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Holidaying with Dogs, Bedford, Willie
1 Bedford, Willie Holidaying with Dogs
Australia Life Be In It 2006 0949281395 / 9780949281395 9th Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
240 pages. Directory to over 2000 B & Bs, caravan parks, camping grounds, host farms, cottages, motels, holiday houses and pet-sitters throughout Australia and New Zealand. Features hundreds of new entries, 5-Paw Dog Friendly Accommodation Ratings, reader-recommended properties, a competition, maps and map references. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Who's the Boss? Knowing, Understanding and Living with Your Dog, Bonney, Val
2 Bonney, Val Who's the Boss? Knowing, Understanding and Living with Your Dog
Australia Bonnie's Dog Obedience and Care Centre 1998 0646281844 / 9780646281841 Reprint 2nd Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
110 pages including drawings and bibliographical references. A "Bonnie's Dog Obedience and Care Centre" useful dog training guide that answers many questions about your dog. Upper corner of the first leaf was cut off. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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Labrador Retrievers, Brewer, F. G.
3 Brewer, F. G. Labrador Retrievers
USA T.F.H. 1973 0876663315 / 9780876663318 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
126 indexed pages including b/w illustratios. When you have a question that concerns your dog's health or well-being or your own enjoyment of him as a well-trained, responsive companion, you need authoritative, practical answers... and you need them fast. In this book, Frances Griscom Brewer explains a lot about Labrador Retrievers: history, training, health care, breeding, showing and grooming. 
Price: 13.00 AUD
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Minimal Farm, Carmichael, Claire
4 Carmichael, Claire Minimal Farm
Australia Red Fox 1995 0091829089 / 9780091829087 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo Mark David 
48 colour illustrated pages. Auntie Jenny and Uncle Rick are raising tiny animals and plan to sell as pets. But when Kate and Ben visit they realise the animals are not ready to be pets - they have other ideas. So do Ben and Kate. Welcome to "Minimal Farm". For children new readers. 
Price: 14.00 AUD
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Keeping Parrots in Australian Aviaries, De Ross, Les
5 De Ross, Les Keeping Parrots in Australian Aviaries
Australia Lansdowne 1975 0701804777 / 9780701804770 1st Edition Hard Cover Good Good 12mo 
96 indexed pages including b/w and colour illustrations. Discusses 50 species and sub-species of parrots kept in Australian aviaries. Covers the flight aviaries needed for these birds; the kind of floor necessary; shrubs that can be gown inside or outside; general points on nesting and breeding; foods and their values; seeds and vitamins. 
Price: 14.00 AUD
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An Instant Guide to Small Pets: A Complete Guide to the Wide Range of Small Pets, from the Most Common to the Exotic, Described and Illustrated in Full Color, Fitzsimons, Cecilia
6 Fitzsimons, Cecilia An Instant Guide to Small Pets: A Complete Guide to the Wide Range of Small Pets, from the Most Common to the Exotic, Described and Illustrated in Full Color
U.S.A. Gramercy Books 2000 0517208733 / 9780517208731 Glossy Pictorial Hard Cover Very Good Small 12mo 
125 indexed pages including colour illustrations. An ideal compact identification guide to the whole range of the world's most popular small pets. This user-friendly guide assumes no previous knowledge: an easy-to-follow system of color-coded bands and symbols leads quickly to the chosen pet group. Every type of pet is included, from cats to cockatoos, guinea pigs to goldfish, and hamsters to horned frogs. Exotic pets such as snakes and spiders are featured as well as the more usual ones such as tropical fish and gerbils. More than 200 full-color illustrations complement the detailed text, which covers such aspects as origin and history, general and veterinary care, feeding and breeding requirements. The introduction includes advice on how to select, house, and care for your pet. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Asthma, Hay Fever and Other Allergies and How to Live with Them, Forsythe, Elizabeth
7 Forsythe, Elizabeth Asthma, Hay Fever and Other Allergies and How to Live with Them
Australia Sun Books 1977 0725102411 / 9780725102418 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
137 indexed pages. Learn how to live with your allergy or with other people's! Contents include: General treatment of allergies; Asthma; Your child and asthma; Hay fever; Eczema; Urticaria; Drugs and allergy; Pets and allergy; Allergy and the mind; Auto-immunity and allergy. It is estimated that one in every five Australians will suffer from asthma, hay fever or another allergy at some time during his or her lifetime. These allergies may range from mild childhood asthma to ‘farmer's lung’ and include unusual conditions such as allergy to detergents or household pets. About half of the close relatives of somebody with an allergy also have an allergy - but not necessarily the same one. There is still much doubt about the exact nature of allergies and conflicting medical advice may be given. The fact remains that any allergy is usually a long-lasting condition and therefore has to be lived with. Here is a book packed with practical advice both for the sufferer and for his relatives. lt includes modern treatments for allergies and also practical details of how to make life more bearable when all the medical stops have been pulled out by the doctors and relief is still not complete. There is a special chapter about children with asthma which should be of great help to many parents. There are very few doctors who specialise in allergy and it is difficult for any sufferer to get expert investigation and treatment. There is a large folk lore about some allergies and this. combined with the rarity of medical specialists, may make the patient's position precarious. This book. therefore, is an attempt to explain in simple language the problems of allergy. Above all it is a handbook to help the patient and his relatives see what positive steps can be taken to make the problem easier for all concerned. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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The Shih Tzu, Gurney, Dorothy
