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Regional Planning in Australia: A History of Progress and Review of Regional Planning Activities Through the Commonwealth
1 Regional Planning in Australia: A History of Progress and Review of Regional Planning Activities Through the Commonwealth
Australia Commonwealth Department of Post-War Reconstruction 1949 1st Edition Hard Cover Very Good 8vo 
103 pages including a folded large coloured map of Australia. The Commonwealth of Australia first directed its attention toward regional Australia as a specific policy concern under PM John Curtin and the Minister for Post-War Construction and later PM Ben Chifley. Underlying socio-economic policy objectives included the utilisation of natural resources, defence imperatives and urban decentralisation. A plan for regional infrastructure and resource development arose through a series of Commonwealth/state conferences, culminating in 1949 with the publication of Regional Planning in Australia by the Commonwealth Department of Post-War Reconstruction. Under the CDPWR, the nation was divided into almost 100 regions leading to, in many instances, the establishment of ‘regional development committees’ (RDCs) that were expected to prepare resource inventories and regional plans ‘directed towards the full development of the region’s resources in order to maintain the maximum population. CONTENTS: PREFACE. PART ONE: CHAPTER ONE - THE GROWTH OF THE REGIONAL PLANNING ORGANIZATION. CHAPTER TWO - REGIONAL PLANNING ADMINISTRATION. CHAPTER THREE - SURVEYS AND PLANNING. PART TWO: CHAPTER FOUR - COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA. CHAPTER FIVE - COMMONWEALTH - STATE PRO]ECTS. CHAPTER SIX - NEW SOUTH WALES. CHAPTER SEVEN - VICTORIA. CHAPTER EIGHT - QUEENSLAND. CHAPTER NINE - SOUTH AUSTRALIA. CHAPTER TEN - WESTERN AUSTRALIA. CHAPTER ELEVEN - TASMANIA. 
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Heroes and Exiles Gay Icons Through the Ages, Ambrose, Tom
2 Ambrose, Tom Heroes and Exiles Gay Icons Through the Ages
U. K. New Holland 2010 1847734685 / 9781847734686 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
216 indexed pages. Demonised by the Church throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, homosexuals became the scapegoats of society, constantly facing exile or a brutal death. In "Heroes to Exiles", the human cost of this long exile is told through the lives of the most eminent homosexual men and women in history. Some were artists like the wild living Benvenuto Cellini or the repressed Edward Lear. Others were poets such as Thomas Gray, W. H. Auden or novelists such as Henry James and A. J. Symonds. Their places of refuge changed through the centuries from Italy in the 18th, to Paris in the 19th and Berlin, California and Tangier in the 20th. Some experiences were tragic, like those of William Beckford, Lord Byron or Oscar Wilde, and some were triumphant, like the remarkable story of the Ladies of Llangollen who became the most famous lesbians in Europe. Often treated with outright suspicion, homosexuals were targets for the totalitarian dictatorships of the 20th century. As such they were consigned in their tens of thousands to exile in Siberia or to the Nazi death camps. Even when peace returned after World War II most democracies still proscribed homosexual behaviour, forcing the Americans Paul Bowles and James Baldwin to seek exile in Europe and North Africa. Today the tolerance of Ancient Greece has returned to most Western societies although homosexuals are still persecuted in some Islamic countries such as Iran. In "Heroes to Exiles", Tom Ambrose asks if we have finally realised that sexual orientation is as irrelevant to character and achievement as gender and skin colour and if the long exile has ended. 
