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Some of the Best Fitzgerald, Alan John Fitzgerald
1 Alan John Fitzgerald Some of the Best Fitzgerald
Australia Dalton Publishing Company 1970 0909906025 / 9780909906023 1st Edition 1st Printing Stapled Cover Good 12mo 
95 pages. Early in 1970 Alan Fitzgerald undertook a tour of the USA sponsored by the State Department. There he met Art Buchwald and Russell Baker and was reported in The Daily Texan under the heading, "Aussie Satirist from Down Under Jibes at Yanks". He visited Forest Lawn cemetery, Alcatraz and discovered the Statue of Liberty leaksin heavy rain. Culturally he was active, seeing Oh Calcutta, Hair and the All Girl Topless and Bottomless He shook hands with the Lt. Governor of Mississippi, the Governors of California and Iowa and was presented with the key to the city of Des Moines and the flag of the District of Columbia. All this came somewhat as an anti-climax to Fitzgerald who, in January, at dinner at Government House, Canberra, had found himself seated below the salt from Mr. Spiro Agnew, Vice-President of the Fitzgerald's determinationtotake politics seriously grew out of that traumatic Vice-Regal expenence. He lives in the Woden Valley suburb of Farrer with his wife Maria, and sons Dominic and Julian. Alan John Fitzgerald was an Australian author, journalist and satirist. He was known for his unwavering opposition to the Australian republican movement and worked alongside Tony Abbott during Abbott's tenure as president of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy during the 1990s. 
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51st State? (Scribe Short Books), Altman, Dennis
2 Altman, Dennis 51st State? (Scribe Short Books)
Australia Scribe 2006 1920769986 / 9781920769987 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
137 pages. Australian prime ministers since Harold Holt have all fostered close relationships with the United States, but John Howard has initiated economic and military policies that have bound the two countries even tighter. As a result, many Australians now believe that not only our sovereignty but also our very identity as a nation is under threat, and that we are fast becoming America's 51st state. If this view is correct, it should be reflected not only in our foreign policy but also in our domestic policies. Indeed, the weakening of social safety nets, the privatisation of areas long seen as government responsibilities, and the signing of the Free Trade Agreement all point to the triumph of US-style neo-liberalism. Yet, as Dennis Altman shows, the story is not so simple. Even as official rhetoric immerses us ever deeper into the US worldview, the resilience of the Australian social contract is imposing real limits on the application of neo-liberal principles. And, despite his enthusiastic membership of the coalition of the willing, Howard has assiduously cultivated economic and political ties within our region which, as the global balance of power shifts, will become increasingly relevant. In this elegant and sophisticated meditation on Australian identity, Altman suggests that the tendency to attribute malign American influence to everything we dislike about the contemporary world is the flipside of seeing the US as the only model worthy of emulation, and serves to conceal the deeper questions we face namely, how does Australia imagine its future? 
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Politica e Historia em Gramsci - Vol.1 - INSTITUTO GRAMSCI, Badaloni, Nicola et al
3 Badaloni, Nicola et al Politica e Historia em Gramsci - Vol.1 - INSTITUTO GRAMSCI
Brazil Civilizacao Brasileira 1978 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Good 12mo 
Price: 38.00 AUD
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Return to the United Nations: U. N. Diplomacy in Regional Conflicts, Berridge, G.R.
4 Berridge, G.R. Return to the United Nations: U. N. Diplomacy in Regional Conflicts
U. K. Macmillan 1991 0333523016 / 9780333523018 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Good 12mo 
188 indexed pages. Why have states returned to the United Nations with unprecedented enthusiasm since 1987? What is its role in 'peacemaking'? Does it have any relevance to what is probably still the most dangerous and intractable of all 'regional conflicts', that between the Arabs and the Israelis? By examining changes at UN headquarters (not least the institutionalization of 'secret diplomacy' in the Security Council) as well as the recent history of UN diplomacy, these are the questions which this book confronts. Name in the first page. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Hindu Nationalism: Origins, Ideologies and Modern Myths, Bhatt, Chetan
5 Bhatt, Chetan Hindu Nationalism: Origins, Ideologies and Modern Myths
United Kingdom Berg Pub 2001 1859733484 / 9781859733486 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
232 indexed pages. The rise of authoritarian Hindu mass movements and political formations in India since the early 1980s raises fundamental questions about the resurgence of chauvinistic ethnic, religious and nationalist movements in the late modern period. This book examines the history and ideologies of Hindu nationalism and Hindutva from the end of the last century to the present, and critically evaluates the social and political philosophies and writings of its main thinkers. Hindu nationalism is based on the claim that it is an indigenous product of the primordial and authentic ethnic and religious traditions of India. The book argues instead that these claims are based on relatively recent ideas, frequently related to western influences during the colonial period. These influences include eighteenth and nineteenth century European Romantic and Enlightenment rationalist ideas preoccupied with archaic primordialism, evolution, organicism, vitalism and race. As well as considering the ideological impact of National Socialism and Fascism on Hindu nationalism in the 1930s, the book also looks at how Aryanism continues to be promoted in unexpected forms in contemporary India. Using a wide range of historical and contemporary sources, the author considers the consequences of Hindu nationalist resurgence in the light of contemporary debates about minorities, secular citizenship, ethics and modernity. 
