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Speaking of Siva
1 Speaking of Siva
U. K. Penguin 1973 0140442707 / 9780140442700 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 16mo 
199 pages translated and with an introduction by A.K. Ramanujan. Speaking of Siva / Shiva is a selection of vacanas or free-verse sayings from the Virasaiva religious movement, dedicated to Siva as the supreme god. Written by four major saints, the greatest exponents of this poetic form, between the tenth and twelfth centuries, they are passionate lyrical expressions of the search for an unpredictable and spontaneous spiritual vision of 'now'. Here, yogic and tantric symbols, riddles and enigmas subvert the language of ordinary experience, as references to night and day, sex and family relationships take on new mystical meanings. These intense poems of personal devotion to a single deity also question traditional belief systems, customs, superstitions, image worship and even moral strictures, in verse that speaks to all men and women regardless of class and caste. Shiva is usually worshiped in the aniconic form of Lingam. Book pages are browning due to age. 
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Universal Man, Abd-al-Karim al-Jili
2 Abd-al-Karim al-Jili Universal Man
UK Beshara Publications 1995 0904975150 / 9780904975154 Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
75 pages. Abd al-Karim al-Jili, or Abdul Karim Jili was a Muslim sufi saint and mystic who was born in 1366 at Jil in Baghdad. He is famous in Muslim mysticism as the author of this book - "Universal Man". He travelled in India; lived for a time in Yemen, and died in 1403, at the age of 38. He produced more than twenty books. of which Universal Man (al-insan al-kamil) is the most celebrated. His teaching follows that of Muhyiddin ibn 'Arabi (‘the Greatest Sheikh'), of which it can be regarded as a systematic exposition. Universal Man is Man the Macrocosm, the complete image and manifested consciousness of God, exempli?ed and expressed in the lives of saintly individuals. ]ili's account therefore takes the form of a series of chapters on the appearances of Absolute Reality as Essence, Names, Qualities and Divinity. These appearances correspond to contemplative states encountered by the mystic on the path of Union, which are discussed more particularly in the later chapters. Jili's exposition is incisive and illuminating; his intention entirely practical. He writes: ‘I will mention of all that only that which happened to me on my own journey to God; moreover I recount nothing in this book, neither of myself nor of another, without my having tested it at the time when I travelled in God by the path of intuition and direct vision’. Titus Burckhardt has provided an extensive and helpful introduction to Jili's work, and commentary on the text. 
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Messenger of the Heart: The Book of Angelus Silesius, with observations by the ancient Zen masters (Spiritual Masters), Angelus Silesius
3 Angelus Silesius Messenger of the Heart: The Book of Angelus Silesius, with observations by the ancient Zen masters (Spiritual Masters)
U.S.A. World Wisdom 2005 0941532704 / 9780941532709 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
143 pages including drawings and glossary. Johannes Scheffler assumed the name Angelus Silesius on his leaving the Lutheran church to become a Catholic. He became enmeshed in the bitter controversies of post-Reformation Europe. Soon after his death, however, his masterpiece was claimed by Protestants and Catholics alike as their mystical classic. Frederick Franck shows the poets macro-ecumenical significance in the essay that introduces his translation of these verses, and by adding a "running commentary" of sayings by the ancient Japanese and Chinese masters, with whom this Christian mystic shows a remarkable affinity. 
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Crosstalk: Topics of Australian Church and Society - A project of the Church & Society Commission of the Australian Council of Churches, Australian Council of Churches
4 Australian Council of Churches Crosstalk: Topics of Australian Church and Society - A project of the Church & Society Commission of the Australian Council of Churches
Australia Boolarong Publications 1991 0864391153 / 9780864391155 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
201 pages b/w illustrated. Includes bibliography. Produced by the Church and Society Commission of the ACC, this is a collection of 31 essays and responses on the links between the Church and Australian society. Topics include peace, environment, science and technology, family life, politics, and Aborigines. Among the contributors are Veronica Brady, Manning Clark, Ted Trainer, Pat O'Shane, Michael Kirby, Jo Vallentine, Frank Brennan, Lola Mayor, Keith Suter, and Janine Haines. 
Price: 11.00 AUD
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The Religious Factor in Australian Life, Bouma, Gary D.; Dixon, Beverly R.