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The Karma of Culture, Arasanayagam, Jean
3 Arasanayagam, Jean The Karma of Culture
Canada Trafford Pub 2005 1412050790 / 9781412050791 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
xxi + 150 pages. This book provides a thoughtful approach to some important and highly topical questions on what constitutes Australia's nationhood. It appeals to academics, public servants, students, and many members of the general public. Culture is ubiquitous. Culture is all-pervasive. Many (mainly Asian) immigrants take into white host nations strongly divergent, and historically durable, cultural stances and practices. In the migrant-receiving countries of the Western world, the core issue of a conflict between a sustained attempt by such immigrants to retain their cultures and the osmotic force of equal opportunity offering an earlier and smoother integration into the values and mores of the host people bobs up and down in the seas of social policy. Cultural diversity can therefore be de-stabilising to a hitherto cohesive society. The national identity which had evolved through the merging of culturally compatible tribes and peoples can now be seen to be threatened. Whilst this book is about Australia, the issues raised have relevance for all immigrant-receiving nations. One's culture provides the template for dealing with life. Its base is laid in childhood, through the values imposed by family and community. The cultural practices of one's tribe reinforce these values and associated perceptions. The impacts of nurture (experience) upon nature (inheritance), as one passes through life, are filtered through this network of cultural values. A conditioned belief among some in the West that a human zygote equates to a human being, contrasting with an older Asian belief that the human soul enters a baby's body at or after birth, is reflective of divergent cultural values. The need for immigrants to reconcile their inherited cultural values and associated practices with the predominant values and practices of their adopted nation-state can create stresses on both cultures. The issues which arise from this cross-cultural impact are those of: equal opportunity; whether a unified people can arise from a wide tribal diversity; individualism vs the collective (the family), ie whether the individual or the family unit has priority in terms of rights and responsibilities; the definition of family, and its role in society; cultural hegemony and political sovereignty in a globalising nation-state; the place of the Creator in modern life; and whether Australia's 'fair-go' social and policy ethos needs an infusion of Asian values. 
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Understanding the Witness of the Holy Spirit, Back, Wayne
4 Back, Wayne Understanding the Witness of the Holy Spirit
Australia Christian City Church Canberra 1999 0646374001 / 9780646374000 1st Edition 1st Printing Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
139 pages. It is the normal Christian experience to be led by the Holy Spirit. This book will help you develop confidence from the Scriptures to follow the leadings that the Holy Spirit is giving you.It covers key issues like developing a relationship with the Holy Spirit, clearing your internal pathways, recognising spiritual sensations and knowing when to use the various gifts of the Spirit. The chapter titles are: The Holy Spirit is a Person; The Spirit of Man; Conscience: A Pathway from Spirit to Soul; Desire - Pathway from Spirit to spirit; Understanding the Witness; Putting the Witness in Perspective; Renewing the Soul; Spiritual Sensations; The Ways of God; The Spirit of Error; The Gifts of the Spirit; The Power Gifts; The Knowledge Gifts; The Vocal Gifts. Wayne Back is an organisational consultant who has a specific interest in helping Christians follow their calling in the business world. He is the founder and Managing Director of Management Training Australia and Organisational Development International. He was converted as a result of a powerful experience of the Holy Spirit whilst doing research in atomic physics at the University of Western Australia. He has been a minister in Christian City Churches in Canberra and Melbourne, Australia for 20 years, serving as a Senior Minister for 13 years and Executive Pastor for 5 years. During this time he started several churches and ministry training colleges and well as managed the staff of one of Melbourne’s largest churches. He is also the author of the book 'Building Spiritual Enterprises'. 
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The Broken Jug: After Heinrich Von Kleist, Banville, John
5 Banville, John The Broken Jug: After Heinrich Von Kleist
Ireland Gallery Press 1994 1852351454 / 9781852351458 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
84 pages. This is novelist Banville's first venture for the stage, a free translation of a work by Heinrich von Kleist. The setting is changed from Germany to the famine-stricken Ballybog of 1846 western Ireland in this cleverly calculated comedy about a corrupt magistrate who is forced to preside over a trial for a crime he himself has committed. William John Banville is an Irish novelist, adapter of dramas, and screenwriter. There is a name in the front fly. Moderate wear. The word Adam in all Judge Adam names are highlighted in pink colour. 
