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Long Man, Small Island, McDowell, Lynn Neumann
41 McDowell, Lynn Neumann Long Man, Small Island
Australia Signs Publishing 1986 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 8vo 
96 pages including illustrations. An account of Lynn Neumann McDowell one year-long stint as a Seventh-Day Adventists missionary at Majuro, a coral athol in the Marshall Islands. 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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Religion is for Fools! 2013, Medley, Bill
42 Medley, Bill Religion is for Fools! 2013
UK Authentic Media 2012 178078046X / 9781780780467 Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
162 pages. As a religious sceptic, Bill Medley investigates the five major world religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism, from a layman's perspective. He attempts to see what can be known, if anything, about a 'God' or an 'afterlife' from logic and tangible evidence. Originally written as a letter to his sister-in-law, in Religion is For Fools! he shares his findings with her and tries to address her objections. Bill Medley worked as a professional entertainer for fifteen years. His stand-up comedy routines sometimes included satires on religion. Here he gives it a more serious examination. 'Absolutely brilliant! ...If all those who argue over religion had a copy of this book it would revolutionise the relationship between me and my bank manager.' Bill Medley 'This book has dramatically changed my whole attitude towards typing.' Diana Medley (wife 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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Spirituality and Emptiness: The Dynamics of Spiritual Life in Buddhism and Christianity, Mitchell, Donald William
43 Mitchell, Donald William Spirituality and Emptiness: The Dynamics of Spiritual Life in Buddhism and Christianity
U.S.A. Paulist Pr 1991 0809132664 / 9780809132669 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Good 12mo 
224 pages. A former Zen Buddhist compares the views of Japanese Buddhists of the Kyoto School with those of traditional Christian spirituality by focusing on the Buddhist concept of Emptiness and the key theological issue of Kenosis, the process of self-emptying. The author also explores the theme of kenosis (which states that Christ voluntarily relinquished his divine powers so as to experience human suffering) as it pertains to Buddhism and Christianity. His discussion of the Kyoto School encompasses both Zen and Mahayana sects, while his discussion of Christianity involves kenotic perspectives on each person of the Trinity, as well as human expressions of kenosis (e.g., Adam and Eve's failure as negative kenosis). The concern for social and communal transformation and the emphasis on spiritual, rather than intellectual, issues distinguishes this book from others in the field. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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Upside-Down Zen: A Direct Path into Reality, Murphy, Susan
44 Murphy, Susan Upside-Down Zen: A Direct Path into Reality
Australia Lothian Books 2004 0734404999 / 9780734404992 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
xiv + 274 indexed pages. Zen Buddhism is a direct path into reality - the self and the hard and exhilarating questions of being alive. UPSIDE-DOWN ZEN is an invitation to walk the path of crooked wisdom, exploring the vivid spirit of Zen Buddhism and how it is taking root in the West. Originally recorded as oral teachings, these essays were written for anyone with an interest in meditation, self-knowledge and the opening of insight and compassion in ordinary life. Susan Murphy's writing conveys the richness and depth of Zen. By concentrating her gaze on the particular - the lived moment - she is able to explore the timeless wisdom of traditional Zen teachings in a contemporary setting. Drawing on modern cinema, Australian Aboriginal spirituality, Australian literature, traditional Japanese poetry and Jewish folklore to illuminate the old Zen koans. These lyrical commentaries resonate with the poetry of life and art. Her insights are rooted in those seemingly insignificant moments that are suffused with poignancy and truth. A feast of Zen wisdom, culture and philosophy, Upside-Down Zen will broaden and intensify our understanding of Buddhist teachings in the West. 
Price: 23.00 AUD
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Confessions of an Ex-Feminist, Murray, Lorraine V.
