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Live or Let Die: Research in Tough Economic Times
1 Live or Let Die: Research in Tough Economic Times
U. K. Research 2010 0953313824 / 9780953313822 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
79 pages. How can the UK maintain world class standards when money is tight? The next few years will be the toughest for the U K research community since the early 1990s. What does this mean for individual research fields, research groups and university departments? Research Fortnight put these questions and more to policymakers, leading research managers, professors and former vice-chancellors. Read what they have to say exclusively in "Live or let die: Research in tough economic times", a report which will help researchers and research managers navigate this new more uncertain landscape Highlights from this report include: The politics of funding cuts What is the coalition government's longer-term agenda for research and universities Running a university in the drought years What is it like to run a university when money is tight? What has past experience been? A generation of vice-chancellors cut their teeth running universities in leaner times. We bring you their stories, lessons and tips on surviving the future. Small is vulnerable Which research fields are more threatened in a funding crisis? Those that fail to demonstrate 'impact'? Orthose, such as nuclear physics, that have little political backing, or clout? What do subject-areas need to do to survive. Closing down gracefully Shutting down a department is one of the hardest tasks for any research manager. Is there a 'good' way to close down? We bring you examples of good practice and what not to do. How to do world-class science on a low-budget Many middle-income countries have experience of running elite research centres in a climate of low funding. How do they do this? Where do they raise funds from and how? How do they nurture and attract top talent? The leaders of top research institutions in Brazil and India reveal all. 
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The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana (Modern Library Classics)
2 The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana (Modern Library Classics)
USA Modern Library 2002 0375759247 / 9780375759246 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
194 pages. Translated from the sanskrit in seven parts. This translation by Sir Richard F. Burton's of The Kama Sutra remains one of the best English interpretations of this early Indian trea tise on politics, social customs, love, and intimacy. Its crisp style set a new standard for Sanskrit translation. The Kama Sutra stands uniquely as a Work of psychology, sociology, Hindu dogma, and sexology. It has been a celebrated classic of Indian literature for 1,700 years and a window for the West into the culture and mysticism of the East. This Modern Library Paperback Classic reprints the authoritative text of Sir Richard F. Burton s 1883 translation. SIR RICHARD F. BURTON (1821-90) was a British explorer and writer. His translation of The Arabian Nights remains a classic. MARGOT ANAND, an internationally acclaimed teacher of Tantra, is the author of many bestselling books, among them Sexual Ecstasy. The Art of Orgasm and The Art of Everyday Ecstasy. 
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A strong Australia, Abbott, Tony
3 Abbott, Tony A strong Australia
Australia Tony Abbott 2012 0646590332 / 9780646590332 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 8vo 
145 pages including illustrations. Book is about the values, directions and policy priorities of the next coalition government in a collection of nine major speeches made in 2012 by Tony Abbott. For some An insight into some good policies for the country. For some, a well written insight into some good policies for the country. For others, such vision was myopic enough for him to make several big mistakes, which ultimately prevented him from realising some sensible policy outcomes for Australia. 
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Some of the Best Fitzgerald, Alan John Fitzgerald
4 Alan John Fitzgerald Some of the Best Fitzgerald
Australia Dalton Publishing Company 1970 0909906025 / 9780909906023 1st Edition 1st Printing Stapled Cover Good 12mo 
95 pages. Early in 1970 Alan Fitzgerald undertook a tour of the USA sponsored by the State Department. There he met Art Buchwald and Russell Baker and was reported in The Daily Texan under the heading, "Aussie Satirist from Down Under Jibes at Yanks". He visited Forest Lawn cemetery, Alcatraz and discovered the Statue of Liberty leaksin heavy rain. Culturally he was active, seeing Oh Calcutta, Hair and the All Girl Topless and Bottomless He shook hands with the Lt. Governor of Mississippi, the Governors of California and Iowa and was presented with the key to the city of Des Moines and the flag of the District of Columbia. All this came somewhat as an anti-climax to Fitzgerald who, in January, at dinner at Government House, Canberra, had found himself seated below the salt from Mr. Spiro Agnew, Vice-President of the Fitzgerald's determinationtotake politics seriously grew out of that traumatic Vice-Regal expenence. He lives in the Woden Valley suburb of Farrer with his wife Maria, and sons Dominic and Julian. Alan John Fitzgerald was an Australian author, journalist and satirist. He was known for his unwavering opposition to the Australian republican movement and worked alongside Tony Abbott during Abbott's tenure as president of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy during the 1990s. 
