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Cooking - Food

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Cooking - Food

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Bean There, Drunk That ... the Definitive Guide to Coffee and the World of the Barista, David gee; Matthew Gee
21 David gee; Matthew Gee Bean There, Drunk That ... the Definitive Guide to Coffee and the World of the Barista
Australia Blue Wave Coffee 2004 097516810X / 9780975168103 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
128 pages including b/w illustrations and bibliographical references. A book designed for everyone who enjoys coffee It covers everything from: the history of coffee; growing, harvesting and roasting coffee; coffee freshness; the grinder; the espresso machine; frothing milk; pouring the different coffees; home espresso machines; getting and keeping a job as a barista. This book concentrates on the production of excellent gourmet coffee and the authors, being barista teachers themselves, convey this in a way that is both easy to read and entertaining. Simply put, bean there, drunk that...is the perfect manual for the barista, the aficionado or even the shameless coffee snob! "These guys are the first ones to admit that coffee isn't rocket science. This book's not insulting but practical and that s what being a barista is all about. - Amanda Morris, barista, Fortitude Valley, QLD "A damn good read. It's given me much more fodder for our dinner parties." - Joan Burnham-Dare, 38 year-old mother of two, Bronte, NSW "This book is coffee viagra. After two years in the cupboard, my Krups is now making several great cups of coffee a day." - Tim Gravino, domestic coffee lover, Broome, WA "Move over Obi- Wan...Matt and Dave are my new spiritual guides." - Ben Jacobs, barista, Byron Bay, NSW. 
Price: 15.00 AUD
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What do I feed my baby: a step-by-step guide to starting solids / Leanne Cooper, Davidoff, Nadine
22 Davidoff, Nadine What do I feed my baby: a step-by-step guide to starting solids / Leanne Cooper
Australia Cadence Health 2009 0980366801 / 9780980366808 2nd Edition Soft Cover Very Good Folio 
8o pages including colour illustrations. Starting solids, like so many decisions in parenting, can be a minefield, especially when advice can be contradictory. "WHAT DO I FEED MY BABY?" is a step-by-step guide on how to introduce solids, with day-by-day ideas that then progress to meal plans. Written by a mother of two and leading childhood nutritionist, this book will guide you through: when to start and with which meal - what foods to start with - how much to give baby - when to progress onto more meals - how to introduce foods to reduce reactions and fussy eating. Leanne Cooper, BA (Psych/Ed); Dip. Nut.; Grad Cert Higher Ed.; Grad Cert Nut., has worked in education and health for over twenty years. 
Price: 19.00 AUD
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Are You Poisoning Your Family? The facts about the foods we Eat, Davis, Damien
23 Davis, Damien Are You Poisoning Your Family? The facts about the foods we Eat
Australia Lamont Pub 1992 1875630023 / 9781875630028 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Good 12mo 
96 pages including bibliography. 
Price: 9.50 AUD
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Essential Olive Oil Companion, Dolomore, Anne
24 Dolomore, Anne Essential Olive Oil Companion
Australia Pan Macmillan 1999 0732910129 / 9780732910129 Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo Madeleine David 
159 indexed pages including colour illustrations. The healthy benefits of olive oil have been enjoyed for centuries throughout the Mediterranean but only recently are they being appreciated worldwide. In fact, references to the olive are found in the Bible, the Koran and in the ancient histories of Greece, Italy and Egypt. The oil of the olive has always been regarded for its medicinal qualities, and it has played a significant role in the history, economy and cookery in the countries where the olive is grown. This history and practical compendium to olive oil explains how the olives are cultivated, harvested and the oil extracted, explores the mystique surrounding the precious liquid, and gives over 100 recipes from around the world showing how best to use it. 
