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Fantasy Futures: The amazing new way to predict your future...and make it happen (Penguin Original), Adams, Jessica
1 Adams, Jessica Fantasy Futures: The amazing new way to predict your future...and make it happen (Penguin Original)
Australia Penguin 2002 0141001720 / 9780141001722 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 16mo 
189 pages. Can ordinary, non-psychic people really predict the choices they will face in the future? Yes - and here is how to make it all happen the way you want! Fantasy futures is based on a prediction system Jessica Adams created for her own use, as a way of combining everything I knew about tarot, astrology, and time. After relying on it for two years, she's ready to share it with the world. 
Price: 12.50 AUD
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Letting it Go: Attaining Awareness Out of Adversity (Attaining Awareness from Adversity), Aisbett, Bev
2 Aisbett, Bev Letting it Go: Attaining Awareness Out of Adversity (Attaining Awareness from Adversity)
Australia HarperCollins 1996 0732257298 / 9780732257293 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
136 pages including drawings on recognise self-limiting beliefs; improve our self-esteem ; change our negative attitudes; bene u-1279 t from fortuitous coincidences in our lives; improve our intimate relationships and learn to love and forgive others, andourselves. As a survivor of Panic Disorder, Bev Aisbett had a lot to live with. But she overcame her IT and has shared with us the secrets of her success in two previous books, Living With lT and Living lT Up. In this new book, Bev Aisbett shows us how we can use the strategies learned on her journey of self-discovery to achieve change and growth in our lives. Now Bev Aisbett has a lot to live for. And we can too! This book shows moderate wear and mild tanning. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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Fitter, Faster, Stronger, Smarter: Training for the Performance of Life, Banks, Miranda
3 Banks, Miranda Fitter, Faster, Stronger, Smarter: Training for the Performance of Life
Australia Wrightbooks 2011 073140663X / 9780731406630 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
214 indexed pages. Through her work as a performance psychologist with elite professional sportspeople, Miranda Banks knows the challenges faced by those striving to achieve. Enriched by real-life stories from high-performing people in sport and business, Fitter, Faster, Stronger, Smarter provides you with a cohesive and practical framework for reaching your full potential. Using a unique combination of performance psychology, mental-skills training and behavioural modification, Miranda will inspire you to bring out your best performances. Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder, play a better game of tennis or feel fulfilled and happy, FFSS provides you with strategies and a pathway for reaching your goals. 
Price: 15.00 AUD
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Painted Love Letters, Bateson, Catherine
4 Bateson, Catherine Painted Love Letters
Australia Univ of Queensland Pr 2002 0702232890 / 9780702232893 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
93 pages. And bigger than all that, I knew that sometimes you had to do the impossible, like eat oysters, or go shopping even when you could hardly breathe, because that is what people did when they truly loved one another, and it had nothing to do with freckles or anklebones or lipstick. Dave is dying. Chrissy, Mum, Nan and Badger are going to be left behind. Because sometimes life is like that. 
Price: 8.00 AUD
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Resolving the money riddle: how I went from sweet FA to $10 million a year in 18 Months, Blackburn, Paul
5 Blackburn, Paul Resolving the money riddle: how I went from sweet FA to $10 million a year in 18 Months
Australia Post Beyond Success Seminars 2008 0646504312 / 9780646504315 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
238 pages. Includes bibliographical references. In this groundbreaking work, Paul Blackburn explains the psychology he used to take his 25-year-old business from mediocre to massive almost overnight. You will learn: How to make a LOT of money by changing the reason why you work, rather than the job or the business; Why the law of attraction is just a theory - you need to know what to do AND then how to do it; How to surround yourself with the right people; What to do to achieve exponential gains; Why there is always a competitor getting better results than you, and what you can do about it. The real secret to financial freedom. This is more than a book. It’s a Full-blown learning program. Use your unique bar code (hidden in the book) to log onto www dot resolvingthemoneyriddle dot com to hear individual supplementary lessons on each chapter, presented by the author. You'll receive eight hours of additional personal instruction from a genuine multi-millionaire, who'll talk you through the processes, techniques and ideas to change your financial life forever. 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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Body Talk: A Power Guide For Girls, Boyd, Elizabeth Reid; Bray, Abigail
6 Boyd, Elizabeth Reid; Bray, Abigail Body Talk: A Power Guide For Girls
Australia Hodder 2005 073361860X / 9780733618604 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
