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Teen Fiction

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Our Don Bradman : the diary of Victor McDonald, Sydney, 1932, Allen, Peter
1 Allen, Peter Our Don Bradman : the diary of Victor McDonald, Sydney, 1932
Australia Scholastic 2004 1865045918 / 9781865045917 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
213 pages. Victor McDonald is cricket mad. He plays for his school team and his dream is to meet his cricketing hero, Don Bradman. But Australia is in the grip of the Great Depression. Work isn't easy to come by. Victor's father has lost his job and the family is moving to Sydney. Despite the daily struggle of life in inner Sydney, Victor not only sees Don Bradman in action, he even gets to meet him. With the England cricket team coming to Australia, Victor knows it's going to be a great cricket season. But England has some nasty surprises in store. This will be one cricket season the Australians - and Victor - will never forget. 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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Mayday (Home & Away), Anderson, Joan
2 Anderson, Joan Mayday (Home & Away)
Australia Macmillan 2005 0330421727 / 9780330421720 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
159 pages. It was the perfect day Or so they thought. Colleen, Dan, Leah, Tasha, Kim and Hayley board the seaplane excitedly. It's a chance to see Summer Bay from the air and to picnic at a secluded little cove in the national park. It's a chance for Dan to give Leah the ring that is weighing down his pocket, and for Tasha to leave behind the argumentative Robbie. But on the return flight, things go horribly wrong. Back at Summer Bay, the anxious hours pass. Alf organises the search and rescue mission; Scott thinks of all the things he desperately needs to tell Hayley. But as the day begins to fade, there is still no news of the missing plane. And soon, terrible doubts begin to creep in. Ages 12-16 years. 
Price: 15.00 AUD
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Fly A Rebel Flag: The Battle At Eureka, Annear, Robyn
3 Annear, Robyn Fly A Rebel Flag: The Battle At Eureka
Australia Black Dog Books 2004 1876372230 / 9781876372231 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
149 indexed pages. A fictionalised account of the Eureka stockade battle. The diggers took made a stand against license fees and police harassment. They took up arms, built a stockade and swore to defend themselves. When government troops stormed the Eureka stockade the battle last just twenty minutes, but it changed Australia forever. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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Specky Magee and the Season of Champions, Arena, Felice; Lyon, Garry
4 Arena, Felice; Lyon, Garry Specky Magee and the Season of Champions
Australia Puffin 2004 0143300628 / 9780143300625 Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
223 pages. Simon 'Specky' Magee and his Under 14s football team, the Booyong High Lions, return to battle out the second half of their league's season. The Lions are playing well and Specky's form is looking good - perhaps good enough to win a scholarship to a prestigious sporting school. But a knee injury sees him sidelined, and suddenly his future is filled with uncertainty. Will his team make it to the finals without him? Will he be able to play if they do? And how is he going to impress the talent scout if he can't play footy? Meanwhile, he'll have to deal with his rival and worst enemy, Screamer Johnson, and he will meet the mysterious Tiger Girl and the Great McCarthy. Join Specky Magee as he finds out why there's more to being a champion than just being a legend on the field. For upper primary and lower secondary school age children. 