Price: 28.00 AUD
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Athletes, triathletes & healthy Bodies, Batten, Noel
6 Batten, Noel Athletes, triathletes & healthy Bodies
Australia Vitality Pub 1996 0958687102 / 9780958687102 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
74 pages including b/w illustrations. Whilst this book reveals some of the secrets of the super athlete, in its entirety it will assist many others to realize their individual goals of fitness health happiness and longevity. My understanding of the advanced procedures of health and ?tness began at the age of 13 when I suffered from an illness that put me into a coma for several days. Instead of studying for school grades as a teenager, I found myself studying for survival, using books written by exceptional athletes, doctors who accepted the principals of both eastern and western medicine and that unbelievable minority of people who have healed themselves of disease such as cancer. The anguish that my personal crisis caused, changed my whole outlook on life, and exposed principles of the connection between mind and body that allowed me to understand some of our mysteries of life. My learning process not only led me to success over illness, but also exposed secrets that led to super ?tness and strength, enabling me to enjoy national success as an athlete (the author). Contents: My Personal Trauma; My First Discovery (Oxygen); My Second Discovery (Emotions); My Third Discovery (Hormones); Emotions, Breathing and Visualisation; The Importance of Oxygen Reserves; The Hormone that Destroys Our Breathing; The Three Lung Actions; The Effects of gisualisation; Mind Requests; Visualisation to Assist Triathletes; Goal Setting and the Hormonal Effect; Endorphins and Hypnosis; The Hormone that slows us down and encourages us to put on weight; The Gradual increase of hormonal response; The Importance of Sensitivity; The Wrist Pulse Variation Test; Our Natural Make-up; The Unrealised Healing Potential of Blood Flow Exercising; The Nature Within Us; Understanding Digestion and Energy; The Importance of Natural Glucose and Insulin; Hormones and Energy; Alternative Exercising to Assist the Triathlete; The Best Method of Breathing During Weight Training; The Lung Efficiency Exercise. 
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The Secret of Candlestick Charting: Strategies for Tading the Australian Markets, Bedford, Louise
7 Bedford, Louise The Secret of Candlestick Charting: Strategies for Tading the Australian Markets
Australia Wrightbooks 2012 187662728X / 9781876627287 1st Edition Soft Cover Good Large 8vo 
iv + 176 indexed pages including illustrations, tables and bibliographical references. Most traders on the ASX are familiar with line and bar charts, but there has never before been a book written in Australia on the ancient Japanese art of candlestick charting. Louise Bedford, author of the highly successful The Secret of Writing Options, writes in a clear, concise way and uses plenty of examples to help readers understand candlesticks and use them to profitably trade the markets. Table of Contents: Part I - Candlestick Pattern Secrets 1 Let's Get Started 2 Single-Line Candle Reversal Patterns 3 Two-Line Candle reversal Patterns 4 Three-Line Candle Reversal Patterns 5 Trading Concepts and Continuation Patterns Part II - Analysis Secrets 6 Candles and Gaps 7 Support and Resistance 8 Western Techniques and Candles 9 Share Stages Part III - Trading Secrets 10 A Kindred Spirit 11 Seven Golden Candlestick Rules Further Reading Glossary. Louise Bedford has degrees in Psychology and Business from Monash University. She trades full-time from her home in Melbourne and is a regular speaker on the subject. She conducts workshops and seminars throughout Australia and is the author of the top-selling books, The Secret of Writing Options, Trading Secrets and Charting Secrets. 
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Hindu Nationalism: Origins, Ideologies and Modern Myths, Bhatt, Chetan
8 Bhatt, Chetan Hindu Nationalism: Origins, Ideologies and Modern Myths
United Kingdom Berg Pub 2001 1859733484 / 9781859733486 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
232 indexed pages. The rise of authoritarian Hindu mass movements and political formations in India since the early 1980s raises fundamental questions about the resurgence of chauvinistic ethnic, religious and nationalist movements in the late modern period. This book examines the history and ideologies of Hindu nationalism and Hindutva from the end of the last century to the present, and critically evaluates the social and political philosophies and writings of its main thinkers. Hindu nationalism is based on the claim that it is an indigenous product of the primordial and authentic ethnic and religious traditions of India. The book argues instead that these claims are based on relatively recent ideas, frequently related to western influences during the colonial period. These influences include eighteenth and nineteenth century European Romantic and Enlightenment rationalist ideas preoccupied with archaic primordialism, evolution, organicism, vitalism and race. As well as considering the ideological impact of National Socialism and Fascism on Hindu nationalism in the 1930s, the book also looks at how Aryanism continues to be promoted in unexpected forms in contemporary India. Using a wide range of historical and contemporary sources, the author considers the consequences of Hindu nationalist resurgence in the light of contemporary debates about minorities, secular citizenship, ethics and modernity. 
