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Pigs: A Guide to Management, Beynon, Neville
1 Beynon, Neville Pigs: A Guide to Management
United Kingdom Crowood Pr 1993 1852237546 / 9781852237547 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
175 indexed pages. 
Price: 14.00 AUD
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Rural Education Issues: An Australian Perspective - Key Papers Number 3, Boylan, Colin; Alston, Margare (Editors)
2 Boylan, Colin; Alston, Margare (Editors) Rural Education Issues: An Australian Perspective - Key Papers Number 3
Australia Centre for Rural Social Research, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Charles Sturt University 1993 0947330933 / 9780947330934 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
209 pages. This book contains 15 papers on current issues and future options in Australian rural education. Part 1 covers contemporary issues and includes: (1) "Issues in Education in Remote Rural Australia" (education of girls, education of Aboriginals, lifelong learning, and research needs) (Ted Scott); (2) "Redefining Remoteness in the Post Industrial Society" (Peter d'Plesse); (3) "Expanding Vocational Preparation in the Post-Compulsory Years" (Richard Sweet); (4) "Educational Change in New South Wales: Rural Teacher Reactions and Rural Development" (Colin Boylan); (5) "Education in Rural Victoria Is a Social Justice Issue" (Merryl Robson); (6) "Austudy Rural Inequities" (Jennifer Sheed and Doug Lloyd); and (7) "Farm Management Education for the Future" (Keith Woodford and Ray Collins). Part 2, "Target Groups," includes: (1) "Retaining Teachers in Rural Schools: Satisfaction, Commitment, and Lifestyles" (Colin Boylan and others); (2) "Overcoming Distance: Isolated Rural Women's Access to TAFE across Australia" (Pauline Mageean); (3) "Isolation and Culture: The Challenges for Teachers in Torres Strait" (Barry Osborne); (4) "What about Me? Ever Thought about Including Rural Australians Who May Also Have an Intellectual Disability?" (Libby Cross and James Burrell); and (5) "Non English-Speaking Background Children in Wagga Wagga Schools" (Marietta Elliott). Part 3 covers technology and includes: (1) "Technologies: Present and Future for Distance Education in Victoria" (Neil Elliott and Ian Conboy); (2) "Learning Technology Programs in an Isolated Region: Classroom Applications of Technology" (Carol Hughes); and (3) "Technology and the Provision of Specialist Educational Support Services to Young Children of Itinerant Families" (Mike Lally). (SV). Highlighting and underlining in some text. Scratches in the front cover. 
Price: 19.00 AUD
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Rural Safety: Machinery, Stock and General Hazards (Practical Farming), Brown, Andrew; Lawler, Brian
3 Brown, Andrew; Lawler, Brian Rural Safety: Machinery, Stock and General Hazards (Practical Farming)
Australia Inkata Press 1994 075068903X / 9780750689038 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
144 indexed pages including bibliography. This book explains how to minimise risks and cope with problems, with the help of many clear illustrations. This book is useful for students of agriculture as well as managers of rural businesses. A companion volume, Farm Chemical Safety is also available in the Practical Farming Series. Table of Contents: Introduction; Fire prevention in the home; Noise induced hearing loss; Workshop safety; Tractor safety; Farm vehicles; Plant safety; Grain storage and handling facilities; Storage; Manual handling; Animal handling; Diseases that can be transmitted to humans; Other health hazards; Occupational stress and dependency; Firearm safety; Children on farms; Bibliography; Acknowledgements. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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Planning for sustainable farming: the Potter Farmland Plan story, Campbell, Andrew
4 Campbell, Andrew Planning for sustainable farming: the Potter Farmland Plan story
Australia Lothian 1991 0850914337 / 9780850914337 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 8vo 
200 pages including illustrations. Land degradation: Australia's most serious environmental problem! Farmland degraded by erosion, salinity, soil acidity or soil structure decline; Irrigated farmland flooded from beneath by rising saline groundwater; Loss of plant and animal species. The keys to solving these problems start with people on the land. Planning for Sustainable Farming shows land users how better to understand their main, non-renewable resource. The book works through a whole farm planning process which blends conservation and production using case studies from the renowned Potter Farmland Plan and discusses its lessons for agricultural extension. It also offers detailed practical advice on: how to prepare a whole farm plan; improving; farm layout; how to treat land degradation; revegetation (including innovative sections on establishing and protecting fann trees and shelter design). For farmers who want to leave their land in better condition than they found it, the lessons of this book are critical. There is an inscription in the second page. 