45 Murray, Lorraine V. Confessions of an Ex-Feminist
U.S.A. Ignatius Press 2008 1586172255 / 9781586172251 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
144 pages including notes and bibliography. Former feminist and atheist Murray presents a powerful, insightful account of her journey from a radical feminist and nihilistic lifestyle to a seriously committed Christian woman, revealing and critiquing her former errant feminist ideas about the meaning of womanity, sexuality, love, motherhood, children, morality, men, etc. Even though she attained a masters degree in English and a Ph. D. in Philosophy, for many years after her college life, including as a philosophy professor, she lived the life of a feminist rebel. Her story of how she escaped from that darkness into the light of Gods truth and goodness is an inspiring witness for all. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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The Power of a Praying Wife, Omartian, Stormie
46 Omartian, Stormie The Power of a Praying Wife
USA Harvest House Pub 1997 0736919244 / 9780736919241 Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
208 pages. This book discusses common marital struggles and reveals the miraculous way that disciplined prayer can alleviate heartache and sustain unity. According to Omartian, a marriage's success depends upon laying down all claim to power in and of yourself, and relying on God's power to transform you, your husband, your circumstances, and your marriage. This book has encouraged countless women to trust God for their marriages. In this beautiful new padded hardcover edition, Stormie shares how God has strengthened her own marriage since she began to pray for her husband concerning key areas in his life, including his spiritual walk; emotions; role as father and leader; security in work and finances; health; faith and future. If you desire a closer relationship with your husband, you will appreciate this refreshing look at the power of prayer in marriage. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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The Atheist Manifesto: The Case Against Christianity, Judaism and Islam, Onfray, Michel
47 Onfray, Michel The Atheist Manifesto: The Case Against Christianity, Judaism and Islam
Australia Melbourne University Press 2007 052285396X / 9780522853964 Reprint Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
xvi + 219 pages. Not since Nietzsche has a work so groundbreaking and explosive appeared, to question the role of the world's three major monotheistic religions. If Nietzsche proclaimed the death of God, French philosopher Michel Onfray starts from the premise that not only is God still very much alive but increasingly controlled by fundamentalists who pose a danger to the human race. Documenting the ravages from religious intolerance over the centuries, Onfray makes a strong case against the three religions for their obsession with purity and their contempt for reason and intelligence, individual freedom, desire and the human body, sexuality and pleasure, and for women in general. In their place, all three demand faith and belief, obedience and submission, extol the next life to the detriment of the here and now. Tightly argued, this is a work that is sure to stir debate on the role of religion in Australian society and politics. Book summary: In the first part "Athéology", the author develops Nietzsche's doctrine, but criticizing his view on the death of God. Then he shows how the concept of atheist was originally a pejorative connotation and concluded that the survival of Christianity in the form of Christian atheism on the Judeo-Christian morality. The second part "Monotheisms" is a structural analysis of the three Abrahamic religions in which the author highlights common features, including the contempt for the body and matter, denial of progress and science, misanthropy and hatred of the intellect. The third part "Christianity" challenges the existence of Jesus which would be based on secondhand testimonies, asserts that the Apostle Paul, described as neurotic and hysterical, exploited the character of Jesus to lead the world in his hatred of the flesh, then explains how, opportunistically, Emperor Constantine made Christianity a state religion. In the last part "Théocracy", the author explains the relationship of the three monotheistic religions with political power, and describes their worst abuses. Then he shows several of contradictions in the sacred books and considers that these texts are often used to justify evil. He depicts Islam notably through the Iranian revolution and the regime of the Ayatollah Khomeini. The book concludes by proposing a new atheism or secularism that he called "post-Christian" or "post-modern" in which God and the morality which it relates are gone. [ from Wikipedia] 
Price: 17.00 AUD
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Love Your Life: Living Happy, Healthy and Whole, Osteen, Victoria
48 Osteen, Victoria Love Your Life: Living Happy, Healthy and Whole
Australia Simon & Schuster 2008 1847373666 / 9781847373663 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
223 pages. Do you ever feel like your life is moving at the speed of light? Are you constantly trying to keep up with all of your commitments and responsibilities? In this day and age when modern communication and technology cause our lives to move faster than ever, many people struggle to strike a balance between all the segments of their lives - family, friends, career, social obligations, and self. As co-pastor of Lakewood Church - America's largest church--Victoria Osteen understands intimately how day-to-day responsibilities can pile up and at times feel overwhelming. As a wife and mother, she sets the tone for her household and acts as a role model for her family. As a minister, she reaches out to an enormous community of people who look to her for guidance, strength, wisdom, and encouragement. She knows as well as anyone that operating in so many different roles can be extremely demanding, yet she has managed to find balance, living her life in the unforced rhythms of grace. If you ask her, she'll tell you that she loves her life and she wants you to love your life, too. No matter where you are in your life, no matter what responsibilities you may carry, you can find peace, balance, and enjoyment in every area of your life; but it all starts with you. You have more power inside you than you realize; all you have to do is learn to tap into what you already have! As you begin to recognize your own abilities and influence, and use them in healthy ways, all the other areas of your life will fall into order. In Love Your Life, Victoria shares from her personal life experiences and her journey of faith the lessons she's learned that have made her the woman she is today. As you read, you'll feel like you're in a conversation with a trusted friend as Victoria shows you how to tap into all that God has given you to live effectively--as a positive influence on the world around you. You'll be inspired by stories of victory and challenged to live at a higher level. You'll read about people who have accomplished incredible things by overcoming their fears, and people who have changed the world around them by simply recognizing their own value. A life well lived does not come easily; you have to set out for it, look for it, and make it happen. Love Your Life shows how to turn the challenges of each day into opportunities to love and appreciate all that you are. 