230 pages. If your body is tired of being talked at, judged, sneered at, drooled over, silenced or ignored, then this book is for you. It's time to reclaim your body talk, so that the conversation starts going your way... BODY TALK is about grounding your body power. It's an anti-loser manual, a way of getting rid of self-hate and a way of moving into your own freedom.' Everyday girls have to live with an intrusive unspoken world that is continuously sizing them up - how they look, feel, rate, sound, what they say, when, to whom - and they deal with it by themselves as best they can. This book recognises that girls are looking for ways to manage and enjoy the media-driven, sex-saturated social world they live in without simply rejecting I, or feeling overwhelmed by it. BODY TALK grounds the 'new' commercialised individualism of the Girl Power message through a focus on empowerment and strength for every girl. While many teen books emphasise adolescent physical changes, BODY TALK uniquely examines the social impact of such changes, and the 'body talk', both positive and negative, that results. Using simple and often humorous methods, it offers girls new ways of 'body talking'. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Sorting out Goals, Brecht, Grant
7 Brecht, Grant Sorting out Goals
Australia Prentice-Hall 1996 0724811087 / 9780724811083 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
85 indexed pages. A life without goals can be unsatisfying. This Practical guide provides practical advice and self-help techniques to help with: setting and achieving goals; making a commitment and enhancing the quality of life; and moving from one success to another. Discusses topics such as the need to set goals, perfectionism, living with a goalless person, and how to recognise success. Includes suggestions for further reading and an index. In the 'Sorting Out-Life' series. The author is a clinical psychologist, who has appeared frequently on radio and television, and written a number of self-help guides. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Sorting Out Self-Esteem: Turning Common Sense into Common Practice, Brecht, Grant
8 Brecht, Grant Sorting Out Self-Esteem: Turning Common Sense into Common Practice
Australia Prentice-Hall 1996 0724811117 / 9780724811113 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
ix + 81 indexed pages including drawings. Self-confidence, high self-esteem and a sense of dignity are the most vital elements in the foundation on which we build the rest of our life. A healthy level of self-esteem will be reflected in satisfying relationships, a successful career and other valued pursuits in life. This work shows how to determine levels of self-esteem; develop healthy levels of self-esteem in all aspects of life; and recognize success. The techniques presented aim to be practical and easy to incorporate into daily life. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Embrace: My Story from Body Loather to Body Lover, Brumfitt, Taryn
9 Brumfitt, Taryn Embrace: My Story from Body Loather to Body Lover
Australia New Holland 2015 1742576184 / 9781742576183 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
188 pages including colour illustrations. Body confidence does not come from trying to achieve the perfect body, it comes from embracing the one you've already got." This is the book for every woman who hates the way her body looks, and derides herself for not having the perfect figure. It is for those who have allowed those negative and harmful thoughts to affect their self-confidence and inform their everyday behaviour. Once a body builder with a lean, toned and taut figure, Taryn's obsession with muscle definition and the sleek lines of her body came with the territory of her job. Pregnancy and motherhood stole the identity she was familiar with and left her with feelings of self-loathing and repulsion that affected the way she thought about herself. After contemplating cosmetic surgery to reclaim the body she wanted, Taryn had an epiphany. If she went ahead with the surgery, how would she teach her daughter to love and respect her own body if she couldn't do the same? Taryn's greatest challenge came next. How would she learn to love her body and transform the hatred she felt into something positive? Her journey to acceptance of her womanly figure and celebration of her femininity has been publicly chartered. Here she shares her story to help harness and facilitate positive body image activism for all women. 
Price: 12.50 AUD
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Let Your Past Go and Live: Freedom from Family, Relationship and Work Baggage, Carruthers, Avril
10 Carruthers, Avril Let Your Past Go and Live: Freedom from Family, Relationship and Work Baggage
Australia Allen & Unwin 2008 1741755204 / 9781741755206 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
195 indexed pages. Dedicated mailing and e-mail campaign to targeted self-help related media & organizations. Accessible and inspiring, this volume offers an innovative approach to tackling the deep-seated issues and influence of repressed hurts and trauma that trip us up along the path of life."Let Your Past Go and Live" explores the many masks we wear in order to survive the pressures of dealing with family, workplace, and relationship challenges - from the 'victim' who only feels good when they're rescuing people, the bullies who get off on belittling others to the women who just can't resist the bad boys - and offers practical, motivational advice to overcoming the hold they have on us once and for all. The author is a transpersonal psychotherapist Avril Carruthers holds regular workshops and has been in practice for over twenty years. She is also a film reviewer. 
