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Australian Politics

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Australian Politics

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Regional Planning in Australia: A History of Progress and Review of Regional Planning Activities Through the Commonwealth
1 Regional Planning in Australia: A History of Progress and Review of Regional Planning Activities Through the Commonwealth
Australia Commonwealth Department of Post-War Reconstruction 1949 1st Edition Hard Cover Very Good 8vo 
103 pages including a folded large coloured map of Australia. The Commonwealth of Australia first directed its attention toward regional Australia as a specific policy concern under PM John Curtin and the Minister for Post-War Construction and later PM Ben Chifley. Underlying socio-economic policy objectives included the utilisation of natural resources, defence imperatives and urban decentralisation. A plan for regional infrastructure and resource development arose through a series of Commonwealth/state conferences, culminating in 1949 with the publication of Regional Planning in Australia by the Commonwealth Department of Post-War Reconstruction. Under the CDPWR, the nation was divided into almost 100 regions leading to, in many instances, the establishment of ‘regional development committees’ (RDCs) that were expected to prepare resource inventories and regional plans ‘directed towards the full development of the region’s resources in order to maintain the maximum population. CONTENTS: PREFACE. PART ONE: CHAPTER ONE - THE GROWTH OF THE REGIONAL PLANNING ORGANIZATION. CHAPTER TWO - REGIONAL PLANNING ADMINISTRATION. CHAPTER THREE - SURVEYS AND PLANNING. PART TWO: CHAPTER FOUR - COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA. CHAPTER FIVE - COMMONWEALTH - STATE PRO]ECTS. CHAPTER SIX - NEW SOUTH WALES. CHAPTER SEVEN - VICTORIA. CHAPTER EIGHT - QUEENSLAND. CHAPTER NINE - SOUTH AUSTRALIA. CHAPTER TEN - WESTERN AUSTRALIA. CHAPTER ELEVEN - TASMANIA. 
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The Bjelke-Petersen premiership, 1968-1983: Issues in public policy, Allan Patience
2 Allan Patience The Bjelke-Petersen premiership, 1968-1983: Issues in public policy
Australia Longman Cheshire 1985 0582714869 / 9780582714861 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
286 indexed pages. Between 1968 and I983 the Bjelke-Petersen coalition governments in Queensland devised and implemented some of the most controversial public policies yet seen in Australian political history. Bans on street marches, curtailments of civil liberties, the politicisation of the police, a determined stand on Aboriginal land rights, a curious attitude to parliamentary procedures and a host of similar issues evoked images of an authoritarian government which nonetheless maintained a remarkably successful electoral record. Towering over it all was the image of the Premier himself: implacably opposed to any political interference from Canberra or the South generally; self-righteous; frequently triumphing over political giants like Whitlam and Fraser; even testing the outer limits of the Australian federal system. This volume of essays critically analyses some of the most important public policies of the Bjelke-Petersen governments between I968 and I983 - the years in which the Queensland Liberal Party was the minority partner to the National (Country) Party in the coalition. The policies under scrutiny are explored in terms of their salient values, their methods of implementation, and their effectiveness. In addition, the central actors in the Bjelke-Petersen governments - particularly the Premier himself - are examined in terms of their roles in shaping the policies. 
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Good God, he's green! A history of Tasmanian politics 1989 to 1996, Armstrong, Lance
3 Armstrong, Lance Good God, he's green! A history of Tasmanian politics 1989 to 1996
Australia Pacific Law Press 1997 1875192085 / 9781875192083 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
159 pages including b/w illustrations. This is Lance Armstrong's fifth book. Three of the previous four books were on justice and peace issues which, he says, are an integral part of the Green agenda. Following many years of political activism through the Green movement, Lance Armstrong was elected to the Tasmanian House of Assembly in May 1989. Soon after his election, he became one of the five Green Members of Parliament to sign the historic Accord agreement with the Tasmanian Labour Party. He was re-elected in 1992, but lost his parliamentary seat in 1996 by the narrowest of margins. Indeed, the recount that was granted to him set a historical precedent - being the only recount that has been granted in the history of the Hare-Clarke proportional voting system, dating back to 1909. Lance Armstrong is also an ordained minister of the Uniting Church of Australia, having been ordained in 1974. He says that it is his theological understanding of the Christian Faith, his faith convictions, that has led him to identify so strongly with the Green movement. Since October 1996, he has been working again as a parish minister at St. David's Uniting Church, in Albury NSW. He has kept up his active interest in Green politics and is now also the Convenor of the Albury-Wodonga Environment Centre. 