Price: 11.00 AUD
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Caring for the Self, Caring for the Soul: A Book of Spiritual Development, Philip St. Romain
49 Philip St. Romain Caring for the Self, Caring for the Soul: A Book of Spiritual Development
USA Liguori Pubns 2000 0764805932 / 9780764805936 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 8vo 
148 pages. A guide to the high ground of 21st-century spirituality. Philip St. Romain offers insights to the issues of true spirituality, happiness and the authentic self, soul sickness, human brokenness and sin, celebrating the joy of commitment, the need to disturb one's complacency, discernment, reconciliation, the basics of prayer, the stages of spiritual growth, and so on. There is a small repaired tear in the front cover. 
Price: 14.00 AUD
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A Bit of a Postscript, Post, Sue-Ann
50 Post, Sue-Ann A Bit of a Postscript
Australia Penguin 1997 0140259643 / 9780140259643 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
160 pages. Autobiography of this well-known comedian, telling of her childhood as a member of the Mormon church, her unhappy family experiences, her coming out as a lesbian, and her career as a comedian. Based in Melbourne, Sue-Ann Post has written and performed several one-woman shows in festivals across the country and won many awards, including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival's Stella Award for best show. 
Price: 23.00 AUD
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To the Islands, Randolph Stow
51 Randolph Stow To the Islands
Australia Angus & Robertson 1981 0207144494 / 9780207144493 First Revised Edition Hard Cover Good Good 12mo 
126 pages. This is a deeply moving and compassionate novel whose message and wisdom is still important today, which is why it deserves to be recognised as an important work of Australian literature. Exhausted and losing faith, an Anglican minister flees his mission in Australia's northwest for the vast emptiness of the outback. In the soul country of the desert the old man searches for the islands of the Aboriginal dead, reflecting on past transgressions and on his life's work. A Lear-like tale of madness and destruction, published when Randolph Stow was only 22, To The Islands is compelling and wise - a poetic masterpiece. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Generation to Generation: Practical and Creative Ideas for Raising Kids to Know and Love God, Rice, Wayne
52 Rice, Wayne Generation to Generation: Practical and Creative Ideas for Raising Kids to Know and Love God
U.S.A. Standard Publishing 2010 0784721254 / 9780784721254 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
205 pages. In this practical book, author, parent, and youth ministry expert Rice challenges parents to enjoy their roles as the primary spiritual caregivers for their children, and provides fun, effective, and easy-to-use ideas to help strengthen faith and knowledge through family life. Wayne Rice is a veteran youth worker and ministry consultant who has authored more than 30 books for parents, teenagers, and youth workers. He is cofounder of Youth Specialties and a frequent speaker at parenting seminars and youth ministry conferences. He and his wife, Marci, life in Lakeside, California, and have three grown children. 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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For Christ's Sake: End Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church... for Good, Robinson, Geoffrey
53 Robinson, Geoffrey For Christ's Sake: End Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church... for Good
Australia Garratt Publishing 2013 1922152609 / 9781922152602 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
154 pages. Sexual abuse within the Catholic Church has been nothing short of an epidemic of catastrophic proportions. The devastation of victims, the ruination of priests and religious, the damage of a major world religion and its faithful are horrendous and incalculable. In the current social environment-that includes the Royal Commission into Institutionalised Sexual Abuse of Children - this is the book that had to happen. This is the book, written by an 'insider', designed to move the Church back into the hands of the millions of shocked and bewildered Catholics throughout the world who are saying: enough is enough. Bishop Geoffrey Robinson states that there are three major tasks to be performed in eradicating sexual abuse from the Church: identifying and removing all offenders; reaching out to, and assisting, all victims/?survivors; and identifying and overcoming the causes of both abuse and the poor response of the Church's hierarchy. Here Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, author of "Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church", pulls no punches in his effort to go beyond merely 'managing' sexual abuse in the Church. He seeks to identify, uproot and eradicate abuse - and the poor response to it - by addressing the causes: without limitation. He leads up to a call for nothing less than a Council of the whole Church to confront the issues raised in the book, within which he insists that the laity must play a major role. In the current social environment, that includes the Royal Commission into Institutionalised Sexual Abuse of Children, this is the book that had to happen. This is the book designed to move the Church back into the hands of the millions of shocked and bewildered Catholics throughout the world who are saying: enough is enough. Geoffrey James Robinson is a retired Australian Roman Catholic bishop. There is minor wear around the edges. There is minor wear around the edges. 