Price: 9.50 AUD
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A Practical Guide to Young Australian Fiction, Arnold, Josie;Piccinin, Tesha
5 Arnold, Josie;Piccinin, Tesha A Practical Guide to Young Australian Fiction
Australia Published by ABC Enterprises for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation 1985 0642529442 / 9780642529442 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
240 indexed pages. The authors of this Guide, Josie Arnold and Tesha Piccinin, have a combined experience of thirty-six years teaching secondary school English and have been Regional English Consultants and members of the Victorian Education Department Secondary English Committee. They began the Guide as a research project when they were asked to look at Australian teenage ?ction with a view to adapting books for ABC television. Although their work does not purport to be a comprehensive coverage of young Australian ?ction, they have selected books which would be reasonably available to young readers. A Practical Guide to Young Australian Fiction will provide useful background information for anyone seeking guidance in choosing books for children of different ages and interests. The books are arranged in alphabetical order by author and each entry gives publication details, indicates the book’s theme, plot, characterisation and style, lists the issues raised and suggests a reading level. Inscription in the first page. 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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Break in the Sun, Ashley, Bernard
6 Ashley, Bernard Break in the Sun
U. K. Puffin 1980 0140313419 / 9780140313413 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 16mo 
Patsy hates her new London flat and her cruel, lazy stepfather. She’d much rather be back with just her mum in that little house behind the amusement park in Margate. Soon her worries start to show in a very embarrassing way. But just when things seem desperate, a completely unexpected chance of escape presents itself.ages. Patsy hates her new London flat and her cruel, lazy stepfather. She’d much rather be back with just her mum in that little house behind the amusement park in Margate. Soon her worries start to show in a very embarrassing way. But just when things seem desperate, a completely unexpected chance of escape presents itself. Stamp in the inside back cover. Moderate wear in cover. 
Price: 13.00 AUD
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Riding with Thunderbolt, Baillie, Allan
7 Baillie, Allan Riding with Thunderbolt
Australia Scholastic 2013 174169910X / 9781741699104 Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
187 pages. When Ben Cross runs away from his brutal uncle, he is looking for adventure. But he finds much more than that when he joins the bushranger Thunderbolt and becomes the cockatoo-or lookout-for the bushranger's gang. In between raiding cattle stations, inns, stores and mail coaches, Ben befriends Thunderbolt's wife, Mary Ann, helping in her endless hunt for food and hiding places in the wilderness. But at the end of a year of running from the law, of dramatic rescue and desperate shootouts, both Ben and Thunderbolt know they must give up the bushranging life. If they can... 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Riverman, Baillie, Allan
8 Baillie, Allan Riverman
Australia Puffin 1992 0140341935 / 9780140341935 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 16mo 
143 pages. Set in pre-WWI Tasmania, it follows the adventures of a 12-year-old boy, Shrimp, who becomes the unlikely hero of a dangerous journey on the Franklin river. In the Tasmanian mining disaster of 1912, Tim finds himself on a dangerous adventure. He sets off with his uncle and a team of rivermen down the Franklin River and when everything seems lost it is Tim who has to get them out of trouble. So Tim was small for his age and always felt inferior, but found that courage bore no relation to size and learned to survive in rugged Franklin River country. By the author of "Eagle Island" and "Hero". The 1988 IBBY Honour Diploma winner, it was also shortlisted for the 1987 Australian Children's Book of the Year Award. For children aged 10-12 years. 
Price: 8.50 AUD
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Selby Splits, Ball, Duncan
9 Ball, Duncan Selby Splits
Australia Angus & Robertson 2001 0207197806 / 9780207197802 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Good 12mo Allan Stomann 
194 pages. Can't teach an old dog new tricks? Hey, this ain't no ordinary dog we're talking about! Mr and Mrs Trifle have got something pretty special in their kennel - they've the smartest, funniest, most pernicketty mutt in Australia, and perhaps the world. He's prettier than Lassie; smarter than Scooby Doo and a damn sight more energetic than Snoopy - he's the one and only Selby, king of the canines! 