Price: 27.00 AUD
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Mary MacKillop - a Window of Hope, Cavanagh, Monica
11 Cavanagh, Monica Mary MacKillop - a Window of Hope
Australia Wilkinson Pub 2010 1921667885 / 9781921667886 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
96 pages. Mother Mary MacKillop will be canonised a Saint in October 2010 by the Pope at a ceremony in Rome and watched around the world. This is an official book from the Sisters of St Joseph, Mary MacKillop's religious order, for the general public as well as Catholics. Written by Monica Cavanagh, a member of the order, this succinct book shows how today in confusing times 'a good life' is still possible, and can come with doing the little day-by-day things. The book draws on scripture and wisdom. It is not a book of preaching or proclaiming the 'one way'. It is a book of help in a world of many ways. Openness, generosity, patience, kindness, joy are here in the context of Mary MacKillop's life and today. How to share and enrich our lives; whether busy or lonely, young or old. Mary MacKillop is a saint for these times. A sinner too. Excommunicated by her Church. An Australian with a message for everyone. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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A Recipe for Dreaming, Courtenay, Bryce
12 Courtenay, Bryce A Recipe for Dreaming
Australia Heinemann 1994 0855615494 / 9780855615499 Reprint Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 16mo Ann Williams 
64 pages. In the first part of this book Courtenay writes about returning to the essential act of dreaming. We need to dream; souring imagination is the glue that keeps our soul from shattering under the impact of a prosaic world. But dreaming can be a tricky business and, if we’re not careful, can disappear altogether from our lives. Then, in the middle section, he throws in a few thoughts that came to him from time to time. In the final part, he talks about the Australian language, the special brand of Antipodean English we speak but which many authors neglect to use in their writing. There a coloured sticker featuring a kangaroo in the front fly. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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Ignite Your Potential by Taking Control of Your Life, Di Santo, Heidi
13 Di Santo, Heidi Ignite Your Potential by Taking Control of Your Life
Australia Information Australia 2000 1863503064 / 9781863503068 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
xii + 122 pages. This bookIgnite is about taking control of your life and changing it tor the better by seizing opportunities through a determination to succeed. Heidi Di Santo ignited her own career - from bored and unmotivated accountant to highly acclaimed public speaker and successful business person - and this book will help you to ignite your potential. Heidi, who works in motivation with many of Australia's top companies, shows you how to get motivated and make the change all in a way that promotes health, energy and vitality. Learn how to: Get motivated and take action; Expand your comfort zone; Believe in yourself and persevere despite obstacles; Overcome negative beliefs; Boost your confidence; Take control of your mind; Control stress; Balance your life; Energise your body and much more! 
Price: 9.50 AUD
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Stuck in a Rut: How to Rescue Yourself and Live Your Truth, Fiona Craig
14 Fiona Craig Stuck in a Rut: How to Rescue Yourself and Live Your Truth
Australia Busybird Pub 2015 1925260275 / 9781925260274 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 8vo 
233 pages. For People Who Are Stuck & Want More Out of Life ... Fiona Craig is a transformational life coach based in Bondi Junction, Sydney. `Stuck in a Rut - How to Rescue Yourself and Live Your Truth' reveals Fiona Craig's successful "get unstuck" method, and how it has helped her clients finally get out of their health, relationship, career and life ruts to confidently take the first steps towards creating the life they want to live. After five frustrating years trapped in her own relationship and career rut, Fiona discovered the reason why many people keep themselves stuck, and struggle to find a way to move forward. Her practical 12-step method blends popular psychology, success strategies, and practical tips, making the process so simple and easy to follow. There is an inscription in the title page. 
Price: 14.00 AUD
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Life: A Guide, Fuller, Andrew
15 Fuller, Andrew Life: A Guide
Australia Finch Publishing 2011 1921462183 / 9781921462184 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
224 pages. There is an inscription in the title page. Life: A Guide, a new book by psychologist and author Andrew Fuller, explores this question: Have you ever wondered why some people seem glide through life relatively trouble free while others repeat the same damn patterns over and over again? When people said to you - it's just a stage of life - they were right. Andrew Fuller has spent the last ten years having conversations with over 10,000 people about their lives. The times of delights and opportunity and the times of turmoil and struggle share many similarities. In fact for many people these patterns fall into seven - year stages of life. The idea of the seven-year cycle is certainly not new. Almost every culture and spiritual tradition refers to this pattern. And yet, our modern world seems to have forgotten that there are patterns of life. Knowing what each stage of life involves - the opportunities that you will be presented with and the obstacles you will need to overcome - is like having a secret insight about how life works and how to make the best of each stage. It is like having a wise mentor whispering in your ear about the most important priorities. This book contains fascinating insights into how each stage develops and how to understand the people you know and love and the issues they are most likely dealing with. Most importantly it will help people to understand themselves more fully and compassionately. What are the seven-year stages? Ages 0 - 7: Early years - Feelings of security and attachment are developed. Ages 8 - 14: Childhood - The power of friendship, willpower and growing confidence are felt. Ages 15 - 21: Adolescence - A roller-coaster time of grief when the sense of belonging gained during childhood is sacrificed in order to develop a new identity. Ages 22 - 28: Aspiring adulthood - Adventures and new experiences. An often perplexing and anxious time of working out who we are and finding our life’s mission. Ages 29 - 35: The Napoleon years - The years in which we develop our talents, relationships and skills - and make a plan that we think might just work! Ages 36 - 42: Clinging to the wreckage - A period for some of optimism and contentment. Also a time of turmoil that often begins with expansion and exuberance but, unless we are careful, can end in exhaustion. Ages 43 - 49: Holding the tiger by the tail - A time of busyness, frenetic achievement and questioning. Ages 50 - 56: The agony and the ecstasy - A life and death struggle for a new identity occurs. More people enter therapy at this time of life than any other. Ages 57 - 63: Regeneration or degeneration? Consider being daring and adventurous. Creative activity can turn an older person into a younger person. Ages 64 - 70: Intimacy or invisibility? Ageing doesn't have to mean growing old. A time to connect with others and love well. Ages 71 - 77: Dignity A time to play and to be respected. Ages 78 and beyond: Contentment and bitterness. The loss of some physical capacities may be inevitable, but mental skills are usually fine. Bodies wear out faster than brains. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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You've Got What It Takes, Harris, Wesley
16 Harris, Wesley You've Got What It Takes
Australia Wrightbooks 1997 1875857346 / 9781875857340 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
139 pages including b/w illustrations. Series of stories of people overcoming crises and challenging circumstances through religious faith. We should seek to dance with life rather than wrestle with it. The author believes that most of us have got abilities beyond our beliefs. In this self-help book, he shows how to make the most of what we have. 