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A Woman, Aleramo, Sibilla
5 Aleramo, Sibilla A Woman
U.S.A. University of California Press 1983 0520049497 / 9780520049499 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
219 pages. For a book that sent shock waves through the European literary establishment and, since its original publication in 1906 has gone through seven editions along with highly cclaimed translations into all th principal languages of Europe, "A Woman" (Una Donna) by Sibilla Aleramo (1876-1960) has remained curiously obscure in America. Aleramo's lightly fictionalized memoir presented a kaleidoscopic series of Italian images--the frenetic industrialism of the North, the miserable squalor of the country's backward areas to the South, fin de siŤ cle Italian politics and literary life--all set in the framework of a drama admiringly characterized by Luigi Pirandellow as "grim and powerful." For some other Italians, "A woman" touched ar aw nerve, and many critics reacted to Aleramo with extreme hostility. However, whether one liked Aleramo's novel or not, the book was an iceberg in the mainstream of Italian literary life, impossible to get around without careful inspection. Sibilla Aleramo is the pseudonym of Rina Faccio, Italian author. She was a feminist best known for her autobiographical depictions of life as a woman in late 19th century Italy. 
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The Bjelke-Petersen premiership, 1968-1983: Issues in public policy, Allan Patience
6 Allan Patience The Bjelke-Petersen premiership, 1968-1983: Issues in public policy
Australia Longman Cheshire 1985 0582714869 / 9780582714861 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
286 indexed pages. Between 1968 and I983 the Bjelke-Petersen coalition governments in Queensland devised and implemented some of the most controversial public policies yet seen in Australian political history. Bans on street marches, curtailments of civil liberties, the politicisation of the police, a determined stand on Aboriginal land rights, a curious attitude to parliamentary procedures and a host of similar issues evoked images of an authoritarian government which nonetheless maintained a remarkably successful electoral record. Towering over it all was the image of the Premier himself: implacably opposed to any political interference from Canberra or the South generally; self-righteous; frequently triumphing over political giants like Whitlam and Fraser; even testing the outer limits of the Australian federal system. This volume of essays critically analyses some of the most important public policies of the Bjelke-Petersen governments between I968 and I983 - the years in which the Queensland Liberal Party was the minority partner to the National (Country) Party in the coalition. The policies under scrutiny are explored in terms of their salient values, their methods of implementation, and their effectiveness. In addition, the central actors in the Bjelke-Petersen governments - particularly the Premier himself - are examined in terms of their roles in shaping the policies. 
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Telling the Truth About Aboriginal History, Attwood, Bain
7 Attwood, Bain Telling the Truth About Aboriginal History
Australia Allen & Unwin 2005 1741145775 / 9781741145779 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
264 indexed pages. Genuinely good Australian history is under serious attack. This book is a brilliant battlefield analysis. Once upon a time historical controversies were debated among a small circle of academic historians. Today they are the subject of intense 'history wars' fought out in parliament, court rooms, museums, newspapers, cafes and blog sites. Bain Attwood takes us to the heart of the conflict about the Aboriginal past in Australia. He tracks the growing popularity of history and weighs the consequences for the nature of historical knowledge and the authority of the historian. He asks why and how Aboriginal history has become central to Australian politics, culture and identity. He examines the work of historical 'revisionists' and tests their promise of historical truth. Finally, Attwood ponders how the traumatic history of frontier conflict might better be remembered - and mourned - and why telling the truth about history matters for the nation and for all of us. 
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Crosstalk: Topics of Australian Church and Society - A project of the Church & Society Commission of the Australian Council of Churches, Australian Council of Churches
8 Australian Council of Churches Crosstalk: Topics of Australian Church and Society - A project of the Church & Society Commission of the Australian Council of Churches
Australia Boolarong Publications 1991 0864391153 / 9780864391155 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
201 pages b/w illustrated. Includes bibliography. Produced by the Church and Society Commission of the ACC, this is a collection of 31 essays and responses on the links between the Church and Australian society. Topics include peace, environment, science and technology, family life, politics, and Aborigines. Among the contributors are Veronica Brady, Manning Clark, Ted Trainer, Pat O'Shane, Michael Kirby, Jo Vallentine, Frank Brennan, Lola Mayor, Keith Suter, and Janine Haines. 