Price: 7.50 AUD
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Hennessy (UQP young adult fiction), Banville, Vincent
10 Banville, Vincent Hennessy (UQP young adult fiction)
Australia University of Queensland Press 1990 0702225053 / 9780702225055 Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
166 pages. Hennessy is always in trouble! Fifteen years old, the red headed Irish larrikin is expelled from boarding school. At his new school St. Jude's, he becomes a rock star, falls in love and has great time. For teenagers. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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Platinum, Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
11 Barnes, Jennifer Lynn Platinum
Australia Random House 2007 1741662273 / 9781741662276 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
211 pages. Among the Goldens at Emory high, Lilah Covington is Platinum - the hottest of the hot. She's popular, beautiful, and much smarter than she looks. But most importantly to Lilah, she's in complete control of her own destiny - if only someone would tell that to the mysterious ghost boy roaming the halls. Ever since Lissy and Lexie James arrived in town, Lilah's perfect world has been coming unhinged. No-one else can see the ghost who's trailing her around campus, and - forget the rumour mill - her memories have her more sidetracked than any gossip could. It looks as if the James family legacy of supernatural sight might be contagious. And to make matters worse, mutiny is brewing among the Goldens, and if Lilah isn't careful, she may just lose her top-tier boyfriend to her second-in-command. Lilah knows the rules better than anyone, but between her newfound visions, an absolutely fatal attraction to a boy who isn't real, and the threat of a supernatural enemy with a sting deadlier than any Queen Bee, it's going to take everything Lilah has to stay on top at Emory. And to prove once and for all that - highlights and high heels aside - those who make the rules are the only ones who can break them. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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The Great Secondhand Supper, Bastian, Greg
12 Bastian, Greg The Great Secondhand Supper
Australia University of Queensland Press 1989 0702222453 / 9780702222450 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
135 pages. Jason Washington, fifteen, is learning to become a writer - fast! Acting on inside information about a proposed link road, he and his family have left the stifling life of the city to open a new restaurant in sleepy Gum Flats. But when the link road fails to appear and small-town rivalries take their toll, the Washingtons are threatened with emotional and financial disaster. In the meantime, Jason works enthusiastically on "The Great Secondhand Supper". With this short story, he hopes to win a lucrative prize and so ensure a bright future for the Meander Inn.A vivacious and intelligent schoolmate, Angela Conti, a kindly newsagent with a secret and a shonky developer all play a special part in this exciting and humorous story of Jason's development into a promising writer. 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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The Shape, Bates, Dianne
13 Bates, Dianne The Shape
Australia Allen & Unwin Children's Books 2000 1865083534 / 9781865083537 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo Rippin, Sally 
138 pages. Julia hides secret treasures in her treehouse. In her house there are secrets too but Julia can't figure them out for herself. All she knows is her Mum doesn't laugh any more and at night the creeping shadow on the wall turns into a shape she can't ignore. The tree in Julia's backyard is the hiding place of her secret treasures. Why has her mother changed? Why doesn't she laugh any more? And who or what is the shape that comes into Julia's bedroom at night, filling her with fear? Ex lib stamps. 
Price: 8.50 AUD
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Deep Fried, Beckett, Bernard; Knighton, Clare
14 Beckett, Bernard; Knighton, Clare Deep Fried
Australia Random House 2006 1741661838 / 9781741661835 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
203 pages. Pete, in his last year of high school, is hit with a giant wave of disillusion about his future. His final year is supposed to be when he has 'made it'. Teachers, parents, advertising campaigns all tell him he's had some of the best years of his life and now he should be ready and amped to launch off into adulthood, and the so-called real world. But when he looks at that world, it all seems like more of the same: one great big empty con. Itchy, antsy, angry - and not really understanding exactly why - he finds himself staging a spontaneous anti-you-name-it protest at a local Prince of Burgers franchise. Which gets him on the news. Which draws the attentions of Sophie, a troubled young woman at his school, who sets up a website in his support. Which - given the instantaneous reach of the Net - starts a chain reaction of copycat protests around the world. All of which can't escape notice of the Prince of Burgers' management team. Soon two of its company psychologists, Lucinda and Marcus, want to interview Pete. Intrigued by his angry energy, and his angle on society, they think he might be made of the stuff that could win him a study scholarship. Has Pete's view of corporate ethics been misguided? Meanwhile, Sophie, his fanclub website manager, has developed an unhealthy obsession with Pete's antics. She is following his every move - and she has her own suspicions about why Lucinda and Marcus are so fascinated by Pete. She thinks she knows the truth - but who can the reader trust? 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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No Regrets, Bell, Krista
15 Bell, Krista No Regrets
Australia Lothian Books 2002 0734404301 / 9780734404305 Reprint Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo Signed by Author
187 pages. When Julia is accelerated two classes, she feels lonely, but her passion for music helps her make new friends. She is a very smart student, so smart that she is put up two grades into high school. But is the buzz of meeting her academic level enough to make up for what she is losing? Ages 10-14. Dedication signed by author in the first page. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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No Strings, Bell, Krista
16 Bell, Krista No Strings
Australia Lothian Books 2004 0734406266 / 9780734406262 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo Damien Bell Signed by Author
159 pages. Felix is a gifted and talented 13 year old who isn't coping. His self confidence has vanished since he men Julia. Musically he doubts that he will ever become a world class saxophonist, despite the faith his teaher has in him and in his home life, he has growing doubts about who he is and where he belongs. Ages 10-12. Dedication signed by author in the first page. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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Who Cares?, Bell, Krista