Price: 12.50 AUD
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Chef Robert vous presente... A collection of 20 gourmet Menus, Dubois, Robert
25 Dubois, Robert Chef Robert vous presente... A collection of 20 gourmet Menus
Australia Robert Dubois Productions 1981 0959375708 / 9780959375701 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
191 indexed pages including colour illustrations. 20 full menuswith colour plates, sorbets, petits fours, vegetables, smoking and stocks. 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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Low to No Additives: Family Favourites: A Few Changes Today Could Make the Difference in the Health of Your Children Tomorrow, Dyer, Olivia; Fulvio, Bridy
26 Dyer, Olivia; Fulvio, Bridy Low to No Additives: Family Favourites: A Few Changes Today Could Make the Difference in the Health of Your Children Tomorrow
Australia Olivia Dyer Bridy Fulvio 2007 0646484931 / 9780646484938 Reprint Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
207 indexed pages. The essential information about what's in your food, what additives you should avoid and over 120 delicious recipes to help you achieve this. Are you worried about hyperactivity or other behavioural problems in your children? Do you suffer from skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis? Do you suffer from allergies or other reactions? Do you wish to improve your child's behaviour? Are you pregnant and concerned for the well being of your unborn child? Have you developed sensitivities during your pregnancy. Has your child been diagnosed with ADHD or do they have learning difficulties? Are the increased rates of autism, anaphylaxis (life threatening allergic reaction) a concern for you? Do you react or show sensitivity to certain foods and don't know why? Do you have a family history of cancer? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to start cooking with additive free food, making safe family meals using the recipes in the low to no additives family favourite recipe book. A few changes today could make the difference in the health and well-being of your family tomorrow. Over 120 Low To No Additive Family Favourite Recipes, including Sticky Date Pudding, Mild Chicken Curry and Chocolate Mousse. More than just a cookbook! A resource for keeping your loved ones safe from potentially harmful additives in our food. Included in this edition, is an easy to use shopping list, an alphabetical and numeric guide to food additives, with an effects list. 
Price: 18.00 AUD
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Kids Cooking Activities, Egan, Cecilia; Alger, Elizabeth
27 Egan, Cecilia; Alger, Elizabeth Kids Cooking Activities
Australia Pancake Press 1996 033035745X / 9780330357456 Reprint Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
72 indexed pages including illustrations. This is a book for children of all ages. The recipes are fun and delicious, and range from the very simple to the more advanced. Younger children, even those of pre-school age, can use a blunt, broad-bladed knife for spreading sandwiches; an activity they usually love. With a little help from grown-ups, they can even mix and pour the 'no-bake' recipes. Primary school children who can use a sharp knife safely can cut up fruit and vegetables to make the interesting and healthful salads. Older children, teenagers and beyond, will enjoy using the stove or electric mixer to make the rest of the recipes in this book. Kidís cookery, in addition to being an absorbing and educational activity, can also be rewarding for the rest of the family when the food is ready to be eaten! 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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Vegetarian Mother and Baby Book, Elliot, Rose
28 Elliot, Rose Vegetarian Mother and Baby Book
U. K. Fontana Press 1984 0006367550 / 9780006367550 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
223 indexed pages. A collection of healthy vegetarian dishes for both mother and child are contained in this book written by one of Britain's most famous writers on vegetarian cookery who is also author of "Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking", "Your Very Good Health" and "Not Just A Load of Old Lentils". Concern for a properly balanced, nutritious diet becomes pre-eminent for pregnant women, and for a vegetarian, finding suggestions can be difficult. This book offers everything parents need to maintain a healthy, delicious, and easy vegetarian diet. In fact, if youíre a vegetarian, and youíre pregnant or planning to start a family, youíll naturally want to know how your diet can supply all the nutrients that you and your growing baby need. Rose Elliot, Britain's leading expert on vegetarian food, provides all the information you'll need to know about vegetarian nutrition before conception, during pregnancy and while breast-feeding, and about how to wean your baby on to a vegetarian diet. She explains fully and clearly the nutritional value of all basic foods, and provides an extensive range of recipes for you and your baby up to the age of two. An experienced mother herself, she is also able to offer a mass of homely advice and information about every aspect of motherhood and baby care. This is the perfect book for all mums and mums-to-be who Want to produce and care for a healthy baby the vegetarian way. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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The banana Book, Enevoldson, Stella
29 Enevoldson, Stella The banana Book
Australia The Big Banana Stapled Cover Good Large 12mo 
Price: 17.00 AUD
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The Teenager's Survival Cookbook, Farriss, Jake
30 Farriss, Jake The Teenager's Survival Cookbook
Australia Macmillan 2003 0330364448 / 9780330364447 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