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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Queensland but Were Afraid to Ask, Bahnisch, Mark
9 Bahnisch, Mark Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Queensland but Were Afraid to Ask
Australia NewSouth Pub 2015 1742234348 / 9781742234342 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
173 indexed pages. Includes bibliographical reference. Everyone has heard the cliches about Queensland politics: Queensland is 'different'. It's the 'Deep North'. Its state elections exemplify Pineapple Party Time. But what if those cliches are in fact looking more like the state of affairs in the rest of Australia? Does the Sunshine State represent the new normal in Australian politics? Once, Queensland was seen as the land that time forgot, with a narrow economy based on agriculture, mining and transport - and conservative values. Then, from the 1980s, a transformation took place as the state modernised, entrenching democratic reforms and civil liberties. Yet now, in the era of Campbell Newman, the Palmer United Party and national politics that oozes alarmist populism, it feels like Queensland's history of eccentricity and unrest has colonised the whole country. So how does Queensland both point the way forward and shine a light on the way we live now? Political commentator and Queenslander Mark Bahnisch looks closely and boldly at the Queensland experience, from the Joh Era to the present. His must-read book reaches some surprising conclusions. "Bahnisch's deep north is a beautiful hive of scum and villainy one day, a perfect storm of gothic corruption the next" - John Birmingham - Mark Bahnisch was the founder of awardwinning political blog Larvatus Prodeo (2005u13) and his commentary has been published in Crikey, New Matilda, The Drum , the Australian Financial Review, The Australian and elsewhere. He has a PhD in sociology from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia and has lived in Brisbane for most of his life. There is a name and date in the title page. 
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A Handful of Magic, Baker, Ivy
10 Baker, Ivy A Handful of Magic
Australia Angus & Robertson 1988 0207156999 / 9780207156991 1st Edition Hard Cover Very Good Good 12mo 
116 pages. Something very weird is happening to Vicki. Why does she keep on seeing a strange vision floating above her - a scary face that mysteriously appears and disappears? Is it nightmare? Or her imagination? Or sunstroke? Suddenly the summer holidays are far from ordinary, and Vicki has much more to worry about than just her own fear of swimming. As she tries to make sense of all the odd things that are happening, Vicki gradually realises that the magic face has powers beyond her wildest dreams. This book is Ivy Bakerís fourth novel for children and follows her earlier successes. After taking up academic studies when her sons had embarked on their own careers, Ivy Baker matriculated with distinctions and began her degree at the University of Melbourne. She graduated with first class honours, winning the Bowen Prize for politics and the Margaret Kiddle Prize for history. On completing postgraduate studies at Monash University she gained a Master of Arts and received a Commonwealth Research Award. 
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A Road from Damascus, Balderstone, David
11 Balderstone, David A Road from Damascus
Australia The Poppy Press 1992 0646114409 / 9780646114408 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
219 pages. This book ventures behind daily news of the Middle East - images of killings, assassinations, bombings and faltering peace talks - to tell the story of ordinary Israelis and Palestinians caught up in the Middle East quagmire. The story of a Palestinian family and an Israeli family driven apart by the Arab-Israeli conflict emerges as British spy Dickie Jones attempts to reverse his dwindling career fortunes by exploiting his daughterís friendship with an Australian archaeologist and photo-journalist. The Australianís friendship with a Palestinian businessman reveals the saga of the two families, who for decades had been friends and neighbours in Jerusalem up to the years before modern Israel was founded. After more than forty years apart, the separate ways of the families cross briefly and tragically. This encounter focuses attention on the elusiveness of truth in the Middle East. Despite the undoubted tragedy of the Arab-Israeli dispute, the novel captures the humour, irony and fatalism of the area and its people, whose resilience belies the seriousness of the situation. David Balderstone was Middle East Correspondent for The Age, Melbourne, from 1977- 1983. During this time, he was a regular visitor to Ayatollah Khomeiniís Iran, covered peace negotiations between Egypt and Israel, and was a front line reporter on the Iran/Iraq war front and in Lebanon. Since then, he has visited the area regularly, and broadcast extensively on Middle East politics for the ABC ís Radio Australia. He began his career as a cadet journalist on 'The Age' in 1966. 