17 Bell, Krista Who Cares?
Australia Lothian Books 2003 0734404662 / 9780734404664 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo Signed by Author
176 pages. Rhys is a thirteen-year-old boy who loves to tap dance. He knows that his peers will give him a hard time if he tells them, so he keeps his passion to himself. Sam spends his days surfing, yet when Rhys spends the weekend at Lorne with him, he seems really keen on Rhys's tap. Maybe Sam has a secret too... For ages 13+. Dedication signed by author in the first page. 
Price: 7.00 AUD
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The Mask, Bernard, Patricia
18 Bernard, Patricia The Mask
Australia Scholastic 2007 1865047902 / 9781865047904 Reprint Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
202 pages. Fourteen-year-old Rob Vian - or Roberta Vianelli, as his Italian cousin Luca insists on calling him - is in Venice to study architecture, enjoy Carnevale and learn Italian. While he's there, he wants to track down his mother's ancestral palazzo, too. But no sooner has he arrived than he is attacked in the street by someone dressed as the Spirit of Death! When it happens again the next day, Rob and Luca are determined to find out the truth. Who is the Spirit of Death? And why on Earth does he want Rob dead? A gripping Thumbprint Thriller, set in the magnificent and mysterious city of Venice, 'The Mask' is a fast-paced and exciting page-turner, which builds to a climax full of suspense and danger. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Chat Room - a Cautionary Tale for Every Teenager Using Chatrooms and Their Parents, Biggs, Barbara
19 Biggs, Barbara Chat Room - a Cautionary Tale for Every Teenager Using Chatrooms and Their Parents
Australia Micklind Enterprises 2006 0977511200 / 9780977511204 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
162 pages. A thriller novel by Australian author Barbara Biggs. Sam, 13, meets a nice guy in a teen chatroom along with other new friends. She finds that the other boys in the chatroom ask inane and silly questions. She isn't into boys at all. But Robin wants to know about her life and interests. He tells Sam he's 17. At a certain stage, Sam is told that Robin has been to court several times on child sexual abuse charges and has been let go on all charges before... But now there is evidence so Robin is taken in by the police and sent to prison. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Blue Water High: The Novel, Birse, Shelley
20 Birse, Shelley Blue Water High: The Novel
Australia Pan 2008 0330424610 / 9780330424615 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
296 pages. It's tough being the youngest member of the Solar Blue surfing academy. It's tough being friends and competitors at the same time; and combining study and training. But for 14-year-old Fly Watson, the adventure of her life has only just begun. Blue Water High: the novel is based on the hugely popular children's television series Blue Water High, which won most outstanding children's program at the 2006 Logie Awards. It is the engrossing story of twelve months at the academy, seen through the eyes of Fly. Surfing is all Fly has ever wanted to do but, suddenly, there's a whole lot more that seems to be getting in the way such as Heath, and some very buried demons that Fly is determined not to reveal. And then there is the one big question that haunts them all: who will qualify to surf the pro-circuit and win a three-year sponsorship contract? For children. Moderately creased front cover. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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