Price: 17.00 AUD
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Unintelligent Design: Why God Isn't as Smart as She Thinks She Is, Robyn Williams
54 Robyn Williams Unintelligent Design: Why God Isn't as Smart as She Thinks She Is
Australia Allen & Unwin 2006 1741149231 / 9781741149234 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
165 pages. What a humorous argument against creationism! This witty book debunks popular theories of intelligent design while showing how science can explain nearly everything... Unintelligent Design has found its way into the headlines, has been spruiked in the Parliament and is now trying to slink into our schools. So where did this wilfully ignorant sibling of creationism and its anti-scientific arguments spring from? And why is it refusing to go away? Using all the richness of the scientific and natural worlds, Robyn Williams takes on the stalking monster in a short, wicked and witty debunk of lD. Why the profligacy of making the earth, the solar system, our galaxy and all the rest, he asks, when not much more than the Garden of Eden was needed? And then there's lifespan. During long periods of human history, the life expectancy of men was a mere 22 years and children were lucky to toddle, let alone grow up.Why the waste? And shouldn't we sue God for sinus blockages, hernias, appendix flare-ups and piles, not to mention bad backs? This is a book to infuriate the forces of darkness, and anger and amuse the rest of us. Robyn Williams has presented science programs on ABC radio and television since I972. ln March 2006, a star in the constellation Catrina was named after him. He is planning a visit. There is a crease in the front cover. 
Price: 15.00 AUD
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Crossing the Stream: Reflections on the Buddhist Spiritual Path, Sangharakshita,
55 Sangharakshita, Crossing the Stream: Reflections on the Buddhist Spiritual Path
U.S.A. Windhorse Publications 1996 0904766780 / 9780904766783 2nd Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
228 indexed pages. Soon after taking ordination as a Buddhist monk, the English author of this book moved to the town of Kalimpong, on the edge of the Himalayas. He was to live there for 14 years - reflecting, writing and editing Buddhist journals, befriending a number of distinguished Tibetan lamas as they fled across the nearby border, and establishing the world's first "inter-denominational" Buddhist centre. The 32 essays in the book come from that period, and reveal a man profoundly committed to the "inner life", who is not afraid to challenge orthodox attitudes and interpretations in his pursuit of the practical essence of Buddhism. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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Parables of Swami Sivananda, Sivananda, Swami
56 Sivananda, Swami Parables of Swami Sivananda
U.S.A. Divine Life Society 2009 8170520371 / 9788170520375 5th Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
168 pages. Subtle Spiritual truths conveyed through the potent methods of instruction - parables - by the inimitable and facile Pen of Swami Sivananda. In these marvellous stories, the truth becomes not only clear but indelible. Sivananda Saraswati [1987-1963] was a Hindu spiritual teacher and a proponent of Yoga and Vedanta. 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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Emanuel Swedenborg - Essential Readings, Stanely, Michael
57 Stanely, Michael Emanuel Swedenborg - Essential Readings
Australia The Swedenborg Lending Library 1993 0949463132 / 9780949463135 1st Australian Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
176 indexed pages. Extracts from the works of the theologian, scientist and statesman, Emanuel Swedenborg, (1688-1772) whose visionary and scientific writings 300 years after his birth are, in the editor's opinion, still striking. They are arranged with explanatory material to increase their relevance. Best known for his focus on the intuitive force within, Emanuel Swedenborg also anticipated major modern discoveries in mineralogy, psychology, and anatomy. In this succinct and readable collection, Stanley expertly brings the most significant writings from Swedenborg's oeuvre together, showing readers a man who created a hieroglyphic language, reimagined the Genesis story, influenced Blake, Balzac, Strindberg, and Yeats, and authored a number of anonymous works that put the Swedish clergy of his day on high alert. To anyone familiar with the teachings of the New Age, much of Swedenborg's spiritual work will seem familiar. By drawing on the intuitive source within, he discovered an essential key to wisdom, a key highly relevant to the now growing endeavour to grasp holistically the physical and spiritual dimensions of life. As a form of Western esotericism, the New Age movement drew heavily upon a number of older esoteric traditions, in particular those that emerged from the occultist current that developed in the eighteenth century. Such prominent occult influences include the work of Emanuel Swedenborg. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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St. Thomas Aquinas on Politics and Ethics (Norton Critical Editions), Thomas Aquinas
