the economic and political interests of a social class. In developing a definition of style which goes beyond the crude psychologism of most writing on the subject, Hadjinicolaou undertakes a detailed analysis of several classic paintings (Rembrandt, David and others). The large format of this well designed book is more attractive than usual academic publications. An interesting aspect of the layout is the way in which the many illustrations are concentrated on special pages grouped together, avoiding the spotty effect that occurs when they are scattered throughout the text. Nicos Hadjinicolaou was born in Salonica, Greece, in 1938. He studied art history at the universities of West Berlin, Freiburg and Munich, and continued his studies with Pierre Francastel, Lucien Goldmann and Pierre Vilar at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes in Paris. 
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A Gift Book of Teddy Bears, Hingley, Cheryl A.
9 Hingley, Cheryl A. A Gift Book of Teddy Bears
Australia Ken Fin Books 1995 1875566309 / 9781875566303 Reprint Pictorial Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 12mo Rosalie Upton 
79 pages including colour illustrations. Who can resist the charm of the world's most widespread and best loved cuddly toy? The watercolour illustrations throughout this book capture perfectly all aspects of that furry creature - almost a real animal, and nearly human - that we call the Teddy Bear. In addition to wonderful watercolours, this book offers stories, anecdotes, poems and songs which follow the Teddy from the dawn of his own time to the present day, and display Teddies in a variety of guises and scenes, not forgetting the favourite theme of the Teddy Bears‘ Picnic. This delightful book is an ideal gift for all age groups. Rosalie Upton studied at St Martins School of Art in London. She is an artist, illustrator, fashion designer and collector of antique toys. The latter interest has led her to visit and research toy collections around the world, which have provided some of the inspiration for the wonderful watercolours in this book. 
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Let's Paint Things, Ingram, Anne; O'Donnell, Peggy
10 Ingram, Anne; O'Donnell, Peggy Let's Paint Things
Australia Ellsyd Press 1990 0949290866 / 9780949290861 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 8vo David Pearson 
32 pages including colour illustrations. Easy-to-follow text over 30 painting activities aimed at four to seven year olds detailing activities using paint. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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Long Water: Aboriginal art and Literature, Krishnamurti, Jiddu
11 Krishnamurti, Jiddu Long Water: Aboriginal art and Literature
Australia Robert Brown & Associates 1986 01593358 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 4to 
115 pages including b/w illustrations. A special issue of "Aspect" 34 August 1986. Published for Aspect and the Aboriginal Artists Agency. Long Water or Bubu-Weedarra: Like a long river, Aboriginal culture flows eternally, forever changing, but receiving its life and energy from the same ancient source. Bubu-Weedarra is an Aboriginal word from the Wudjadi language which is one of the many languages that belong to the Yamitji people from the Gascoyne and Murchison Rivers in Western Australia. Long Water (Bubu-Weedarra) was suggested as a name for this issue by Ernie Dingo: ‘It is the tribal name of my mother. She was born on a sandbank along the bend of a river. Mother and river are both givers of life.' Contents: Long Water; ‘Take my Stick...’; Wandjuk Marika - Painting is important; Billy Marshall-Stoneking - Days with Tutama; Ulli Beier - Papunya Tula Art; Billy Marshall-Stoneking - Fourteen Paintings from Papunya; Kath Walker - l used my art for sanity’s sake; Colin Iohnson - Three poems from ‘Songs of Iacky’; Trevor N ickolls - Six Self-portraits; Ernie Dingo - Five poems; Iudo Gemes - Uluru: Sacred Ground; Colin Iohnson - Guerilla Poetry: Lionel Pogarty’s response to language genocide; Kath Walker - Hijack; Colin Iohnson - Three poems from India; Kath Walker - China Woman; Thanacoupie - Was this time set aside?; Ulli Beier - lt’s the beauty of the story that really gets you. There are two inscriptions inscription in the first page and a crease in the front cover. 
Price: 19.00 AUD
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The Arts of Independence: Frank Sullivan in Singapore and Malaysia, Manton, Neil
12 Manton, Neil The Arts of Independence: Frank Sullivan in Singapore and Malaysia
Australia Neil Manton 2008 0646491733 / 9780646491738 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo Signed by Author
ix + 134 pages including b/w illustrations. Frank lived in India, Singapore and Malaysia, places where he became someone really special and made substantial contributions to their social, political and cultural development. A basic love of literature and theatre turned into a dedication to the visual arts of these two emerging societies, nurturing the careers of young artists. His influence was significant playing an important role in establishing the National Gallery of Malaysia. He was known as 'Mr Painting of Malaysia'. 
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Didjeridu Dreaming, Parker, Adrian
13 Parker, Adrian Didjeridu Dreaming
Australia JB Books 2003 1876622431 / 9781876622435 1st Edition Hard Cover Good 8vo 
32 pages including illustrations and bibliographical references. The didjeridu is one of the most popular and dynamic instruments throughout Australia and the world. Its rich and vibrant sound mystifies and enchants those vvho hear it, and entices many young people to learn to play. Once mastered, the didjeridu becomes a source of inspiration, creativity, relaxation and meditation. People can teach themselves to play and it does not require an ability to read music. Its history can be traced from the present day back through time with ochre paintings rendered on ancient rock faces. This book presents an informative overview of the manufacture, history, mythology and role of the didjeridu in Aboriginal society. it also contains lessons and exercises on how to play the didjeridu. Breathing techniques, sound and rhythm are all discussed. The didjeridu is a wind instrument that has been manufactured and played by Aboriginal Australians since time immemorial. lt is primarily a hollovv log or length of bamboo, with a wax mouthpiece attached to one end. A didjeridu is usually one to two metres in length. The hollow in wooden didjeridus is created by termites; small light intolerant ant-like insects that harvest and eat grass and timber They live in individual colonies or nests containing a queen who oversees and produces thousands of workers. When playing a didjeridu the musician blows into one end with loosely pursed lips. 
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Norman Lindsay on art, life, and literature (UQP paperbacks), Wingrove, Keith (editor); Lindsay, Norman
14 Wingrove, Keith (editor); Lindsay, Norman Norman Lindsay on art, life, and literature (UQP paperbacks)
Australia University of Queensland Press 1990 0702222275 / 9780702222276 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
xix, 241 pages inccluding illustrations. This selection of Norman Lindsay's writings will surprise those who associate his art with voluptuous nudes and whimsical koala bears. His international reputation as an artist and cartoonist has overshadowed his considerable achievements as a writer. Lindsay was a novelist, and he contributed much to Australian literature, working hard to promote aspiring authors. He assisted in the formation of several publishing companies. For many years he wrote essays for the Bulletin and other journals. The scope of these essays is remarkable: they include his assessments of Shakespeare, Pepys, Johnson, Dickens and Browning; and his views on Australians Paterson, Lawson and Furphy. He also commented on the state of Australian society and morality. As the author of eleven novels and the popular children's book The Magic Pudding, Lindsay was sought by many struggling writers for advice on technical problems. Lindsay's views are personal, original and forthright, his style expressively individual. A lively sense of fun runs through all his works, yet he is also revealed here as a man who pondered deeply on the problems of life and art. Lindsay often illustrated his essays with lively sketches, the best of which are reproduced here. This book show moderate wear and tanning. A previous owner's name in the first page. There are small light stains in the front edge of the front cover and in the front edges of some ititial pages. The book is in good condition though. 
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