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Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive, Bogan, David; Davies, Keith
9 Bogan, David; Davies, Keith Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive
Australia HarperCollins New Zealand 2007 186950626X / 9781869506261 Reprint Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
272 pages. Avoid retirement and stay alive is the simple message behind this potentially life-changing book. The authors' basic premise is that retirement is notion to be banished from all sensible conversation and promotes the idea that no one should retire and no one should want to retire. Quite apart from the economic reality that our respective Governments can't possible afford the retirement we all expected when we started our working lives. Instead they say we should look at rearranging our lives to suit our changing circumstances, but allow no room for the idea of a use-by date when we stop and vegetate - because that's when we die, usually of boredom. A hard-hitting look at the Western economic history of retirement and how it has no place in the modern world, the authors provide case studies and a workable blueprint for changing our expectations and our plans for the second half of our working lives. With practical, pragmatic and accessible text,, the book will be illustrated throughout with line drawings, pull out quotes and bullet-pointed text summaries. 
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Any Guru Will Do: A Modern Man's Search for Meaning, Brown, Philip L.
10 Brown, Philip L. Any Guru Will Do: A Modern Man's Search for Meaning
Australia Univ of Queensland Pr 2006 0702235423 / 9780702235429 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
204 pages. A humorous look at a usually lofty and intimidating topic the meaning of life this book documents one man's uphill journey to enlightenment. Explaining the attractions (and pitfalls) of a pick-and-choose approach, the discussion covers Eastern and Western beliefs, all the while elucidating their practices through personal anecdotes. An attack of existentialism, a dogged attempt to discover God through poetry, a doomed holiday at a health farm, and time spent at a ritual Egyptian dance workshop are some of the instructive stories offered, complete with such odd characters as a saffron-turbaned Dadaji, the poet Les Murray, and a Catholic priest who stops taking the author's calls. Phil Brown's life has been one long existential crisis. His path to enlightenment has been uphill - think of climbing Everest with a colonic irrigation or two along the way. Join Phil as he searches for meaning in the most unlikely places. Phil's journey begins inauspiciously when he is carted out of a health farm on a stretcher - good food and vigorous exercise apparently weren't a clever idea for a man with a stomach ulcer and a fear of vegans. Once back from the emergency ward, Phil gingerly dips his toes into a variety of experiences, from speaking in tongues to a ritual Egyptian dance workshop, not to mention meaning-of-life seminars and meditation. With a cast of curious characters including Guru Bubba John, Les Murray and a dial-a-clairvoyant, not to mention Phil himself, this hilarious book will have you doubled up with laughter. Settle yourself into the lotus position, grab a cup of peppermint tea, and enjoy the ride. 