5 Bouma, Gary D.; Dixon, Beverly R. The Religious Factor in Australian Life
Australia World Vision & ZADOK 1986 0959691561 / 9780959691566 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Good 12mo 
xviii + 206 pages. A growing number of church and para-church leaders are taking tough, vigorous and authentic action to connect Australia with the gospel. MARC Australia wants to be part of that action, and publishing important research material such as the Bouma-Dixon data assembled in "The Religious Factor in Australian Life" is one expression of this. MARC (Missions Advanced Research and Communications) is an integral part of World Vision of Australia. Our function is essentially ministry-support, providing Christians with information, programmes, books and resources on leadership and mission. We want to help church leaders and Christian groups engage reflectively and strategically with issues which need to be confronted. How might your congregation respond to this publication? What are your church's strategies for the future? What is an appropriate way for your church to challenge Australians with the gospel? These and related issues can be explored through special ministry consultations and workshops conducted by MARC. If you want to know more about this programme and our other services, contact World Vision. Inscription in the first page. 
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Two Types of Faith: A Study of the Interpenetration of Judaism and Christianity, Buber, Martin
6 Buber, Martin Two Types of Faith: A Study of the Interpenetration of Judaism and Christianity
U.S.A. Harper Torchbooks 1961 Reprint Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
177 indexed pages.Buber contends that Judaism and Christianity are based on the concepts of trust and truth, respectively, and examines the relationship between the two faiths. Martin Buber was a prominent twentieth century philosopher, religious thinker, political activist and educator. Born in Austria, he spent most of his life in Germany and Israel, writing in German and Hebrew. His works challenge Kant, Hegel, Marx, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Dilthey, Simmel and Heidegger. He influenced Emmanuel Lévinas. 
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1917: Red Banners, White Mantle, Carroll, Warren H.
7 Carroll, Warren H. 1917: Red Banners, White Mantle
U.S.A. Christendom Press 1981 0931888050 / 9780931888052 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
137 pagec including endnotes and bibliography. A captivating account that narrates, month by month, the events of 1917. This is popular Catholic history at its finest. The drama of the Great War and the Russian Revolution are juxtaposed with the spiritual dimension of the Age: the diabolism of Rasputin, the Apparition of the Virgin at Fatima, the malignancy of Lenin, the saintly courage of (the now blessed) Charles of Austria. Few standard histories have ever given such a high degree of consideration to the supernatural and the Christian interpretation of history as "1917" does. 
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God's Earth: Religion as If Matter Really Mattered, Collins, Paul
8 Collins, Paul God's Earth: Religion as If Matter Really Mattered
Australia Dove 1995 1863713883 / 9781863713887 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
280 indexed pages. An historical account of the relation of Christian religious thought and practice to present environmental crises. A reclaimed spirituality as well as scientific thinking can offer hope for a more responsible future.An exploration of the religious and philosophical roots of our environmental crisis. And an examination of the attitudes of Christianity to the world. The author is a Catholic priest, author of 'Mixed Blessings', and a former religious editor for the ABC. Previous owner name also in front fly. 
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Mixed Blessings: John Paul II and the Church of the Eighties, Collins, Paul
9 Collins, Paul Mixed Blessings: John Paul II and the Church of the Eighties
Australia Penguin 1987 014009752X / 9780140097528 Reprint Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
276 indexed pages. No world-wide institution has changed as quickly and as radically as the Roman Catholic Church in recent years, yet it remains a paradox. Many people see it as a reactionary force while others experience it as a powerful movement towards spiritual renewal and radical social and political change. With wide experience of the full-time ministry, Paul Collins explains the extraordinary change that has swept over the Church and the important issues facing the Australian Catholic community now. This is a hook for everyone who seeks to understand how an institution that has shaped our culture is wrestling to adjust to the future. The author has a master’s degree in theology from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in history from the Australian National University (ANU). He has taught church history and theology in Australia, the United States and Pacific countries and has worked as a Catholic parish priest in Sydney and Hobart. In March 2001 he resigned from his role as a Catholic priest due to a dispute with the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith over this book. The Vatican’s investigation centred on this 1997 book "Papal Power" which was said to imply that "a true and binding revelation" does not exist; to deny that the Church of Christ is identified with the Catholic Church and to deny the doctrine of papal infallibility. Collins was further accused of holding the view that a teaching, to be considered church doctrine, must be approved through the sensus fidelium - the "sense of the people" - as well as by bishops and theologians. In explaining his resignation, Collins cited the increasing rigidity and sectarianism of the Vatican, stating that the August 2000 declaration Dominus Jesus expressed "a profoundly anti-ecumenical spirit at odds with the sense of God’s grace permeating the whole cosmos". First page carrires a dedication to Eddie which seems to be from the author. 