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Return to the United Nations: U. N. Diplomacy in Regional Conflicts, Berridge, G.R.
12 Berridge, G.R. Return to the United Nations: U. N. Diplomacy in Regional Conflicts
U. K. Macmillan 1991 0333523016 / 9780333523018 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Good 12mo 
188 indexed pages. Why have states returned to the United Nations with unprecedented enthusiasm since 1987? What is its role in 'peacemaking'? Does it have any relevance to what is probably still the most dangerous and intractable of all 'regional conflicts', that between the Arabs and the Israelis? By examining changes at UN headquarters (not least the institutionalization of 'secret diplomacy' in the Security Council) as well as the recent history of UN diplomacy, these are the questions which this book confronts. Name in the first page. 
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Postmodern Theory: Critical Interrogations (Communications and Culture), Best, Steven et al
13 Best, Steven et al Postmodern Theory: Critical Interrogations (Communications and Culture)
USA Guilford Pr 1991 0333488458 / 9780333488454 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
324 indexed pages. In this timely volume, the authors systematically analyze postmodern theory to evaluate its relevance for critical social theory and radical politics today. Best and Kellner provide: An introduction and critique of the work of Foucault, Deleuze and Guattari, Baudrillard, Lyotard, Laclau and Mouffe, and Jameson, which assess the varying contributions and limitations of postmodern theory. A discussion of postmodern feminist theory and the politics of identity. A systematic study of the origin of the discourse of the postmodern in historical, sociological, cultural, and philosophical studies. The authors claim that while postmodern theory provides insights into contemporary developments, it lacks adequate methodological and political perspectives to provide a critical social theory and radical politics for the present age. 
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Bill Hunter's Thousands of Great Australian Facts, Bill Hunter
14 Bill Hunter Bill Hunter's Thousands of Great Australian Facts
Australia Boab Press 1997 1876202270 / 9781876202279 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
275 indexed pages including b/w illustrstions. Maythings you ever needed to know about Australia! Bill Hunter, one of the proudest, most ardent Australians, has compiled a vast collection of facts about Australia and Australians. ltís history that the history books ignore; funny, surprising, always interesting and often poignant. What was the name of the first madame convicted? Who were the leaders of the Eureka Rebellion? Who or what is an illywhacker? And what brand of champagne got John Kerr so drunk at the Melbourne Cup? Bill Hunter has covered everything from politics to scandals, geography, sport, innovations, firsts and biggests. Heís also found the winners and the losers who make up Australia's history, and what he knows, he tells in his inimitable, straightfonuard style. This is the book to confound all those dinner party know-it-alls eveiy time. 
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Brekky Central: Behind the Smiles of Australian Breakfast Television, Boland, Adam
15 Boland, Adam Brekky Central: Behind the Smiles of Australian Breakfast Television
Australia Melbourne University Publishing 2014 0522867189 / 9780522867183 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
219 pages including colour illustrations. A tell-all memoir of the man who changed the face of breakfast television in Australia. Between Sunrise and The Morning Show, he oversaw 30 hours of network television a week. Along the way, he turned a daggy finance nerd and a suburban mum into household names and even helped propel Kevin Rudd into The Lodge. Now, for the first time, he reveals the inner working of the Sunrise family in an inside account of what some believe is the most competitive slot on television. From bruised egos to high profile scandals, find out what really happens behind the perky smiles. Adam Boland grew up wanting to work in television. By the tender age of 23 he was working at Channel Seven as executive producer of the pre-Olympics program. Three years later Adam was given control of the morning program, Sunrise, and Australian breakfast TV changed forever. Sunrise quickly became the country's top-rating breakfast show, turning its hosts, Mel and Kochie, into household names and helping two little-known MPs, Kevin Rudd and Joe Hockey hit the big time in politics. Adam rewrote many of the rules of morning television with his coverage of the Beaconsfield mining tragedy and the introduction of live studio performances. 