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Contemporary literary theory and the reading of poetry, Buchbinder, David
11 Buchbinder, David Contemporary literary theory and the reading of poetry
Australia Macmillan 1991 0732905087 / 9780732905088 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
x + 148 indexed pages. The last two decades have seen an unprecedented flourishing in the field of theory, whether literary, social or cultural. Many of these theories present a significant obstacle to the student of literature, who may be daunted on the one hand by their sheer richness and complexity, and on the other by their typical density of expression and style. Moreover, many current theories focus on narrative genres, to the virtual exclusion of poetry, once central to the writing of theory and its application. Contemporary Literary Theory and the Reading of Poetry addresses these issues, firstly by exploring the nature and use of theory in the reading of literary texts, explaining that no reading of a work of literature can be innocent, that all readings are framed, implicitly or explicitly, by a theory of some kind. Second, the book outlines and explores six important and current theories or types of theory: "Anglo-American New Criticism, structuralism, deconstruction, Russian Formalism, historicism (including, among others, Marxist, Bakhtinian and Foucauldian theory), and gender theory. Contemporary Literary Theory and the Reading of Poetry situates these historically and conceptually in relation to one another. Third, it shows how each theory or type of theory works by reading sample poems according to the approach of each theory. This book thus supplies the need of many a student of literature for material that both explicates conte_mporary theory and illustrates it, with specific reference, in this instance to poetry. Lucid and accessible in style, Contemporary Literary Theory and the Reading of Poetry is an invaluable text for the student interested in learning about current literary theory and how it can be usefully applied. David Buchbinder is a senior lecturer in the School of Communication and Cultural Studies at Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia. Though he has written widely on literature, film and television, and culture, he is perhaps best known for his work on men, masculinities and male sexualities, in which field he has, in addition to many journal articles and book chapters, published three books: Masculinities and Identities (1994), Performance Anxieties: Re-producing Masculinity (1998) and Studying Men and Masculinities (2012). 
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Philosophical Explorations: Freedom, God, and Goodness, Cahn, Steven
12 Cahn, Steven Philosophical Explorations: Freedom, God, and Goodness
USA Prometheus Books 1989 0879754877 / 9780879754877 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
231 pages. This distinctive blending of an original, easy-to-read monograph with selections from primary sources in the history of philosophy will fill a unique niche in the libraries of both professionals and interested readers. Well-written and accessible introductions to philosophy are difficult to find, but Dr. Cahn has remedied this by offering fascinating discussions of three of the most talked about topics in Western thought: free will, the existence of God, and the reasonableness of value judgments. Each subject is presented in a form that maximizes clarity and readability. Fourteen selections from primary sources assist in amplifying the issues raised and, in doing so, illustrate a wide range of philosophical perspectives. Steven Cahn is provost and professor of philosophy at the graduate school of the City University of New York. 
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The Five Seasons: Tap Into Nature's Secrets for Health, Happiness, and Harmony, Cardillo, Joseph
13 Cardillo, Joseph The Five Seasons: Tap Into Nature's Secrets for Health, Happiness, and Harmony
U.S.A. New Page Books 2013 1601632584 / 9781601632586 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
224 pages. This book is a simple yet effective code for optimizing the way you live. Based on the five universal seasons from traditional Chinese medicine as well as on Western psychology, This book will teach you how to use the rising and falling energies of nature's seasons to train your mind and body to feel relaxed, energized, and content all year long. The formula is simple: change the way you process nature's energies and you will change your life. You will learn new, natural, and fun ways to: Boost your alertness; Increase relaxation; Know when conflict is beneficial; Relieve boredom; Deal with the ebb and flow of other people; Fight off mood swings and depression; Strengthen your decision making; Increase and pool your physical strength; Stay healthier; Nurture your spirit; Live creatively. 
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Understanding the Australian Legal System, Carvan, John
14 Carvan, John Understanding the Australian Legal System
Australia Law Book Co 2002 0455218145 / 9780455218144 4th Ed Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
176 indexed pages. This plain English primer to the language and structures of the Australian legal system is an excellent text for first-time students or those in other disciplines requiring a clear and concise introduction to Australian law. Designed as preliminary reading, this book takes the intimidation out of a first encounter with the study of law. This fourth edition includes additional coverage of legal reasoning, case law and judicial decision-making and a new chapter on torts and the law of negligence. John Can/an has taught introductory and commercial law for many years at a number of institutions including University of Wollongong, University of Western Sydney, Australian School of Commerce and Management and TAFE. Contents: Studying Law; The Sources of Australian Law; The Law-Making Process; The Legal System; Precedent The Interpretation of tatutes; Contracts and Commercial Dealings; Torts and the Law of Negligence; Some Basic Legal Concepts. 