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God Doesn't Believe in Atheists: Proof That the Atheist Doesn't Exist, Comfort, Ray
10 Comfort, Ray God Doesn't Believe in Atheists: Proof That the Atheist Doesn't Exist
U.S.A. Bridge-Logos Publishers 2002 0882709224 / 9780882709222 Religion - Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
191 pages, This book proves to atheists that they don't exist, reveals to agnostics their true motives, and strengthens the faith of the believers. This book answers questions such as Who made God? and Where did Cain get his wife? The book uses humor, reason, and logic to send a powerful message. Here are some reactions from atheists who read the book. 
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If I Were God, I'd Make Myself Clearer: Searching for Clarity in a World Full of Claims, Dickson, John
11 Dickson, John If I Were God, I'd Make Myself Clearer: Searching for Clarity in a World Full of Claims
Australia Matthias Media 2002 1876326514 / 9781876326517 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
85 pages. Written from a Christian perspective, this book struggles honestly with a dilemma facing 'believers' and 'unbelievers' alike: With so many religions on offer, can one of them be considered true? If there really is something spiritual out there, wouldn't there be some pretty clear signposts to it? Surely God wouldn't leave people with nothing but a bewildering variety of religious voices? If God exists - wouldn't he have made himself clearer? In the second If I Were God book, John Dickson considers the vast array of spiritual claims made by different religions and individuals and asks whether any clarity about God can be found. Written from a Christian perspective, this book struggles honestly with a dilemma facing 'believers' and 'unbelievers' alike: With so many religions on offer, can one of them be considered true? Or are they different paths up the same spiritual mountain? And how can any one person sort out their way through the maze of claims? Table of Contents: Introduction 1. Incurably Religious 2. The Attraction of Distraction 3. An Unknown God 4. God's Signpost 5. Lines of Verification Paul's Speech to the Areopagus (Acts 17:16-34) Resources for Further Reading. John Dickson is a bestselling author in Australia and the UK. His warm and humorous style has endeared him to raders, with his ability to tackle complex ideas in a straightforward fashion. John also records and performs as a singer/songwriter, holds degrees in theology and ancient history, and speaks about the Christian message in his native Sydney and beyond. 
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Public Theology in Law and Life, Edgar, Brian; Babie, Paul; Wilson, David (editors)
12 Edgar, Brian; Babie, Paul; Wilson, David (editors) Public Theology in Law and Life
Australia ATF Press 2012 1921817771 / 9781921817779 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
xi + 194 pages. 'Public theology' involves the application of biblical and theological principles outside the confines of the church and assesses their implications for wider society. It examines both the theoretical structures of society (the nature of secularity, government, globalisation, pluralism and so forth) and the myriad specific issues involved in daily life (everything from sport to work-place relations to economics). Public theology is also, very importantly, a discipline that is practiced by the 'ordinary' Christian as well as the academic, and it is done in public (with all the scrutiny that entails) and in such a way that it communicates to non-Christians (although it remains a theological endeavour). In a real sense it is theology for the world, from the Word, by the people of God. The volume has a variety of contributors and includes an article on the role of public theology in Islam. Contents: Introduction. Public theology today / Brain Edgar, Paul Babie, David Wilson A. Public theology. law and justice. 1. Public theology, justice and law: a preliminary note / Benny YT Tai 2. What lies beneath:a brief introduction to the issues underlying the development of the law in the context of medical treatment / Bernadette Richards 3. The Australian legal academy and the concept of property / Paul Babie 4. Public theology in Islam: a new approach? / Nadirsyah Hosen B. Public theology and social life. 5. On the future of humanity: enhancing the image of God? / Brian Edgar 6. Is there a theology of values education? / Brian V. Hill 7. Biblical ethical principle and its critics / Clive Beed, Cara Beed 8. Professions, business and MacIntyre, fellow travellers? / Chris White, Gordon Preece C. Public lectures. 9. The Bible hits the streets / David R. Wilson 10. Wisdom and transformational leadership / George Savvides. 