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Bolt: Worth Fighting For, Bolt, Andrew
16 Bolt, Andrew Bolt: Worth Fighting For
Australia Wilkinson Publishing 2016 1925265773 / 9781925265774 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 8vo 
255 pages. Andrew Bolt is Australiaís most prominent and controversial commentator. In this second book of columns and reflections, Bolt is again in the front lines of our most urgent political and social debates, from Islam and immigration to the green movement and the rise of the slacktivist. But he also reveals his more personal side - the experiences that have shaped his values and love for this country. For some this book is ammunition. For others itís fair warning. But for everyone itís a test of their own values - and the reasons they hold them. Boltís columns are published nationally in News Corp newspapers, including Melbourneís Herald Sun, Sydneyís Daily Telegraph and Brisbaneís Courier Mail. He also runs Australiaís most-read political blog and hosts two week night shows - The Bolt Report on Sky News and a national Macquarie Radio show with Steve Price. Extra postage charges may apply to this book. 
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The Religious Factor in Australian Life, Bouma, Gary D.; Dixon, Beverly R.
17 Bouma, Gary D.; Dixon, Beverly R. The Religious Factor in Australian Life
Australia World Vision & ZADOK 1986 0959691561 / 9780959691566 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Good 12mo 
xviii + 206 pages. A growing number of church and para-church leaders are taking tough, vigorous and authentic action to connect Australia with the gospel. MARC Australia wants to be part of that action, and publishing important research material such as the Bouma-Dixon data assembled in "The Religious Factor in Australian Life" is one expression of this. MARC (Missions Advanced Research and Communications) is an integral part of World Vision of Australia. Our function is essentially ministry-support, providing Christians with information, programmes, books and resources on leadership and mission. We want to help church leaders and Christian groups engage reflectively and strategically with issues which need to be confronted. How might your congregation respond to this publication? What are your church's strategies for the future? What is an appropriate way for your church to challenge Australians with the gospel? These and related issues can be explored through special ministry consultations and workshops conducted by MARC. If you want to know more about this programme and our other services, contact World Vision. Inscription in the first page. 
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Caring for Australia's Children: Politics of Child Care, Brennan, D.; O'Donnell, C.
18 Brennan, D.; O'Donnell, C. Caring for Australia's Children: Politics of Child Care
Australia Allen & Unwin 1986 086861937X / 9780868619378 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
177 indexed pages. Despite all the setbacks, child care in the 1980s is an established area of public policy, an entrenched political issue and a focus of organised activity by many groups. Constant pressure will need to be maintained, however, to secure the gains that have been made and to move closer towards a national commitment to caring for Australia's children. This is the first book to address the political and social issues which surround the provision of child care in contemporary Australia. Caring For Australiaís Children is the first full-scale study of this important, yet hitherto largely unexplored, policy area. The situation in each State is carefully examined and recent federal initiatives are assessed against outcomes. Child care as an industrial question is analysed in relation to the consumers of child care and the workers within the 'child care industry'. Child care is revealed as a key policy issue for women in the workforce: its provision (or, rather, lack of it) is a major factor contributing to the lesser status of women at work. As a lucid account of the debate which is being conducted around a policy area of growing importance, this book will be of interest to all those concerned with the operation of the welfare state, the struggle for sexual equality in the workplace, and the relationship between women and the industrial relations system. There is a name in the first and in the third pages. 
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Australian Mythological Sights, Sites, Cites, Brereton, Kurt; McCarthy, Peter; Payne, Cathie
19 Brereton, Kurt; McCarthy, Peter; Payne, Cathie Australian Mythological Sights, Sites, Cites
Australia Third Degree 1986 0958817707 / 9780958817707 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
208 pages including b/w illustrations and a selection of Australian mythological sights, sites, cites: of languages current, redundant, forgotten, uncoscious and seldom heard of within Art, Politics, Sexuality, History, the Media and Advertising - traversing the fields of vision, speech and writing. There is an inscription in the front fly. 
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Ten Prime Ministers: Life Among the Politicians, Brown, Wallace
20 Brown, Wallace Ten Prime Ministers: Life Among the Politicians
Australia Longueville Books 2002 1920681043 / 9781920681043 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo Adam Yazxhi 
246 pages. Includes index and illustrations. A captivating inside account of the strengths, weaknesses and personalities of Australia's last ten prime ministers, from Menzies to Howard. Untold stories of the travels, conversations and experiences of ten people who have shaped our country over the last 40 years. There is an inscription in the first page. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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