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Rebel women: in Australian working class History, Bloodworth, Sandra; O'Lincoln, Tom
6 Bloodworth, Sandra; O'Lincoln, Tom Rebel women: in Australian working class History
Australia Red Rag Pub 2008 0977504743 / 9780977504749 Soft Cover Good 8vo 
158 pages. Early in the 20th Century the women of Broken Hill fought strike breakers with axes and broom handles. The authors tell more such stories right up to the 1980s, challenging conventional views of working class women and their struggles.About the Authors:Sandra Bloodworth has been active in strikes, the campaign to stop uranium mining and refugee rights. She writes on women, Aboriginal rights, the modern working class and imperialism.Tom O'Lincoln is a Melbourne activist, is the author of several books on left and labour history, and maintains the Marxist Interventions website 
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The Negro Revolution In America: What Negroes Want; Why and How They are Fighting; Whom They Support; What Whites Think of Them and Their Demands, Brink, William; Harris, Louis
7 Brink, William; Harris, Louis The Negro Revolution In America: What Negroes Want; Why and How They are Fighting; Whom They Support; What Whites Think of Them and Their Demands
USA Simon & Schuster 1964 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Good 12mo 
251 pages. Here is an unprecedented book - the anatomy of a social revolution in full stride. It is based on the survey of Negro opinion made by Newsweek magazine in 1963, with additional material from a later poll of white attitudes toward Negroes. A nationwide sampling of Negroes across the country and on all social levels, lus 100 Negro leaders, were asked over 250 questions by interviewers who were, in almost all cases, themselves Negroes. From the answers emerges the first realistic, objective picture of: What it's like to be a Negro; What has triggered the present revolt against discrimination; How many Negroes are behind the revolt; Which leaders they support; Which methods they favor to get equal rights; How far they will go to achieve them; What their real feelings are toward whites; What their role will be in the 1964 election; What Negroes want most and when they expect to get it. Some of the findings were summarized in Newsweek, but much remarkable material could not be included for lack of space. All of it has now been incorporated, expanded and updated in this book. A special chapter presents white attitudes toward Negroes and their demands. Altogether, the book forms a unique and basic document of our times, a report that no future studies in the area of race relations can ignore. The authors are William Brink, Newsweek staff member who has covered many important civil rights stories in recent years, and Louis Harris, the political analyst and writer whose research organization conducted the original surveys. 
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Breaking the American alliance: An independent national security policy for Australia (Canberra papers on strategy and defence), Brown, Gary
8 Brown, Gary Breaking the American alliance: An independent national security policy for Australia (Canberra papers on strategy and defence)
Australia Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University 1989 0731505476 / 9780731505470 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
171 pages. This monograph raises issues not usually discussed in the debate about the Australian-American alliance: the nature of political support of the alliance; the implications of the alliance for national security policy; the effects of the alliance on the Australian Defence Force (ADF); and its effects on national freedom of action. The author examines the costs and benefits of the alliance and argues that its ending is both desirabie and inevitable, as Australian national security policy evolves through self-reliance towards independence. 
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Who Will Feed China? Wake-Up Call for a Small Planet (The - Worldwatch Environmental Alert Series), Brown, Lester R.