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Australia - The Constitution - as in force on 1 June 2003, Attorney-General's Dept and Australian Government Solicitor
4 Attorney-General's Dept and Australian Government Solicitor Australia - The Constitution - as in force on 1 June 2003
Australia Attorney-General's Department 2003 0642782857 / 9780642782854 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good Small 4to 
120 indexed pages. The Australian Constitution as in force on 1 June 2003 together with Proclamation Declaring the Establishment of the Commonwealth, Letters Patent Relating to the Office of Governor-General, Statute of Westminister Adoption Act 1942, Australia Act 1986 / with overview and notes and index by the Attorney-General's Department and Australia Government Solicitor. 
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Australia's Constitution: With overview and notes by the Australian Government Solicitor, Australian Government Solicitor
5 Australian Government Solicitor Australia's Constitution: With overview and notes by the Australian Government Solicitor
Australia Commonwealth of Australia / Australian Govt. Pub. Service 2010 1742293431 7th Edition Stapled Cover Very Good Small 16mo 
xix + 77 pages. Pocket Revised Reprint. The Constitution of Australia is the supreme law under which the government of the Commonwealth of Australia operates, including its relationship to the States. The Australian Constitution has operated since the federation of the Australian colonies in 1901. It establishes the framework of the main political institutions - legislature, executive and judicature - the relationships between them, and the powers of the Federal Parliament in relation to the States. The Constitution is technically an act of the British Parliament passed in 1900. The last vestiges of British legislative influence in Australia were eliminated with the passage of the Australia Act in 1986. 
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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Queensland but Were Afraid to Ask, Bahnisch, Mark
6 Bahnisch, Mark Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Queensland but Were Afraid to Ask
Australia NewSouth Pub 2015 1742234348 / 9781742234342 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
173 indexed pages. Includes bibliographical reference. Everyone has heard the cliches about Queensland politics: Queensland is 'different'. It's the 'Deep North'. Its state elections exemplify Pineapple Party Time. But what if those cliches are in fact looking more like the state of affairs in the rest of Australia? Does the Sunshine State represent the new normal in Australian politics? Once, Queensland was seen as the land that time forgot, with a narrow economy based on agriculture, mining and transport - and conservative values. Then, from the 1980s, a transformation took place as the state modernised, entrenching democratic reforms and civil liberties. Yet now, in the era of Campbell Newman, the Palmer United Party and national politics that oozes alarmist populism, it feels like Queensland's history of eccentricity and unrest has colonised the whole country. So how does Queensland both point the way forward and shine a light on the way we live now? Political commentator and Queenslander Mark Bahnisch looks closely and boldly at the Queensland experience, from the Joh Era to the present. His must-read book reaches some surprising conclusions. "Bahnisch's deep north is a beautiful hive of scum and villainy one day, a perfect storm of gothic corruption the next" - John Birmingham - Mark Bahnisch was the founder of awardwinning political blog Larvatus Prodeo (2005u13) and his commentary has been published in Crikey, New Matilda, The Drum , the Australian Financial Review, The Australian and elsewhere. He has a PhD in sociology from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia and has lived in Brisbane for most of his life. There is a name and date in the title page. 
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Prime Ministers of Australia 1901-1984: a portrait gallery of leaders of the Nation, Byfield, C. C.
7 Byfield, C. C. Prime Ministers of Australia 1901-1984: a portrait gallery of leaders of the Nation
Australia Marco 1984 0909214220 / 9780909214227 1st Edition Stapled Soft Cover Good 12mo 
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Human Growth Its Source and Potential, Cairns, Jim
8 Cairns, Jim Human Growth Its Source and Potential
Australia Jim Cairns 1984 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
184 indexed pages. This book is an account of the source of human growth and potential, of how it has been repressed and distorted, and of its liberation on the way to its limitless potential. Jim Cairns (1914-2003) was Australian politician in the Labor movement during the 1960s and 1970s. He was Deputy Prime Minister in the Whitlam government. Creases in the cover. Underlining in some text. Blacked out inscription in the first page. 
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Australian Politics in the Global Era, Capling, Ann
9 Capling, Ann Australian Politics in the Global Era
Australia Longman 1998 0582810914 / 9780582810914 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
174 indexed pages. 174 indexed pages including references. This introduction to the effects of globalisation on Australian politics examines the policies and decisions made by Australian governments over the years in attempts to deal with the impact of international commerce. Also looks at the ways in which globalisation tends to undermine and destabilise pre-existing institutions and policies. This book traces various formative political periods from Federation through to modern day, examining the policies and decisions made by Australian governments over the years as they have attempted to deal with the impact of international commerce. The ways in which globalisation has tended to undermine and destabilise pre-existing institutions and policies is also examined. The book seeks to promote discussion and debate about the contemporary and long term effects of globalisation, and the relevance and ability of Australian political institutions to deal with it. It examines the increasing trend of people to turn away from current political processes as they try to find their own ways to deal with the changes which globalisation has had on their lives. Creases in the fronf cover. 