8 Gurney, Dorothy The Shih Tzu
United Kingdom Ringpress Books Ltd 1994 0948955449 / 9780948955440 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Hard Cover Very Good 12mo 
80 pages including many wonderfull illustrations. The Shih Tzu is a little cut dog with long silky hair. This breed originated in China. It has won over Western dog lovers with its distinctive looks, and its lively, extrovert personality. Once the holy dog of Buddhism, the Shih Tzu retains much of its oriental charm, and captivates admirers worldwide. Small in size, the Shih Tzu is out-going and friendly and will adapt to a range of different lifestyles. This is a breed that thrives on human companionship, and Shih Tzu owners will be rewarded with the most devoted of pet dogs. The author, who has bred and exhibited the Shih Tzu for nearly thirty years, examines the breed in all its aspects, from Choosing A Puppy, Basic Obedience Training. Housing, Diet and Exercise to the more specialised areas of Breeding, and the Shih Tzu in the Show Ring. Dorothy has made up a number of Champions and she is an International Championship Show judge.She is a leading expert, who gives the benefit of her immense knowledge and experience to guide the pet owner in all aspects of caring for their chosen breed. From those first days when the puppy arrives home, to the pleasures of living with a happy, healthy, well-behaved dog, the Pet Owner’s Guides give easy-to-follow advice and information to help you get the best from your dog. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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Florence takes the Lead, Harding, David
9 Harding, David Florence takes the Lead
Australia Random House 2012 1742758738 / 9781742758732 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
96 pages. The Stoppard family go for a weekend away for some serious relaxation time, but Florence isn't always the most relaxed dog on holiday. Especially when there are free range rabbits to chase. And there are also those weird snuffling noises from the neighbour's yard that are driving Ben's four-legged friend crazy. When Ben finds the source of the snuffling, he has a serious decision to make. Sometimes a holiday can involve a little bit of work, especially when the work involves giving animals a better life! 
Price: 8.00 AUD
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Pet Poo Panic - Book 2, Harris, D. G.
10 Harris, D. G. Pet Poo Panic - Book 2
Australia ABC 2006 0733318525 / 9780733318528 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
152 pages. Despite Sir Arthur's 'strictly No Pets!' rule for the inhabitants of Orsom Towers, someone is hiding an animal in their apartment. Snott, Ben and the Gang know who it is, but they're not telling. A confrontation is inevitable, but it's going to be Sir Arthur who ends up with egg all over his face! The second book in the hilarious and entertaining Snott Henderson series. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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Step-By-Step Book About Goldfish, Harris, Jack C.
11 Harris, Jack C. Step-By-Step Book About Goldfish
U.S.A. Tfh Pubns Inc 1987 0866224572 / 9780866224574 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
64 indexed pages including colour illustrations. This book explains most of what you need to know in order to be able to breed your goldfish. It covers the characteristics of different types and varieties of goldfish and provides information on selection, feeding, housing, breeding, health care, and other aspects of keeping them as pets. 
Price: 8.00 AUD
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Pets as Pals: How to Look after Your Pet, Higgins, Ppeter
12 Higgins, Ppeter Pets as Pals: How to Look after Your Pet
Australia Prentice Hall 1988 073180015X / 9780731800155 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo Jack Newnham 
128 pages. Why should a cat clean its teeth? How do you fix a tortoise’s broken shell? When do budgies learn to talk? All these questions and many more are answered in Pets as Pals, an informative and humorous guide for children. Pets as Pals provides basic information on all kinds of pets from the popular favourites like cats, clogs and birds, to the more unusual varieties such as snakes, axolotls, hamsters, silkworms and mice. Which pet is the right pal for you? . . . how should it be housed? . . . vaccinations and when to give them . . . taking your pet to the vet . . . pet maladies . . . feeding . . . house training . . . grooming . . . parting with your pet Dr‘ Peter Higgins runs his own veterinary practice and has owned and bred all the animals in this book. A regular guest on radio and television’, he writes a weekly magazine column and often gives talks at schools about pets. Peter has a deep affection and respect for animals and the joys that they can give children of all ages. 