87 indexed pages including illustrations. Here are recipes for every occasion, from Toblerone coffee and apple tart to pin-wheel pizzas, simple ingredients turned into delicious, filling food. Jake Farriss is fifteen years old, loves playing his guitar as well as cooking and eating and lives with mother, Beth and father, Tim, a member of INXS. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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The Unknown Chef: As Not Seen on TV, Flombay, Mandy
31 Flombay, Mandy The Unknown Chef: As Not Seen on TV
Australia New Holland 2006 1741105412 / 9781741105414 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
95 pages including b/w illustrations. Are you looking for a cookbook with innovative recipes, beautiful photography and a wealth of charming stories about family, friends and exotic travels? If you are, then I'd suggest you put this book down and walk away very slowly! Otherwise, join Mandy for a no-nonsense approach to time in the kitchen. Learn about cooking without expensive, impossible to find ingredients and lah-de-dah foodie photos. Some of the recipes include Pretty Bloody Obvious Chicken Burger, Glam Lamb Salad, Out of the Oven and into the Blender Pumpkin Soup, Blokey Curried Casserole and much more. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Skinny Bitch in the Kitch: Kick-Ass Recipes for Hungry Girls Who Want to Stop Cooking Crap (and Start Looking Hot!), Freire, Paulo
32 Freire, Paulo Skinny Bitch in the Kitch: Kick-Ass Recipes for Hungry Girls Who Want to Stop Cooking Crap (and Start Looking Hot!)
U.S.A. Running Press 2007 0762431067 / 9780762431069 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
192 indexed pages. Quit your bitching they've heard you already! You read Skinny Bitch and it totally rocked your world. Now you want to know, "What can I cook that's good for me, but doesn't taste like crap?" Well, lucky for you, the Bitches are on the case. Self-proclaimed pigs, Rory and Kim understand all too well: Life without lasagna isn't a life worth living; chocolate cake is vital to our survival; and no one can live without mac 'n cheese-no one. So can you keep to your SB standards and eat like a whale? Shit yeah, bitches. To prove it, Rory and Kim came up with some kick-ass recipes for every craving there is: Bitchin' Breakfasts PMS (Pissy Mood Snacks) Sassy Soups and Stews Grown-up Appetizers Comfort Cookin' Hearty Ass Sandwiches Happy Endings (Desserts) And a ton more! They are all so good (and easy to make) you're gonna freak out. Seriously. What are you waiting for? Get your skinny ass in the kitchen! 
Price: 9.50 AUD
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Book of Thyme, French, Jackie
33 French, Jackie Book of Thyme
Australia Angus & Robertson 1993 0207178550 / 9780207178559 1st Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 12mo 
48 pages including colour illustrations. Thyme is an evergreen herb with culinary, medicinal and ornamental uses. This book celebrates the unique properties, aromas and uses of thyme. Beginning with the mythology and folklore, it outlines culinary, homoeopathic, craft-based and even magical uses of this herb. It also contains information on cultivation, propagation and storage. 
Price: 8.00 AUD
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Fascinating History of Your Lunch, French, Jackie
34 French, Jackie Fascinating History of Your Lunch
Australia HarperCollins Pub 2002 0207197504 / 9780207197505 Reprint Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
181 indexed pages. An historical look at food and the food from right around the world. Who invented cheese? Or bread or margarine? Where did lettuce and tomato plants originally come from? The plants we eat nowadays come from all over the world and the way we cook and eat them also come from many different cultures. Apples travelled with the Romans, oranges with the Muslim armies and chocolate started off as ancient Aztec coins. The history of food is the history of the world - the Spanish conquistadors conquered the South American Aztec empire and brought home the bitter beans that would eventually become chocolate. They also brought potatoes and chillies with them. Wars, famines and revolutions bring people from one country to another and they bring their favourite food, too. The most important things to learn from history are how people once lived and thought and how that has led to the world we know today. And one of the most interesting ways of understanding history is to look at what we eat. Ages 10+. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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Japanese, Fukushima, Shunsuke
35 Fukushima, Shunsuke Japanese
Australia New Holland 2004 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
63 indexed pages including colour illustrations. A collection of delicious home-style recipes from Japan. Whether you want to learn how to create a tasty miso soup or make the perfect donburi, 'Japanese' will show you the secrets to preparing simple, satisfying, authentic Japanese dishes in your own kitchen. Features: Simple cooking directions; Easy to follow food preparation instructions; Clear, practical photographs; An illustrated ingredients list. Simple cooking directions, with easy-to-follow preparation instructions and ingredients glossary; photos for every recipe. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Margaret Fulton's Book of One Pot Cooking, Fulton, Margaret
36 Fulton, Margaret Margaret Fulton's Book of One Pot Cooking
Australia 0ctopus 1985 0706421248 / 9780706421248 Reprint Glossy Pictorial Hard Cover Good 12mo 
95 pages. An Aussie icon, Margaret Fulton has long been credited with changing the way Australians eat. Her goal with this book is to challenge people to discover simple, nutritious and delicious cooking with just "One Pot Cooking". 
