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Excursion into History No. 12
1 Excursion into History No. 12
Australia Joseph Bennett & Son for the Blue Mountains Historical Society 1968 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
54 pages including bw illustrations and two fold-out maps at rear. The purpose of this Historical Book is to assist the reader to enjoy this scenic wonderland of ruggedness and beauty. By following the Historic Markers the reader will appreciate how the villages within the City of the Blue Mountains have grown from the dense vegetation of nature to the beautiful townships they are today. 
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Rum, Slaves, and Molasses, Alderman, Clifford Lindsey
2 Alderman, Clifford Lindsey Rum, Slaves, and Molasses
U. K. Bailey Bros & Swinfen 1974 0561002053 / 9780561002057 1st Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 12mo 
127 indexed pages about the transatlantic slave trade that took place between late 16th and early 19th centuries, envolving slaves, cash crops, and manufactured goods between West Africa, Caribbean or American colonies and the European colonial powers. The exploitation of African slaves was fundamental to growing colonial cash crops which were traded with Europe. In turn, European goods were used to buy African slaves who were then taken to the Americas. Name and date in the first page. 
Price: 14.00 AUD
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Heroes and Exiles Gay Icons Through the Ages, Ambrose, Tom
3 Ambrose, Tom Heroes and Exiles Gay Icons Through the Ages
U. K. New Holland 2010 1847734685 / 9781847734686 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
216 indexed pages. Demonised by the Church throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, homosexuals became the scapegoats of society, constantly facing exile or a brutal death. In "Heroes to Exiles", the human cost of this long exile is told through the lives of the most eminent homosexual men and women in history. Some were artists like the wild living Benvenuto Cellini or the repressed Edward Lear. Others were poets such as Thomas Gray, W. H. Auden or novelists such as Henry James and A. J. Symonds. Their places of refuge changed through the centuries from Italy in the 18th, to Paris in the 19th and Berlin, California and Tangier in the 20th. Some experiences were tragic, like those of William Beckford, Lord Byron or Oscar Wilde, and some were triumphant, like the remarkable story of the Ladies of Llangollen who became the most famous lesbians in Europe. Often treated with outright suspicion, homosexuals were targets for the totalitarian dictatorships of the 20th century. As such they were consigned in their tens of thousands to exile in Siberia or to the Nazi death camps. Even when peace returned after World War II most democracies still proscribed homosexual behaviour, forcing the Americans Paul Bowles and James Baldwin to seek exile in Europe and North Africa. Today the tolerance of Ancient Greece has returned to most Western societies although homosexuals are still persecuted in some Islamic countries such as Iran. In "Heroes to Exiles", Tom Ambrose asks if we have finally realised that sexual orientation is as irrelevant to character and achievement as gender and skin colour and if the long exile has ended. 