Price: 8.00 AUD
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Would You Like Attitude with That? No limits, no excuses, no ifs, not buts ... just ATTITUDE, Herald, Justin
17 Herald, Justin Would You Like Attitude with That? No limits, no excuses, no ifs, not buts ... just ATTITUDE
Australia Allen & Unwin 2006 1741750385 / 9781741750386 Reprint Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
xviii + 149 pages. At the age of just 25 and with only $50 dollars in his pocket, Justin Herald decided he would try his hand at business. With no previous experience he started up Attitude Gear, which today is a multi-million dollar company with products sold the world over. "Would You Like Attitude With That?" is a truly motivational volume showing readers that with the right attitude, you can achieve success at virtually anything you turn your hand to. Justin Herald is an incredibly successful entrepreneur who started a small business with virtually no money, and which has grown onto a multi-million dollar company. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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The Balance of Beauty: Explodes the Body Myth, Landsman, Gregory
18 Landsman, Gregory The Balance of Beauty: Explodes the Body Myth
Australia Hill of Content 1995 0855722673 / 9780855722678 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
151 pages. The Balance of Beauty is thought provoking. It reveals and confirms truths about ourselves and society. This book is an inspiring testament to the truth of beauty. It is a celebration of beauty in its truest sense and is a milestone in the progress of understanding and defining beauty. After viewing the superficiality of the fashion industry, and the emptiness and pain spurred by its unrealistic images of beauty, Landsman decided to devote his life to helping others overcome their insecurities and realize the beauty we all innately possess. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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Switch on Your Inner Strength, Macgregor, Sandy
19 Macgregor, Sandy Switch on Your Inner Strength
Australia Calm Pty 1996 0646275682 / 9780646275680 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
254 pages including b/w illustrations. This book reaches out to those who are hungry for information. It is about that wonderful robust quality we all have - our inner strength. Twenty Australians tell stories of enhancing their lives by reaching into themselves. Switch on to Your Inner Strength is a practical manual describing how to tap into this vibrant source of personal power and how to use it deliberately. THIS BOOK IS ABOUT Sandy’s encounter with grief and “letting go”; Self esteem, self worth and self image; Daily techniques based on veri?ed research; The importance of love in your life; Acceptance, guilt, anger and forgiveness; An easy and practical approach to meditation; How thoughts impact our lives; Relaxation for stress release, harmony and tranquillity; How to handle pain; Six guided imageries for personal use; The use of imagination to influence health and healing; How to tap the mind for creativity; Skills to cope with every day life stresses - the balance between relationships, employment, family, ?nance, leisure, spiritual development... 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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How to Get Your Mojo Back, Mansberg, Ginni
20 Mansberg, Ginni How to Get Your Mojo Back
Australia New Holland 2012 1741109248 / 9781741109245 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
192 pages. Everywoman's guide to taking a minute for herself and turning her hectic and stressful life into one that is fulfilling. No life is free from stress, weight problems, relationship worries. But you can break the cycle, get your mojo back and begin to enjoy life again. Written in an intimate, informal, and hugely entertaining style by medical advisor/GP/author Dr Ginni Mansburg who has seen - and dealt with - it all, this book is like having a friend with all the best advice to coach you through your mission to claim your potential and live the life you deserve. Covers all the key problems areas - work, eating/weight, sleep, relationship, parenting issues, stress etc - offering practical, encouraging solutions. 
Price: 12.50 AUD
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