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Japanese Religion: A Cultural Perspective, Ellwood Emeritus, Robert S.; Pilgrim, Richard
13 Ellwood Emeritus, Robert S.; Pilgrim, Richard Japanese Religion: A Cultural Perspective
U.S.A. Prentice Hall 1985 0135092825 / 9780135092828 Soft Cover Good 12mo 
162 indexed pages. The book provides an overview of the religious traditions in Japan, from ancient times to the present. It also emphasizes the cultural manifestations of religion in Japan, without neglecting dates and places. Offers a high level of consistency in content and approach. It is oriented toward viewing religious tradition as a "cultural" system that includes historical, intellectual, ritual. and social forms. To achieve a meaningful level of communication about the Japanese religion, the book gives considerable space to "cameo" insights into particular personalities. movements, and historical moments. These selected descriptions and analyses foster an understanding of the world view, life-style, and deep dynamics of practicing religious culture. Pencil marginalia, and underlining in some text. 
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Catching Diamonds, Exon, Diana
14 Exon, Diana Catching Diamonds
Australia Trendsetting 1990 0646025481 / 9780646025483 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo Signed by Author
xiv + 66 pages. Collection of Christian poems. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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A Fair Go in an Age of Terror: Uniya's Jesuit Lenten Seminars 2003 & 2004, Fawkner, Patty (editor) et al
15 Fawkner, Patty (editor) et al A Fair Go in an Age of Terror: Uniya's Jesuit Lenten Seminars 2003 & 2004
Australia David Lovell Publishing 2004 1863551077 / 9781863551076 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
148 pages. Since September 11 2001, the world has been awash with fear and anger and intolerance. UNIYA, the Jesuit Social Justice Center, seeks to make a positive contribution to public debate within this climate through its Jesuit Lenten Seminars. This book contains the papers given by the principle speakers in 2003, Muslims and Christians - Where do we all stand?, and 2004, "A Fair Go in the Age of Terror." Contributions from some of the 2004 panel members are also included. These papers invite us, as individuals and as a nation, to expand our thinking. There is a shared recognition that terrorism cannot be destroyed by armaments and force. The more we resort to heavy-handedness in dealing with social and cultural grievances, the more we contribute to an 'artificial clash of civilisations', and the more we compromise our own rights and identity. All contributors to this book recognise that genuine and disciplined dialogue is one way forward. There is an implicit and explicit hope that we refrain from the discourse of fear, blame and reprisal, and recover the language of dialogue. Contributors: Dr Mohamad Abdalla - Honorary Research Advisor School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics at the University Of Queensland, panel member at Brisbane seminar. Teresa Bonello - Seventeen-year old high school student at Christ Catholic College Loyola Campus Mount Druitt, chair of the campus Student Representative Council, hopes to study Medical Science at Sydney University, panel member at Western Sydney seminar. Frank Brennan SJ AO - Lawyer, human rights advocate, former Director of Uniya, former Director of Jesuit Refugee Service in East Timor, visiting professor in law at a number of Australian universities, responder at Z003 seminar, keynote speaker at 2004 seminar. Dr Alison Broinowski Visiting Fellow ANU and UNSW, former Chargé d’Affaires in Amman, Counsellor at the Australian Mission to the UN in New York, and Regional Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Melbourne, author of About Face: Asian Accounts of Australia, and Howard’s War, panel member at Sydney seminar. Ven. Alex Bruce - Buddhist monk, Senior Lecturer in Law Australian National University, panel member at Canberra seminar. Dr Anthony Burke - Lecturer in international relations at the Universities of Adelaide and New South Wales, author of In Fear of Security: Australia’s Invasion Anxiety, publisher of Borderlands e-journal, panel member at Adelaide seminar. Duncan Campbell AM - Former diplomat, deputy secretary of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 1985-1988, Member of the Order of Australia, panel member at Western Sydney seminar. Patty Fawkner SGS - Director of Uniya ]esuit Social ]ustice Centre, a Good Samaritan Sister, member of the Commission of Australian Catholic Women, panel member at Western Sydney seminar. Matt Foley - Brisbane barrister, former Attorney-General and Minister in the Goss and Beattie Queensland Labor governments, panel member at Brisbane seminar. Miriam Gani - Lecturer at the Faculty of Law at The Australian National University, panel member at Canberra seminar. Nitra Kidson - Coordinator of the Refugee and Immigration Legal Support Project at the Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House, formerly a lawyer with the South Brisbane Immigration and Community Legal Service, board member of the Refugee Council of Australia 1994-1997, panel member at Brisbane seminar. Dan Madigan SJ - Founding Director of the Department for the Study of Religions at the Gregorian University in Rome, lecturer in Islamic Studies, former publisher of Eureka Street, keynote speaker at 2003 seminar. Hannah Moore - Eighteen-year old aspiring actor, 2003 vice-captain of St. Ignatius College Athelstone, panel member at Adelaide seminar. Dr Abdullah Saeed - Associate Professor and Head of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the Melbourne Institute of Asian Langues and Societies, University of Melbourne, author of Muslim Communities in Australia; Freedom of Religion, Apostasy and Islam; Approaches to the Qur’an in Contemporary Indonesia; and Islam in Australia, keynote speaker at 2003 seminar. There is a name in the first page. 