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Fly A Rebel Flag: The Battle At Eureka, Annear, Robyn
4 Annear, Robyn Fly A Rebel Flag: The Battle At Eureka
Australia Black Dog Books 2004 1876372230 / 9781876372231 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
149 indexed pages. A fictionalised account of the Eureka stockade battle. The diggers took made a stand against license fees and police harassment. They took up arms, built a stockade and swore to defend themselves. When government troops stormed the Eureka stockade the battle last just twenty minutes, but it changed Australia forever. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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Telling the Truth About Aboriginal History, Attwood, Bain
5 Attwood, Bain Telling the Truth About Aboriginal History
Australia Allen & Unwin 2005 1741145775 / 9781741145779 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
264 indexed pages. Genuinely good Australian history is under serious attack. This book is a brilliant battlefield analysis. Once upon a time historical controversies were debated among a small circle of academic historians. Today they are the subject of intense 'history wars' fought out in parliament, court rooms, museums, newspapers, cafes and blog sites. Bain Attwood takes us to the heart of the conflict about the Aboriginal past in Australia. He tracks the growing popularity of history and weighs the consequences for the nature of historical knowledge and the authority of the historian. He asks why and how Aboriginal history has become central to Australian politics, culture and identity. He examines the work of historical 'revisionists' and tests their promise of historical truth. Finally, Attwood ponders how the traumatic history of frontier conflict might better be remembered - and mourned - and why telling the truth about history matters for the nation and for all of us. 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Queensland but Were Afraid to Ask, Bahnisch, Mark
6 Bahnisch, Mark Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Queensland but Were Afraid to Ask
Australia NewSouth Pub 2015 1742234348 / 9781742234342 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
173 indexed pages. Includes bibliographical reference. Everyone has heard the cliches about Queensland politics: Queensland is 'different'. It's the 'Deep North'. Its state elections exemplify Pineapple Party Time. But what if those cliches are in fact looking more like the state of affairs in the rest of Australia? Does the Sunshine State represent the new normal in Australian politics? Once, Queensland was seen as the land that time forgot, with a narrow economy based on agriculture, mining and transport - and conservative values. Then, from the 1980s, a transformation took place as the state modernised, entrenching democratic reforms and civil liberties. Yet now, in the era of Campbell Newman, the Palmer United Party and national politics that oozes alarmist populism, it feels like Queensland's history of eccentricity and unrest has colonised the whole country. So how does Queensland both point the way forward and shine a light on the way we live now? Political commentator and Queenslander Mark Bahnisch looks closely and boldly at the Queensland experience, from the Joh Era to the present. His must-read book reaches some surprising conclusions. "Bahnisch's deep north is a beautiful hive of scum and villainy one day, a perfect storm of gothic corruption the next" - John Birmingham - Mark Bahnisch was the founder of awardwinning political blog Larvatus Prodeo (2005u13) and his commentary has been published in Crikey, New Matilda, The Drum , the Australian Financial Review, The Australian and elsewhere. He has a PhD in sociology from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia and has lived in Brisbane for most of his life. There is a name and date in the title page. 
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Blue Mountains Sketchbook, Bechervaise, John Mayston
7 Bechervaise, John Mayston Blue Mountains Sketchbook
Australia Rigby 1971 0851791824 / 9780851791821 1st Edition Hard Cover Good Good 12mo White, Unk 
64 pages. Ex-library markings/attachments or remnants of. Discoloration of the dj. 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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Ancestors for all Australians: How to trace your family Tree, Blaze, B. R. (editor)
8 Blaze, B. R. (editor) Ancestors for all Australians: How to trace your family Tree
Australia Genealogical Society of Victoria 1975 0959935819 / 9780959935813 Reprint Glossy Soft Cover Good 12mo 
96 pages. A guidebook for beginners which points the way to wider horizons of genealogy. How to start discovering your ancestors' stories? 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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Family and Local History Sources in Victoria, Brown, Frances et al
9 Brown, Frances et al Family and Local History Sources in Victoria
Australia Custodians of Records 1983 Reprint Stapled Cover Very Good 12mo 
80 pages including bibliography. There has been a burgeoning interest in tracing family origins over the last few years, a trend which will, no doubt, increase as Australia approaches its bi-centenary. Victoria, known as the Port Phillip District of the Colony of New South Wales from its settlement until separation in July 1851, will be celebrating its 150th anniversary in 198A-5. It is therefore very timely that this useful booklet should be published as a guide to those involved in biographical research, genealogy and local history. There are a number of published guides to genealogical and local history resources but none which comprehensively covers all the major repositories in the State of Victoria. The members of the Custodians‘ group are to be congratulated on their co-operative effort of gathering information on the types of records which have survived and which are now held in various government departments and other locations. This booklet is not designed as a step-by-step guide to genealogical and local history research, but is commended as an invaluable survey of the records that are available, their location and how to gain access to them. Inscription in front fly. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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How the Irish Saved Civilization: The Untold Story of Ireland's Heroic Role from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe, Cahill, Thomas
10 Cahill, Thomas How the Irish Saved Civilization: The Untold Story of Ireland's Heroic Role from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe
UK Sceptre 1995 0340637870 / 9780340637876 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
246 pages including b/w illustrations. Ireland played the central role in maintaining European culture when the dark ages settled on Europe in the fifth century: as Rome was sacked by Visigoths and its empire collapsed, Ireland became 'the isle of saints and scholars' that enabled the classical and religious heritage to be saved. In his compelling and entertaining narrative, Thomas Cahill tells the story of how Irish monks and scrines copied the mauscripts of both pagan and Christian writers, including Homer and Aristotle, while libraries ont he continent were lost forever. Bringing the past and its characters to life, Cahill captures the sensibility of the unsung Irish who relaunched civilisation. Thomas Cahill is the co-author of A Literary Guide to Ireland, author of Jesus' Little Instruction Book and a publisher with a leading New York firm. He is married and has two children. 