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More Great Interviews, Clarke, John
10 Clarke, John More Great Interviews
Australia Allen & Unwin 1992 1863732683 / 9781863732680 Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
135 pages. Transcripts of 44 Tinterviews' with leading Australian figures. A series of satirical, humorous exchanges in the guise of Paul Keating, John Hewson, and others, discussing issues ranging from the consumption tax to the ordination of women. A sequel to "Great Interviews of the Twentieth Century". Taken from the Australian television programme, "A Current Affair", this book contains a further collection of "interviews" in which comedian, John Clarke, appears as himself but answers the questions as the person he is sending up. The "interviews" cover significant moments in political life since 1990. 
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Multiculturalism and Integration: A Harmonious Relationship, Clyne, Prof Michael; Jupp, Dr James
11 Clyne, Prof Michael; Jupp, Dr James Multiculturalism and Integration: A Harmonious Relationship
Australia ANU E Press 2011 1921862149 / 9781921862144 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 4to 
228 indexed pages including bibliography. Multiculturalism has been the official policy of all Australian governments (Commonwealth and State) since the 1970s. It has recently been criticised, both in Australia and elsewhere. Integration has been suggested as a better term and policy. Critics suggest it is a reversion to assimilation. However integration has not been rigorously defined and may simply be another form of multiculturalism, which the authors believe to have been vital in sustaining social harmony. 
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Hear Our Voice The Democracy Australians Want, Coghill, Ken; Wright; Paula
12 Coghill, Ken; Wright; Paula Hear Our Voice The Democracy Australians Want
Australia The Australian Collaboration 2012 0980396255 / 9780980396256 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
84 pages. Includes bibliograhical endnotes. Examines what we mean by democracy, suggesting it must extend far beyond holding elections every three years. Contents: Preface; About the authors; In search of Australian democracy; What makes Australia democratic; On democracy; International covenant on civil and political rights; Participation improves outcomes; It is broken; fix it! Citizen participation; Public advocacy; Indigenous rights to democracy; Electoral reform; Parliamentary reforms; Greater accountability of the Executive; Anti-corruption; Transparency and media; What would make Australia more democratic?; Democratic federation: Citizen engagement; Endnotes; Acknowledgement. 
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Double take: Six incorrect essays, Coleman, Peter (edited by); Faust, Peatrice; Moorhouse, Frank; Williamson, David; Pearson, Christopehr; Murray, Les; Grant, Jamie
13 Coleman, Peter (edited by); Faust, Peatrice; Moorhouse, Frank; Williamson, David; Pearson, Christopehr; Murray, Les; Grant, Jamie Double take: Six incorrect essays
Australia Mandarin 1996 1863305165 / 9781863305167 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
194 pages. Have Australians lost patience with the reformist slogans and ideas of recent decades? Have the sour grapes of political correctness set a new generation of thinkers’ teeth on edge? Ex-MP and social commentator Peter Coleman has asked six of Australia's most outspoken writers to reconsider some of the grand old politically correct causes of earlier years - from feminism and gay liberation to arts sponsorship and the commercialisation of sport. What, they all ask, went wrong? Each has a personal story to tell. Beatrice Faust, Frank Moorhouse, David Williamson Christopher Pearson, Les Murray and Jamie Grant examine the dangers and contradictions of causes, conformity, and good intentions run wild. ls political correctness finished? What will follow? Double Take exposes the ever-widening cracks in the walls of popular thought. Contents: Introduction / Peter Coleman; Men, women and human nature / David Williamson; Give us back our sport /Jamie Grant; The noblesse trap / Les Murray; Reflections of a sceptical feminist / Beatrice Faust; The ambiguous business of coming out / Christoper Pearson; The grand days are over / Frank Moorhouse. 
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14 Constitutional Commission Australia's Constitution: time to Update
Australia Constitutional Commission 1987 0642121850 / 9780642121851 1st Edition Stapled Cover Good Large 8vo 
71 pages including subject index. This booklet summarises the recommendations of the Constitutional Commission's five Advisory Committees. Contents: What You’ll Find; The Background Story; Individual and Democratic Rights Committee; Distribution of Powers Committee; Trade and National Economic Management Committee; Executive Government Committee; Australian Judicial System Committee; Two Views: Better than One; Other Issues for the Constitutional Commission; Where D0 We Go From Here; List of Members of the Constitutional Commission and the Advisory Committees; Publications of the Advisory Committees and the; Constitutional Commission. 
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Questions & Answers on the Commonwealth Parliament, Dept. of the Senate. Research Section
15 Dept. of the Senate. Research Section Questions & Answers on the Commonwealth Parliament
Australia Australian Government Publishing Service 1997 0644472014 / 9780644472012 5th Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
viii + 164 indexed pages. fascinating and valuable source of information on the federal system of government in Austalia and how it functions-on the Constitution, the legislative process, the functions and powers of the two Houses, the work of parliamentary committees, the Cabinet, Hansard, etc. 