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Teaching Children with Special Needs: An Australian Perspective, Casey, Kevin
15 Casey, Kevin Teaching Children with Special Needs: An Australian Perspective
Australia Social Science Press 1994 0949218847 / 9780949218841 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
305 indexed pages. Teaching Children With Special Needs is a text for both student and practising teachers who are interested in improving the achievement and adjustment of children with special needs in the education system. The book aims to: acquaint students and teachers with the rich diversity of individual differences across the intellectual, physical, behavioural and communicative domains; provide up to date information on the policies, provisions and exemplar programmes in the support of children with special needs, that exist within the various states and territories of Australia; ¢ assist the regular class teacher with information and strategies, that might enhance both the academic and social inclusion of children with special needs into mainstream education. Kevin Casey is a Senior Lecturer in Education Studies at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia. He taught extensively in primary schools throughout the state and was principal of a special school for students with disabilities at a Commonwealth Rehabilitation Centre. He established the special education course at Claremont Teacher’s College and was later the coordinator of special education courses at the Western Australian College of Advanced Education. In recent years he has been involved in the development of a B .Ed. degree for teachers of the hearing impaired and the establishment of support services for students with disabilities at Edith Cowan University. His current research interest is the post-compulsory education of students with special needs. 
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Towards God: The Western Tradition of Contemplation, Casey, Michael
16 Casey, Michael Towards God: The Western Tradition of Contemplation
Australia Collins Doue 1989 0859247163 / 9780859247160 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
179 pages. An examination of Western mysticism, which describes the Christian traditions of contemplation dating back beyond the 15th century. The author also reveals his own inner experiences, and gives advice on entering prayer, and how to sustain a life based on prayer. 
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South West Tasmania: A Guide Book for Bushwalkers, Chapman, John
17 Chapman, John South West Tasmania: A Guide Book for Bushwalkers
Australia John Chapman 1990 0959612939 / 9780959612936 3rd Edition Soft Cover Very Good 8vo 
192 pages. The wilderness of South-West Tasmania provides some of Australia's most spectacular scenery and is a mecca for bush- walkers. Jagged peaks, massive cliffs, dark coloured lakes, open plains and deep gorges are intermingled with the forests and scrubs for which the region is also famous. Equally beautiful are the sandy beaches and traquil lagoons of the rugged coastline. Most of this magnificient country is preserved within the Westem Tasmania World Heritage Area with the South-West and Wild Rivers National Parks forming the bulk of the Heritage Area. Inside this book are found detailed track notes and information to all the popular routes and tracks within these parks. Some daywalks are included with the majority of the notes devoted to longer excursions through the region. Track notes included cover: Mt Anne Range; Federation Peak; Western Arthur Range; South Coast Track; South West Cape; Precipitous Bluff; Frankland Range; Frenchmans Cap; West Coast; Port Davey Track. 
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Shaky past: life, Parkinson's disease, recovery, winning against impossible odds!, Coleman, John C.
18 Coleman, John C. Shaky past: life, Parkinson's disease, recovery, winning against impossible odds!
Australia TB Books 2012 0987123858 / 9780987123855 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
236 pages including b/w illustrations. By August 1995, John Coleman had lost his power of speech and was wondering how he could go on living. Suffering symptoms of stage IV Parkinson’s disease and early stage Multi-system Atrophy, diagnosed by five medical and complementary practitioners, he was unable to walk more than five metres without assistance, and took up to an hour and a half to dress himself. Severely dissatisfied with the treatment and prognosis he received from western medical practitioners, John decided to pursue other pathways to health. With the aid of Homeopathy, Aqua Hydration Formulas, Bowen Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Flower Essences, Counselling, Meditation and Spiritual Development, John was completely symptom-free by April 1998. Shaky Past tells his story from birth, through Parkinson’s disease, recovery, and finding new happiness and meaning in life. Parts of the story may bring tears, sadness or anger; some will bring smiles or even laughter. Like all good stories, it has a happy ending Shaky Past is not intended as a text book for recovery from degenerative disorders. Rather, it is the story of an ordinary man who had an extraordinary adventure, and chooses to share that adventure with others. John now lives in rural Victoria with his wife, Nichol, conducts Naturopathic Clinics while continuing to assist other health practitioners and members of the public whenever he can, His first book. Stop Parkin’ and Start Livin’ - Reversing The Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, was published by Michelle Anderson in 2005 and has since been read in many countries. 