Price: 9.50 AUD
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Indian Ocean Treasure, Clarke, Arthur C.; Wilson, Mike
11 Clarke, Arthur C.; Wilson, Mike Indian Ocean Treasure
U. K. Carousel 1974 0552540498 / 9780552540490 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
147 pages. Sunken treasure! No other words hold more magic! Mike Wilson and two American boys, Bobby Kriegel and Mark Smith, were taking underwater photographs of sharks when Wilson suddenly saw a sunken ship beneath him. They investigated the site, and emerged with some silver coins, brass cannons, copper bars and musket-balls from the wreck. There followed a series of gripping adventures. The wreck turned out to be an 18th-century vessel stuffed with silver coins. But the waters were treacherous and the wreck did not yield up its secrets easily. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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The Big History Question, Clarke, Frank G.
12 Clarke, Frank G. The Big History Question
Australia ABC Books 1998 0864179545 / 9780864179548 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
232 indexed pages. Extensively illustrated with drawings and photographs, all Australians interested in the history of their country will delight in the revelations of this entertaining book. In the two years it has been broadcasting, Frank Clarke's weekly ABC radio quiz and discussion program 'The Big Question in Australian History' has won fans all over the country with its entertaining and accessible approach to the more curious aspects of Australias history. Now comes the hook that so many listeners have requested. In The Big History Question, Clarke examines a selection of little-known tales from Australia’s past, such as: The Governor of New South Wales who kept a slave while in Australia; The first Aboriginal female bushranger; How the Duke of Edinburgh survived an assassination attempt in Sydney with the help of his braces; The proposal for a Jewish homeland in the Kimberleys; The origin of the term 'Buckley's chance'; Australia's somewhat bumbling contribution to crushing the Boxer Rebellion. FRANK CLARKE is an Associate Professor of History at Macquarie University. 
Price: 12.50 AUD
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Ireland and Australia, Colm Kiernan
13 Colm Kiernan Ireland and Australia
Australia Angus & Robertson 1984 0207150087 / 9780207150081 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
85 pages. "Ireland and Australia" is a series of six lectures which were broadcast on Radio Telefis Eireann between August and October 1983. The intention is to have something in print by 1988, when the Australian bicentenary will be celebrated, so that the Irish contribution to Australian history will not be overlooked. The first lecture deals with the beginnings of settlement in Australia, when one third of the convicts transported were lrish. Lt. Colonel Con Costello argues that the Irish convicts sent to Australia were different from their British equivalents in several respects. In particular, most of them came from country regions whereas in industrialised England they mostly came from the cities. Dr David Fitzpatrick's lecture concentrates attention on the emigration of free lrishmen and women to Australia during the nineteenth century, proposing that they were very successful in coming to terms with the opportunities that existed in the newly-settled continent. Professor Geoffrey Bolton concentrated his attention on the massive immigration movement that followed the discovery of gold in Australia. The population of Australia doubled in less than ten years and the foundations were set of modern Australia. Professor Colm Kiernan, editor of the lectures, follows with a paper in which he proposes that Dr Daniel Mannix, Archbishop of Melbourne from 1917 to 1963, made the most significant impact of any Irishman who went to Australia. In particular, his campaign for state funding of private schools, though similar campaigns in America, Canada and New Zealand all failed, was remarkably successful in Australia, where it became law in 1964. Dr Brian Murphy shows how Ireland led the way in the movement for devolution of government within the Commonwealth, with Australia following behind at a more leisurely pace. The series is concluded by Dr John O'Brien’s paper, which proposes that the need for militant action by Irish migrants in Australia diminished as they were accepted into Australian society, as the definition of Australian nationalism was enlarged to include diversity and pluralism, to generate a 'New Australian' consciousness. There are small light stains in the cover. 