9 Brown, Lester R. Who Will Feed China? Wake-Up Call for a Small Planet (The - Worldwatch Environmental Alert Series)
U.S.A. W. W. Norton & Company 1995 039331409X / 9780393314090 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
165 indexed pages. To feed its 1.2 billion people, China may soon have to import so much grain that this action could trigger unprecedented rises in world food prices. In Who Will Feed China: Wake-up Call for a Small Planet, Lester Brown shows that even as water becomes more scarce in a land where 80 percent of the grain crop is irrigated, as per-acre yield gains are erased by the loss of cropland to industrialization, and as food production stagnates, China still increases its population by the equivalent of a new Beijing each year. When Japan, a nation of just 125 million, began to import food, world grain markets rejoiced. But when China, a market ten times bigger, starts importing, there may not be enough grain in the world to meet that need - and food prices will rise steeply for everyone. Analysts foresaw that the recent four-year doubling of income for China's 1.2 billion consumers would increase food demand, especially for meat, eggs, and beer. But these analysts assumed that food production would rise to meet those demands. Brown shows that cropland losses are heavy in countries that are densely populated before industrialization, and that these countries quickly become net grain importers. We can see that process now in newspaper accounts from China as the government struggles with this problem. In an integrated world economy, China’s rising food prices will become the world’s rising food prices. China’s land scarcity will become everyone’s land scarcity. And water scarcity in China will affect the entire world. China’s dependence on massive imports, like the collapse of the world’s fisheries, will be a wake-up call that we are colliding with the earth’s capacity to feed us. It could well lead us to redefine national security away from military preparedness and toward maintaining adequate food supplies. There is a name in the first page. 
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Fire in the Americas: Forging a Revolutionary Agenda, Burbach, Roger;Nunez Soto, Orlando
10 Burbach, Roger;Nunez Soto, Orlando Fire in the Americas: Forging a Revolutionary Agenda
U. K. Verso 1987 0860911861 / 9780860911869 1st Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 12mo 
109 pages. Ex lib. 
Price: 14.00 AUD
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Logics of American Foreign Policy: Theories of America's World Role, Callahan, Patrick
11 Callahan, Patrick Logics of American Foreign Policy: Theories of America's World Role
U.S.A. Pearson 2004 0321088484 / 9780321088482 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
190 indexed pages. Critiques six alternative prescriptions or "logics" of the United States' role in the world: hegemonism, realism, isolationism, liberalism, liberal internationalism, and radical anti-imperialism. This new book presents each of six "logics"--sets of beliefs about foreign policy strategy, national interest, power, and ethical obligations--arguing a balanced and compelling case for each one. It then traces the role of each logic in the history of U.S. diplomacy and concludes with a critical evaluation of that logic. Contents: Introduction. 1. The Logic of Hegemonism. 2. The Logic of Realism. 3. The Logic of Isolationism. 4. The Logic of Liberalism. 5. The Logic of Liberal Internationalism. 6. The Logic of Radical Anti-Imperialism. 7. Logics and Foreign Policy Discourse: The China and Kosovo Debates. 8. The Impact of September 11: A new foreign policy consensus? 
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Antonio Gramsci and the Origins of Italian Communism, Cammett, John M.
12 Cammett, John M. Antonio Gramsci and the Origins of Italian Communism
USA Stanford University Press 1967 0804701423 / 9780804701426 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Good 12mo 
306 indexed pages. Curling in the upper edge of back cover. 
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A History of the Cuban Revolution (Viewpoints / Puntos de Vista), Chomsky, Aviva
13 Chomsky, Aviva A History of the Cuban Revolution (Viewpoints / Puntos de Vista)
UK Wiley-Blackwell 2015 1118942280 / 9781118942284 2nd Edition Revised Soft Cover Very Good 8vo 
232 indexed pages. A fully-revised and updated new edition of a concise and insightful socio-historical analysis of the Cuban revolution, and the course it took over five and a half decades. Now available in a fully-revised second edition, including new material to add to the book’s coverage of Cuba over the past decade under Raul Castro. All of the existing chapters have been updated to reflect recent scholarship. Balances social and historical insight into the revolution with economic and political analysis extending into the twenty-first century. Juxtaposes U.S. and Cuban perspectives on the historical impact of the revolution, engaging and debunking the myths and preconceptions surrounding one of the most formative political events of the twentieth century. Incorporates more student-friendly features such as a timeline and glossary. Aviva Chomsky is professor of history and coordinator of Latin American studies at Salem State University in Massachusetts. 
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Power Systems: Conversations on Global Democratic Uprisings and the New Challenges to US Empire, Chomsky, Noam; Dieterich, Heinz
14 Chomsky, Noam; Dieterich, Heinz Power Systems: Conversations on Global Democratic Uprisings and the New Challenges to US Empire
UK Penguin / Hamish Hamilton 2013 024114602X / 9780241146026 1st British Edition Soft Cover Very Good Small 12mo 
211 indexed pages. In this new collection of conversations, conducted from 2010 to 2012, Noam Chomsky explores the most immediate and urgent concerns: the future of democracy in the Arab world, the implications of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the 'class war' fought by US business interests against working people and the poor, the breakdown of mainstream political institutions and the rise of the far right. As always, Chomsky presents his ideas vividly and accessibly, with uncompromising principle and clarifying insight. The latest volume from a long-established, trusted partnership, this collection shows once again that no interlocutor engages with Chomsky more effectively than David Barsamian. These interviews will inspire a new generation of readers, as well as longtime Chomsky fans eager for his latest thinking on the many crises we now confront, both at home and abroad. They confirm that Chomsky is an unparalleled resource for anyone seeking to understand our world today. 