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Gifted and talented children: a teachers' Guide, Comerford, Tomand; Creed Keith
19 Comerford, Tomand; Creed Keith Gifted and talented children: a teachers' Guide
Australia Publications and Information Branch, Education Dept. of Victoria 1983 0724129804 / 9780724129805 Reprint Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 8vo 
92 pages designed to help teachers in secondary schols develop programs for gifted and talented children. Contents: Introduction; 1. Changing Conception of the Nature of Giftedness; 2. De?nition; 3. Characteristics of the Gifted and Talented; A. Fact or Fantasy; B. Traits Common to Gifted Children; C. Traits of Talented Children in Relation to Particular Talents; 4. Identification; A. Summary of Methods of Identifying Gifted and Talented Children; B. Standardised Aptitude and Achievement Tests; C. Examples of Check list Instruments; (a) Teacher Nomination - General; (b) Teacher Nomination - Subject Based; (c) Parent Nomination; (d) Peer Nomination; (e) Student Self-nomination; D. Which Tests for Which Children; E. One Way of Finding Your Gifted and Talented Children; F. Individual Student Summary Sheet; 5. Curriculum Provision; A. Problems of Dealing with Exceptional Children; B. Student Learning; C. Principles of Curriculum for the Gifted and Talented; D. Differentiated Learning; (a) Enrichment; (b) Acceleration; E. Differentiating the Curriculum for the Gifted and Talented; F. Organisational Forms a Program Might Take; G. Four Programs Operating in Victorian High Schools; H. Curriculum Framework - A Useful Summary Sheet; 6. Co-ordination, In-service Activities, and Evaluation; A. Role of the Co-ordinator; B. Gifted Children Program Checklist; C. Misconceptions and Concerns in Relation to Programs; for Gifted and Talented Students; D. Three Case Studies; E. Criteria for Teacher Selection; F. Understanding and Helping Parents; G. Community Resource Survey; H. Program Evaluation; 7. Resources and Materials; A. Organisations and Personnel; (a) Victoria; (b) Australian Capital Territory; (c) Northern Territory; (51) Queensland; (0) New South Wales; (D South Australia; (g) Tasmania; (h) Western Australia; B. Materials - Units of Work, Booklets. and Audio-visual Tapes; C. Publications; D. References; Glossary. Ex lib. 
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Exploring Women's Past, Crawford, Patricia (editors)
20 Crawford, Patricia (editors) Exploring Women's Past
Australia George Allen & Unwin 1984 0868616044 / 9780868616049 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
215 indexed pages. This is a book that calls into question some of the traditional notions of what history is all about. Five historians who happen to be feminists have chosen to write about women at various points in time across more than a thousand years and two continents. Medieval nuns in Europe. women in pre-industrial England, women in mid-nineteenth century Western Australia, spinsters in late Victorian England and prostitutes early this century are vividly portrayed and the forces which shaped their lives - and ours - are explored. As Margaret Ker says, ‘If we understand the forces which defeated them, are we not better equipped to avoid similar defeat? This is history at its best - accessible to all those who delight in the way glimpses of the intricate fabric of women's lives can illuminate both past and present. At the time of this book's conception the authors were all based in Western Australia and although they are now scattered throughout Australia they are still closely involved in research on women's history. The topics of their research are as diverse as the material in this book. They include research on working class women in the clothing and boot trades in Victoria, women in seventeenth century England and families in nineteenth century Australia. Table of Contents: Introduction Patricia Crawford ; Brides of Christ and poor mortals: women in medieval society Margaret Ker ; From the woman's view: pre-industrial England 1500--1750 Patricia Crawford ; "Helpmeet for man": women in mid-nineteenth century Western Australia Margaret Anderson ; Victorian spinsters: dutiful daughters, desperate rebels and the transition to the new women Patricia Jalland ; "As good a bloody woman as any other woman . . ." prostitutes in Western Australia 1895--1939 Raelene Davidson. 
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