58 Thomas Aquinas St. Thomas Aquinas on Politics and Ethics (Norton Critical Editions)
U.S.A. W. W. Norton & Company 1988 0393952436 / 9780393952438 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
249 pages including selected bibliography. This book contains translations of carefully chosen and central selections from The Summa Against the Gentiles, On Kingship or The Governance of Rulers, and The Summa of Theology. The selections not only include St. Thomas Aquinas’s views on government, law, war, property, and sexual ethics, but also provide the theological, epistemological, and psychological background for his political and ethical thought, including the Five Proofs on the existence of God and Aquinas’s theories of knowledge, the soul, the purpose of man, and the order of the universe. Throughout the book, footnotes explain technical terms and historical, biblical, and classical references. "Backgrounds and Sources" follows the text, with selections from the writings of Aristotle, St. Augustine, and Dionysius the Areopagite. "Interpretations" traces Aquinas’s influence on medieval thought, on Roman Catholicism during the Renaissance, on early modern political thought (Richard Hooker and Francisco Suarez), on nineteenth-and twentieth-century papal social thought, and on contemporary Christian Democratic political parties in Europe and Latin America. The volume concludes with "Contemporary Problems in Thomistic Ethics", which contains eight analyses of the influence of Aquinas's thought on modern debates on war, contraception, and abortion. 
Price: 14.00 AUD
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59 Tierney, Brian The Crisis of Church and State: 1050-1300 - with selected Documents
U.S.A. Prentice-Hall 0802067018 / 9780802067012 Reprint Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
212 pages. The Western concept of the separation of church and state - indeed, the idea of the modern state itself - grew out of a centuries-long struggle between the kings and popes of medieval Europe. Few controversies have so indelibly influenced the course of Western civilization, both past and present. "The Crisis of Church and State" brings to the cgntemporary reader the major documents of the prolonged debate, revealing the ideas behind the conflict and relating them to the practical politics of the medieval world. Among the items recorded here are Henry IV’s defiance of the papacy over the issue of lay investiture, the rise of the papacy to political power under “lawyer-pope” Innocent III, and Philip IV’s humiliation of Boniface VIII. The author, Brian Tierney, interprets these disputes and provides a clear narrative of church-state relations in the Middle Ages, explaining the issues that loomed so large before the men of the time. A clear narrative that presents and interprets the major documents of the centuries-long struggle between kings and popes of medieval Europe over the separation of church and state. Few controversies have so indelibly influenced the course of western civilization. A 1980 reprint, originally published by Prentice-Hall in 1964. 
Price: 14.00 AUD
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God of Our Fathers? Do We Know What We Believe?, Vardy, Peter
60 Vardy, Peter God of Our Fathers? Do We Know What We Believe?
U.S.A. Darton, Longman & Todd 1987 0232517169 / 9780232517163 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
124 indexed pages. Many ordinary people say that they believe in God, but what does this mean? What does it mean to talk of miracles, prayer, eternal life, religious experience, the problem of evil and even atheism? Theologians and philosophers have different ideas, but these are rarely explained in straightforward and easy-to-understand language. The programme 'The Sea of Faith' and the reaction to the Bishop of Durham's views have shown that these issues are of vital concern to many people today. Peter Vardy sets out for the ordinary reader the alternative ways that people can talk about God and their significance for many of the areas of central concern. The overriding aim of the book is clarity without over-simplification. It should appeal to laymen, to clergy who want to bring themselves up-to-date with current thinking on central areas of faith, to students and, indeed, to anyone interested in what believers believe. Professor Frederick Copleston writes: 'This book is clearly intended to stimulate personal reflection on important themes, and to provide a possible basis for discussion. It should prove to be of real help to students and teachers of philosophy of religion.' Professor Stewart Sutherland (Editor of 'Religious Studies') writes: 'inevitably talk of God stretches words and thoughts to the limits, but that is no excuse for lack of clarity where clarity is possible. This book should help laymen and women to think clearly about these matters.' Dr Don Cupitt writes: 'The current debate about the idea of God is difficult for non-specialists to follow. Peter Vardy comes to the rescue with a very helpful introduction.' 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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