Price: 10.50 AUD
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Drought: Causes Effects Solutions, Campbell, Don
5 Campbell, Don Drought: Causes Effects Solutions
Australia F.W. Cheshire 1968 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
viii + 135 pages including b/w illustrations. There is always a drought somewhere in Australia, a drought in which animals die of thirst and starvation or in which valuable crops and pastures wither. Drought losses are re?ected in every pocket and bank account in the nation. The author says, ‘lt seems as though we have grown accustomed to drought, and in doing so we have grown accustomed to a wickedness and a cruelty and a ?nancial loss that in 500 years’ time will cause the history readers to gasp in astonishment. They will know ‘us as a people who seldom cared for the huge ?ocks they fed on or by whom they were made richer, when those same ?ocks perished and starved in their millions, year after year after year.’ This book lifts the lid on a dozen controversial drought issues, indicts the overdraft system of money lending for farmers and graziers, is relentlessly critical of bad land management but offers alternatives and solutions to some of the problems contained in the complex question of Australian droughts. One thing is certain ... you won't read this book without a sense of shame and having read it you will know the ?erce, destructive power of droughts, and how much they are costing you, whether you live on the land or in the city. Moderate wear in the cover and small stains in the front edges. 
Price: 12.50 AUD
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Australian Agriculture: Reconciling Change and Tradition, Campbell, Keith O.
6 Campbell, Keith O. Australian Agriculture: Reconciling Change and Tradition
Australia Longman 1980 0582710898 / 9780582710894 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Good 12mo 
274 indexed pages. Includes bibliographical references. This book has a dual purpose. First, it is an attempt to introduce city people to farmers’ attitudes and aspirations, to the social and economic environment in which they operate, and to current and likely future developments in the rural industries. Second, it aims to provide farmers and others connected with the agricultural industries with an analysis of the complexities and rami?cations of the problems with which they have to deal. The book is not concerned, other than marginally, with the physical and climatic basis of Australian agriculture nor with the biological and technological processes by which crops and livestock are produced. Such information is available in other books and monographs. This book is concerned rather with the factors which lie behind the social and political differences which are the bases of rural versus urban schisms. 
Price: 22.00 AUD
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Water Politics in the Murray-Darling Basin (Land and Water Australia Environmental Solutions), Connell, Daniel
7 Connell, Daniel Water Politics in the Murray-Darling Basin (Land and Water Australia Environmental Solutions)
Australia Federation Press 2007 1862876339 / 9781862876330 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
241 indexed pages including bibliography. In 2007, John Howard, announced a $10 billion plan to reform rural water management. Most of the effort will focus in the Murray-Darling Basin. In this book Daniel Connell explains why there is a crisis in the Murray-Darling. He highlights the disastrous consequences of a century of fitful, reluctant 'co-operation' between the six governments responsible for the region. Connell argues that a new institutional system is essential --but a Commonwealth takeover is not the best answer. Instead, the Commonwealth government should use its constitutional and financial power to force the States to adopt national policies --and stick to them, whatever the local politics. The States would continue to play a substantial role but the controls would be tighter, the framework more comprehensive. He also shows how the National Water Initiative, the great blueprint for water reform, has stalled with many of its most important recommendations ignored. So far the public debate about the future of the Murray-Darling Basin has concentrated on new technical projects and increased water trading. Connell argues that, unless institutional change is given priority, hundreds of millions of dollars of annual investment will be frittered away. Contents: Prologue - The danger of boredom; Conversations with Goyder's ghost (A context for talking about water); Beyond sober thought (Governments take control 1880s - 1920s); Excluding lawyers from paradise (Establishing a public policy framework 1900s - 1980s); Alignment of the planets (Another attempt at basin-wide management); Talking sustainability dreaming production (Contradictions within contemporary water management); The chariot wheels of the Commonwealth (Responsibility for reform - what should be done?); Epilogue - Pragmatism, a philosophy of despair. There is a name in the inside front cover. 