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Creation Spirituality: Liberating Gifts for the Peoples of the Earth, Fox, Matthew
16 Fox, Matthew Creation Spirituality: Liberating Gifts for the Peoples of the Earth
USA Harper 1991 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
155 pages. An introduction to creation spirituality, liberation theology and religious transformation: a meld of Christian mysticism with the struggle for social justice, feminism, and environmental concerns of contemporary society. Sticker in the inside front cover. 
Price: 10.50 AUD
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Nature, Reality, and the Sacred: The Nexus of Science and Religion, Gilkey, Langdon
17 Gilkey, Langdon Nature, Reality, and the Sacred: The Nexus of Science and Religion
U.S.A. Fortress Pr 1993 0800627547 / 9780800627546 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
266 indexed pages. Two partial apprehensions of nature have been vying for dominance in this century: religious (void of any influence from science) and scientific (unable to admit any reality beyond the empirical). Both views have led to the exploitation of nature - and the scientific may prove even more devastating. The fault, Gilkey argues, lies not in the scientific knowledge of nature but in the assumed philosophy of science that accompanies most scientific and technological practice. Scientific knowing needs to be critiqued and brought into relationship with other complementary ways of knowing. Once again, Gilkey expands our vision and deepens our insight. He has given us a classic contribution to a theology of nature that emerges from a careful conversation with the natural sciences. Gilkey’s mature venture into the waters of science-theology is a sensitive appeal to discern the religious dimension that underlies science and the science that religion must have. His strident thoughts seek to steer through the reefs of both scientism and creationism. 
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Searching Issues: Exploring the Meaning of Life - Tough Questions - Straight Answers, Gumbel, Nicky
18 Gumbel, Nicky Searching Issues: Exploring the Meaning of Life - Tough Questions - Straight Answers
UK Kingsway Publications 2003 0854767398 / 9780854767397 Reprint Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
123 pages. Reissued in large format with a new cover and updated text to tie in with the rebranding of all Alpha products. The Scripture quotations are now from the inclusive language edition of the NIV. This book tackles common objections to the Christian faith including 'Why does God allow suffering?', 'Do all religions lead to god?' This book discusses these and other objections to the Cristian faith. 
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There is More to the Secret: An Examination of Rhonda Byrne's Bestselling Book "The Secret", Gungor, Ed
19 Gungor, Ed There is More to the Secret: An Examination of Rhonda Byrne's Bestselling Book "The Secret"
U.S.A. Thomas Nelson 2007 0849919789 / 9780849919787 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
133 pages. Is it possible to believe in both God and the "law of attraction"? Isn't this all just some New Age, "power of the mind" thing? If the l"aw of attraction" works, why isn't it in the Bible - or is it? Questions like these are being asked by people around the world after reading the best-selling book, "The Secret." According to the l"aw of" a"ttraction," you can have virtually anything desired if your mind is trained to put out continual thoughts to attract it into your life. In this deeply compelling work, Ed Gungor seeks to establish a more complete and accurate representation of the power of the mind by explaining the role that God plays in the equation. This book is not written to attack but rather to examine what the author believes is misguided advice while still speaking to the heart-felt need that is causing so many to explore this ancient practice. Some of his views may surprise you. There is more to the story that must be told. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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Proclaim Jubilee!: A Spirituality for the Twenty-First Century, Harris, Maria
20 Harris, Maria Proclaim Jubilee!: A Spirituality for the Twenty-First Century
U.S.A. Westminster John Knox Press 1996 0664256619 / 9780664256616 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
128 indexed pages. Explains the biblical concept of Jubilee and considers the implications of a living Jubilee for today. Book offers a compelling argument that a living Jubilee is a comprehensive spirituality that would have a positive political, economic, and moral impact on individuals, families, religious congregations, institutions, and nations. Maria Harris was an internationally acclaimed religious educator. She has held prestigious lectureships and was the recipient of numerous awards. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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