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Exploring Women's Past, Crawford, Patricia (editors)
14 Crawford, Patricia (editors) Exploring Women's Past
Australia George Allen & Unwin 1984 0868616044 / 9780868616049 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
215 indexed pages. This is a book that calls into question some of the traditional notions of what history is all about. Five historians who happen to be feminists have chosen to write about women at various points in time across more than a thousand years and two continents. Medieval nuns in Europe. women in pre-industrial England, women in mid-nineteenth century Western Australia, spinsters in late Victorian England and prostitutes early this century are vividly portrayed and the forces which shaped their lives - and ours - are explored. As Margaret Ker says, ‘If we understand the forces which defeated them, are we not better equipped to avoid similar defeat? This is history at its best - accessible to all those who delight in the way glimpses of the intricate fabric of women's lives can illuminate both past and present. At the time of this book's conception the authors were all based in Western Australia and although they are now scattered throughout Australia they are still closely involved in research on women's history. The topics of their research are as diverse as the material in this book. They include research on working class women in the clothing and boot trades in Victoria, women in seventeenth century England and families in nineteenth century Australia. Table of Contents: Introduction Patricia Crawford ; Brides of Christ and poor mortals: women in medieval society Margaret Ker ; From the woman's view: pre-industrial England 1500--1750 Patricia Crawford ; "Helpmeet for man": women in mid-nineteenth century Western Australia Margaret Anderson ; Victorian spinsters: dutiful daughters, desperate rebels and the transition to the new women Patricia Jalland ; "As good a bloody woman as any other woman . . ." prostitutes in Western Australia 1895--1939 Raelene Davidson. 
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Connected Worlds: History in Transnational Perspective, Curthoys, Ann; Lake, Marilyn
15 Curthoys, Ann; Lake, Marilyn Connected Worlds: History in Transnational Perspective
Australia ANU 2005 1920942440 / 9781920942441 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 8vo 
278 indexed pages. Includes bibliographical references. This volume brings together historians of imperialism and race, travel and modernity, Islam and India, the Pacific and the Atlantic to show how a 'transnational' approach to history offers fresh insights into the past. Transnational history is a form of scholarship that has been revolutionising our understanding of history in the last decade. With a focus on interconnectedness across national borders of ideas, events, technologies and individual lives, it moves beyond the national frames of analysis that so often blinker and restrict our understanding of the past. Many of the essays also show how expertise in 'Australian history' can contribute to and benefit from new transnational approaches to history. Through an examination of such diverse subjects as film, modernity, immigration, politics and romance, Connected Worlds weaves an historical matrix which transports the reader beyond the local into a realm which re-defines the meaning of humanity in all its complexity. Contributors include Tony Ballantyne, Desley Deacon, John Fitzgerald, Patrick Wolfe and Angela Woollacott. Over 0.5kg so extra postage charges apply. 