Price: 26.00 AUD
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The Biological Farmer: A Complete Guide to the Sustainable & Profitable Biological System of Farming, Gary F. Zimmer
8 Gary F. Zimmer The Biological Farmer: A Complete Guide to the Sustainable & Profitable Biological System of Farming
USA Acres USA 2000 0911311629 / 9780911311624 4th Printing Soft Cover Good 8vo 
352 indexed pages. Biological farmers work with nature, feeding soil life, balancing soil minerals and tilling soils with a purpose. The methods they apply involve a unique system of beliefs, observations and guidelines that result in increased production and profit. This practical how-to guide elucidates their methods and will help you make farming fun and profitable. A safe and sustainable system designed to keep production up. Biological farming does not mean less production; it means eliminating obstacles to healthy, efficient production. Once the chemical, physical and biological properties of the soil are in balance, you can expect optimal outputs, even in bad years. Biological farming improves the environment, reduces erosion, reduces disease and insect problems, and alters weed pressure and it accomplishes this by working in harmony with nature. A common-sense approach. Biological farming focuses on ways to reduce input costs and to increase profits while improving soil conditions and livestock health. Taking care of the soil. Skilled biological farmers learn how to take care of soil life they nurture it, feed it a balanced diet, and use tillage tools and methods to enhance soil life. Learn how to fertilize. Biological farmers learn proper fertilizer uses to correct mineral and nutrient imbalances and to feed plants and soil life. This is the farming consultant's bible. It schools the interested grower in methods of maintaining a balanced, healthy soil that promises greater productivity at lower costs, and it covers some of the pitfalls of conventional farming practices. Zimmer knows how to make responsible farming work. His extensive knowledge of biological farming and consulting experience come through in this complete, practical guide to making farming fun and profitable. Over 0.5kg, extra postage charge apply 
Price: 18.00 AUD
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Establishing your own Vineyard, Nash, Grenville
9 Nash, Grenville Establishing your own Vineyard
Australia Nelson 1978 0170053059 / 9780170053051 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo Tony Irving 
128 indexed pages. A detailed and practical guide to making the vineyard of your dreams a reality. Everything is included - from selection of the right site and varieties of vine to harvesting. Practical, easy-to-follow guides by Australian authors which will be welcomed by anyone with an interest in country pursuits. Whether you own a small property or a large one (or are simply at the planning stage), these books will be an invaluable source of basic information. 
Price: 12.50 AUD
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Insects of Stored Products, Rees, David
10 Rees, David Insects of Stored Products
Australia CSIRO 2004 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Very Good 8vo 
181 indexed pages including colour illustrations. Insect infestations in grains and other stored food and fiber products cause annual losses worth many millions of dollars worldwide. This illustrated guide enables specialists and non-specialists to distinguish the major pests of durable stored products found throughout the world. It describes how to identify each pest group or species and summarizes the latest information on their biology, ecology, geographical distribution, the damage they cause and their economic importance. Hundreds of color photographs illustrate the identifying features of the most important beetles, moths, psocids, bugs and wasps found in stored products. Essential details on inspection and trapping are included to aid in the early detection of infestations, allowing more time to plan and undertake effective pest control. An extensive bibliography provides a convenient entry point to the specialized literature on these insects. This concise yet comprehensive reference is an essential tool for people responsible for the storage and handling of dried durable products of plant and animal origin worldwide. 
Price: 21.00 AUD
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New Faces: The Complete Book of Alternative Pets, Robin Stewart
11 Robin Stewart New Faces: The Complete Book of Alternative Pets
Australia Agmedia 1993 0730630102 / 9780730630104 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 8vo 
240 indexed pages. Includes bibliographical references and illusttrations. Farm forestry is best developed with property management plans to ensure the range of benefits can be optimised for a farm. This book carries comprehensive information covering planning considerations, species selection and farm tree management. Numerous experts here provide thirty-eight chapters on practical agroforestry information for the landholder who wishes to optimise the integration of farm trees and other forms of agriculture. There are small light stains to the upper edges of some initial pages. Book is over 0.5kg. Extra postage charges apply. 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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Surviving the Rural Crisis of the 90s: And How to Save the Farm, Smith, Eric
12 Smith, Eric Surviving the Rural Crisis of the 90s: And How to Save the Farm
Australia Schwartz & Wilkinson 1991 1863370404 / 9781863370400 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
64 pages. For farmers and country businesses of all types. it outlines seven steps for recovery: Recognising that you are getting into trouble; Strategies for difficult times;I Where the crisis point comes; Don’t make things worse than they already are; Keeping what you have lett; Preparing for better times to come; Avoiding financial disaster. A special section includes contact addresses and telephone numbers of organisations that are there to assist rural people in these troubled times. Farms and other rural small businesses are essential for the long-term prosperity of Australia," says Eric Smith. ‘What l‘ve set out in this book are seven practical steps that county people can take to help ensure not only their survival but also their future prosperity. The bush is too important to leave to the experts‘ who hardly get beyond the big cities." 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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