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Hidden Unemployment: The Australian Experience, Dr. Anne Gray
16 Dr. Anne Gray Hidden Unemployment: The Australian Experience
Australia Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, University of Melbourne 1981 0858330172 / 9780858330177 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
xv + 234 indexed pages including references. How serious was unemployment in Australia in the 1980s? How accurately do the official statistics represented its true dimensions? The authors of this book reveal that in Australia at the beginning of the 1980s there wee nearly as many unemployed persons who are‘ ‘hidden’ from the official statistics on unemployment as are captured by them. Older men, non-English-speaking migrants and women suffer most from hidden unemployment. The effects of the current recession on these and other groups of Australians are explored in this study. The issues discussed in Hidden Unemployment pose a fundamental challenge to many aspects of current economic and social policy; this challenge cannot be ignored. 
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The Foundation of labor, Easson, Michael (editor
17 Easson, Michael (editor The Foundation of labor
Australia Pluto Press in association with the Lloyd Ross Forum of the Labor 1990 0949138533 / 9780949138538 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
84 pages including bibliography. A collection of six essays exploring the issues surrounding the formation of the ALP 100 years ago. Contributors, including Bede Nairn, Don Rawson and Ray Markey, write on the Labor Council, the Great Strike and what it means to be Labor. 
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Towards national administration: Studies in Australian administrative History, Eddy , J.J.; Nethercote, J.R.
18 Eddy , J.J.; Nethercote, J.R. Towards national administration: Studies in Australian administrative History
Australia Hale & Iremonger in association with the Royal Institute of Public Administration Australia 1994 086806503X / 9780868065038 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
xiv + 246 indexed pages includes end notes (pages 211-238). The essays in this book explore di?erent and diverse facets of Australia‘s evolution from colony to nationhood. The contributors, some of Australia's most distinguished scholars in the fields of history, government and public administration examine: The structure and framework of administration in NSW in the mid-nineteenth century, and major personalities of the period, Captain Martindale of the Railways and Governor Sir Hercules Robinson. The Sydney International Exhibition 1879. Defence administration in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The founding years of Commonwealth administration and immigration administration between the wars. Public service reform in South Australia 1916-30, and patterns of administration in Australian State governments. A final chapter provides information on the Australian National Register of Records. Towards National Administration is a valuable contribution to Australian public life. John Eddy was Senior Fellow, Division of Historical Studies, RSS8, at the Australian National University, and a fellow of the Royal Historical Society. J. R. Nethercote has published widely on governmental and administrative issues in Australia. 
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Old Fitz's unparliamentary handbook, Fitzgerald, Alan John
19 Fitzgerald, Alan John Old Fitz's unparliamentary handbook
Australia Clareville Press 1973 0909278008 / 9780909278007 1st Edition Stapled Cover Good 12mo 
Unpaginated. 48 pages. A compendium of wit, ridicule, humour and abuse culled from the proceedings of the Australian Parliament with an Introduction By Alan John Fitzgerald and a preface containing the innermost thoughts of chairman Gough... Alan john Fitzgerald (1935-2011) was an Australian author, journalist and satirist. He was well known for his unwavering support of "Australians for Constitutional Monarchy". 
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Lobbying in Australia: You can’t expect anything to change if you don’t speak up!, Fitzgerald, Julian
20 Fitzgerald, Julian Lobbying in Australia: You can’t expect anything to change if you don’t speak up!
U.S.A. Rosenberg Publishing 2006 187705836X / 9781877058363 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
264 indexed pages. Guide to the lobby industry in Australia, which now exceeds $1 billion per year and employs several thousand people. It is a wake-up call to parliament and people that unless they are aware of what all lobby groups are doing Australia runs the risk of its system of government being compromised as happens in the United States. Lobbying, often undetected and unreported, has become an increasingly important part of the political process in the national capital. However, debate will surely arise and continue on particular aspects of lobbying where the vested interest has gained an advantage at the expense of the public interest. The first step must surely be to shed light on how the lobbying industry operates, who its main players are and what it attempts to achieve. This book provides a basis for that debate. Part One looks at the establishment of the lobbying industry in Canberra, the ready access of lobbyists to government and the impact of their operations on the local economy. Part Two provides practical advice on how to go about lobbying. The major players in Canberra are identified. Advice is given on how to gain access to Parliament, who to contact in the administration and where to find essential information. Good and bad lobbying practices are identified. Part Three includes a directory of the 150 lobby groups and a table of statistics on them. The appendices also provide some case studies. Table of Contents: Introduction; Part One - Current Lobbying Practices; Part Two - Effective and Ineffective Lobbying; Part Three - Directory of Lobby Groups. 
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