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Power and Terror: Post 9-11 Talks and Interviews, Chomsky, Noam;Junkerman, John;Masakazu, Takei;Masakuzu, Takei
15 Chomsky, Noam;Junkerman, John;Masakazu, Takei;Masakuzu, Takei Power and Terror: Post 9-11 Talks and Interviews
U.S.A. Seven Stories Pr 2003 1583225900 / 9781583225905 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
158 indexed pages. The linguist and political activist discusses the effects of United States policies in the Middle East and the Third World on American society and American responses to terrorism, and recommends policy changes. Name in the first page. 
Price: 9.50 AUD
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The Trial of Henry Kissinger, Christopher Hitchens
16 Christopher Hitchens The Trial of Henry Kissinger
Australia Text Publishing Company 2002 1877008052 / 9781877008054 Reprint Soft Cover Good 12mo 
159 pages. This book includes introduction by the author, 2 appendices, acknowledgements and index. In this incendiary book, Hitchens takes the floor as prosecuting counsel and mounts a devastating indictment of Henry Kissinger, whose ambitions and ruthlessness have directly resulted in both individual murders and widespread, indiscriminate slaughter. The author mounts a Detailed and compelling case for Kissinger's arraignment. He deft and elegant prose is refreshingly free of legal obfuscation but full of condign invective. And the freedom-of-information disclosure punctures irreparable holes into the jar's self-exculpatory defences." -- The Age. The book explores Henry Kissinger's involvement in the war in Indochina, mass murder in Bangladesh, planned assassinations in Santidago Nicosia and Washington DC, and genocide in East Timor. This volume is an indictment by one of the world's well-known journalists. There is an inscription in the first page. 
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Collateral Language: A User's Guide to America's New War, Collins, John; Glover, Ross
17 Collins, John; Glover, Ross Collateral Language: A User's Guide to America's New War
U.S.A. New York Univ Pr 2002 0814716288 / 9780814716281 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
230 pages. Terrorism, jihad, fundamentalism, blowback. These and other highly charged terms have saturated news broadcasts and everyday conversation since September 11th. But to keen ears their meanings change depending upon who's doing the talking. So what do these words really mean? And what are people trying to say when they use them? Each of the thirteen essays in Collateral Language offers an informed perspective on a particular word or phrase that serves as a building block in the edifice of post-World Trade Center rhetoric. 
Price: 17.00 AUD
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Balancing Act : Taiwan's Cross-Strait Challenge, Cook, Malcolm & Meer, Craig
18 Cook, Malcolm & Meer, Craig Balancing Act : Taiwan's Cross-Strait Challenge
Australia Lowy Institute for International Policy 2005 192100410X / 9781921004100 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
xviii + 101 pages including bibliography. This paper analyses how Taiwan's ongoing process of democratic and social ferment is changing Taiwan's position in the cross-strait status quo. Policy towards Taiwan and cross-strait relations must change to revive the status quo and incorporate the new Taiwan. 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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Mindanao: A Gamble Worth Taking, Cook, Malcolm; Collier, Kit
19 Cook, Malcolm; Collier, Kit Mindanao: A Gamble Worth Taking
Australia Lowy Institute for International Policy 2006 1921004274 / 9781921004278 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
xviii + 84 pages including b/w illustrations and bibliography. The immersion of foreign terrorists over the last decade in the long-running Moro Islamic insurgency in Mindanao has transformed this local insurgency into the region's most important front in the war on terror. This Lowy Institute Paper analyses the prospects forthe peace process between the Philippine Government and the largest Moro insurgent group, the MlLF. It suggests ways that the greater foreign interest engendered by this transformation can help weed out the terrorists and support a political settlement to the insurgency. Dr Malcolm Cook is the program director Asia & the Pacific for the Lowy Institute for international Policy. Dr Kit Collier is a visiting fellow in the Department of Political and Social Change, Australian National University and a consultant to numerous Australian and international public and private agencies. The Lowy Institute is an independent,‘non-partisan international policy think tank based in Sydney. Its objective is to deepen the debate in Australia about international policy and to generate new ideas and dialogue on international developments. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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Patient Has the Floor, Cooke, Alistair
20 Cooke, Alistair Patient Has the Floor
U. K. Penguin 1988 0140099921 / 9780140099928 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Good 12mo 
205 pages. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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