Price: 11.00 AUD
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Margaret Fulton: A Celebration, Gibbs, Suzanne; Newton, John; Bilson, Gay; Santich, Barbara
37 Gibbs, Suzanne; Newton, John; Bilson, Gay; Santich, Barbara Margaret Fulton: A Celebration
Australia National Library of Australia 2007 0642276595 / 9780642276599 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
46 pages. Margaret Fulton, well-known food writer was celebrated in 2007. Her career spans more than 50 years and she is the author of more than 25 cookbooks with more than tour million of her cookbooks sold worldwide. Margaret Fulton's passion for cooking and desire to make good food widely accessible has earned her a reputation as Australia's best known and most loved writer about food. This volume of four essays, which also includes recipes for some other favourite dishes, recognises Margaret's dedication to her profession spanning a career of more than 50 years. It celebrates her contribution to Australia's culinary heritage, including the impact of her recipes on generations of Australians and the well-deserved respect of her peers. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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Low Fat Family Food on a Budget, Gold, Lee
38 Gold, Lee Low Fat Family Food on a Budget
Australia Jane Curry Pub 2004 1920727051 / 9781920727055 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
128 pages. Feeding your family healthy, economical meals can seem like a never-ending task - with the same meals appearing week after week. If this is your problem, then Low-fat Family Food on a Budget is the answer. With 100 new low-fat recipes, this book is full of clever tasty ways to feed the family that stretch each dollar further. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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The Original Australian & New Zealand Fish Cookbook (Penguin Handbooks), Goode, John; Willson, Carol
39 Goode, John; Willson, Carol The Original Australian & New Zealand Fish Cookbook (Penguin Handbooks)
Australia Penguin Books 1981 0140465197 / 9780140465198 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
160 pages including drawings. All the information you need about eighty types of fish commonly caught in Australian and New Zealand waters and 280 recipes. 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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Celebrate! with Food and Wine: Great Recipes for a Year of Feasting and Festivities, Heywood, Victoria et al
40 Heywood, Victoria et al Celebrate! with Food and Wine: Great Recipes for a Year of Feasting and Festivities
Australia The Slattery Media Group 2011 1921778423 / 9781921778421 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
207 indexed pages including b/w and colour illustrations. Fill your year with food and feasting with this collection of celebratory meals, party food and sweet treats for a range of special occasions. From Easter to Christmas, birthdays to anniversaries, and every occasion in between, you'll find dishes from across the world to help you put together the perfect menu for family and friends. With traditional meals that have been served up for centuries, to elegant modern takes on celebration staples, many recipes come with an introductory paragraph explaining the history and cultural relevance of the dish, as well as where to source hard-to-find ingredients and serving suggestions. Chapters include Australia Day (which features a mouthwatering range of seafood and BBQ dishes) Halloween (a collection of gruesome party treats that are perfect to prepare with children, such as Slime Punch and Meringue Bones) and International Celebrations (from St Patrick's Day and Thanksgiving to beer-fuelled Oktoberfest dishes). Space is also given to Mother's and Father's Days, as well as Easter and religious feasts from around the world.Recipes also feature tips on what to serve with each dish and include suggestions for complementary grape varieties and styles of wines. CELEBRATE! is the perfect resource for party-planners, with inspiring and sometimes unusual offerings guaranteed to delight your guests. 
Price: 17.00 AUD
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