Price: 32.00 AUD
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Without Hardware: Cases of treason in Australia, Dalton, Catherine
16 Dalton, Catherine Without Hardware: Cases of treason in Australia
Australia Ochre Press 1980 095993054X / 9780959930542 2nd Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo Signed by the Author
226 pages. ln 1955 Clifford Dalton accepted the post of Chief Engineer of the Australian Atomic Energy Commission’s research establishment at Lucas Heights. When Clifford Dalton died in Sydney in 1961, a family friend, Dr Gilbert Bogle, the laser expert,-offered to help her investigate his death. Though she was lucky enough to escape the various attempts on her life, Dr Bogle was not. He was murdered in January 1963. In 1970, after nine years of being harrassed, hindered and helped by spies, counter-spies and Government officials, she was finally able to publish the results of her investigations. There is moderate wear in the cover . 
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To all my dear people: The diary and letters of Private Hubert P. Demasson, 1916-1917, Demasson, Hubert P.
17 Demasson, Hubert P. To all my dear people: The diary and letters of Private Hubert P. Demasson, 1916-1917
Australia Fremantle Arts Centre Press 1988 0949206350 / 9780949206350 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
159 pages including illustrations and the Diary and Letters of Private Hubert P. Demasson. Born in 1880 in Guilford W.A, he married Lily Minchin 1906 and had six children. In 1916, he fought in France, was captured and died as a prisoner of war in 1917. There is an inscription in the first page and a red remainder mark in the upper edges. 
Price: 17.00 AUD
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In Stalin's Shadow, Dimarov, Anatoly
18 Dimarov, Anatoly In Stalin's Shadow
Australia Bayda Books 1989 0908480229 / 9780908480227 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
199 pages translated from the Ukrainian by Yuri Tkach. Anatoly Dimarov (1922-2014 Kiev, Ukraine) presents here the record of his life in Kiev in the years leading to WW2. He also accounts for the effects of Stalin's reign of terror - a dark period in Soviet History. 
Price: 12.50 AUD
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150 Years: Lanyon 1835 - 1985, Dolan, David
19 Dolan, David 150 Years: Lanyon 1835 - 1985
Australia Australian Government Publishing Service 1986 0644046988 / 9780644046985 1st Edition Stapled Cover Very Good 8vo 
viii + 16 pages including b/w and colour illustrations. Lanyon Homestead is an historic homestead and grazing property located on the southern outskirts of Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory. It lies at the foot of the Brindabellas and is one of Australia’s premier historic properties. Sheep, cattle and horses still graze on the timbered hills and fertile banks of the Murrumbidgee river. Lanyon offers an exciting range of public programs, special events and school programs. Lanyon is now functioning as a museum, café and gallery. To accommodate all that, the Precinct’s centerpiece, the 1850s Homestead, has been beautifully restored and furnished. The information in this book is based largely on a detailed historical study made in 1981 by Pam Ray. 
Price: 14.00 AUD
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Haymarket - A Novel, Duberman, Martin B.
20 Duberman, Martin B. Haymarket - A Novel
U.S.A. Seven Stories Pr 2005 1583226710 / 9781583226711 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
330 pages. On the night of May 4, 1886, during a peaceful demonstration of labor activists in Haymarket Square in Chicago, a dynamite bomb was thrown into the ranks of police -trying to disperse the crowd. The officers immediately opened fire, killing a number of protestors and wounding some two hundred others. These events are refered to as "The Haymarket Affair", "Haymarket Massacre" or "Haymarket Riot". Albert Parsons was the best-known of those hanged; Haymarket is his story. Parsons, humanist and autodidact, was an ex-Confederate soldier who grew up in Texas in the 1870s, and fell in love with Lucy Gonzalez, a vibrant, outspoken black woman who preferred to describe herself as of Spanish and Creole descent. The novel tells the story of their lives together, of their growing political involvement, of the formation of a colorful circle of co-conspirators-immigrants, radical intellectuals, journalists, advocates of the working class-and of the events culminating in bloodshed. More than just a moving story of love and human struggle, more than a faithful account of a watershed event in United States history, Haymarket presents a layered and dynamic revelation of late nineteenth-century Chicago, and of the lives of a handful of remarkable individuals who were willing to risk their lives for the promise of social change. 
Price: 13.00 AUD
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