Price: 13.00 AUD
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Chooks in the City, Hill, Alyson
13 Hill, Alyson Chooks in the City
Australia Ginninderra Press 2007 1740274148 / 9781740274142 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
56 pages including colour illustrations. Chooks in the City is filled with beginner's information and the common sense you need to set chickens up in your own city backyard. For a productive pet, you can't go past chickens! 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Wonder Dogs: True Stories of Extraordinary Canines, Holt, Ben
14 Holt, Ben Wonder Dogs: True Stories of Extraordinary Canines
Australia Arena 2012 1743313853 / 9781743313855 Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
195 pages. Swansea Jack, the Labrador who rescued 27 people from drowning. Max, the Collie-cross who warned his owner she had breast cancer. Shadow, the Rottweiler who saved three young children from a pair of hungry wolves. These are just a few of the inspiring true stories in this collection of dog tales from around the world. Included are some astonishing first-hand accounts by people who have witnessed quick thinking and resourceful dogs in action. From trained lifeguard dogs and guide dogs to loyal family pets and unnamed strays, each of the courageous canines described in this book has shown true heroism - sometimes in the most surprising of ways. Heart-melting, dramatic and often deeply moving, Wonder Dogs proves why dogs can save and change lives, and are truly our best friends. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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Breeding Australian Finches, Iles, G. W.
15 Iles, G. W. Breeding Australian Finches
U. K. Angus & Robertson 1977 0207135509 / 9780207135507 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Good 12mo 
97 pages including b/w and coloured illustrations. Contents: foreword, lntroduction, star finches, bicheno finches, chestnut-breasted finches, cherry finches, long-tailed grassfinch, masked grassfinch, gouldian finch, dlamond sparrow, zebra finch, parson finch, fostering. Name in the third page. 
Price: 14.00 AUD
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Dingo: The Dog Who Conquered a Continent, Jackie French
16 Jackie French Dingo: The Dog Who Conquered a Continent
Australia Angus & Robertson 2012 0732293111 / 9780732293116 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
165 pages. All of Australia's dingoes may be descended from one south-east Asian 'rubbish dog' who arrived here over 5,000 years ago. This is a story about the first dingo. It is also the story of Loa, who heads off across the sea in his canoe when the girl he loves marries another. He takes only his spears and a 'rubbish dog', one of the scavengers from around the camp to eat if he gets hungry, or to throw to threatening sharks or crocodiles. But when a storm blows boy and dog out to sea, both must learn to survive in a strange new world as partners - and even as friends. From renowned author Jackie French comes a story about survival in our earliest times. 
Price: 10.50 AUD
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Stanley and Sophie, Jennings, Kate
17 Jennings, Kate Stanley and Sophie
Australia Vintage 2009 1741667518 / 9781741667516 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
192 pages. A wise, wry book about two border terriers, by the keenly intelligent, prize-winning writer who lost her heart to them. A fiercely intelligent writer, an astute observer of people and her surroundings, a recent widow not ready to face her grief, an irascible Australian with no time for indulgent New Yorkers and their pampered pets, Kate Jennings falls hard. Swept off her feet and surprised by the depth of her love, Jennings's life is suddenly overtaken by Stanley and when she is seduced into getting him a companion, by the pair of them. First and foremost, Stanley and Sophie is a book about animals, but it is also about grief and grieving - for Jennings's husband, for the city after 9/11, for the world. And it is a book about the way two rivalrous, demanding, idiosyncratic, exhilarating dogs gave Jennings daily purpose and showed her the way to her own heart. Kate Jennings, a poet, essayist, and novelist, comes from the Riverina. She attended Sydney University in the late 1960s, where she gained notoriety as a feminist activist. She moved to New York City in 1979. Her novel SNAKE (1996) was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year, as was MORAL HAZARD (2002), which was based on her experiences as a Wall Street speechwriter. Her work has been in contention for the Booker, IMPAC, and Los Angeles Times literary prizes. She has won the prestigious Christina Stead and Adelaide Festival prizes and been honored with the Australian Literary Society's gold medal. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Caring for Your Guinea Pig, Kelsey-Wood, D.
18 Kelsey-Wood, D. Caring for Your Guinea Pig
Australia Paradise Pr 1992 0949474622 / 9780949474629 Reprint Stapled Pictorial Cover Good 12mo 
32 pages. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Keeping Carpet Pythons, Kortlang, Simon; Green, Darren
19 Kortlang, Simon; Green, Darren Keeping Carpet Pythons
Australia Australian Reptile Keeper Pub 2001 0958605084 / 9780958605083 1st Edition Stapled Cover Very Good 12mo 
41 pages. Includes bibliographical references and b/w and colour illustrations. This book presents the 7 species of Morelia Carpet Pythons in individual chapters. General chapters include indoor and outdoor enclosures, ventilation, heating, lighting, feeding, breeding, and ailments and disorders. Simon Kortland and Darren Green brought more than 30 years of practical experience to this book. 
Price: 7.50 AUD
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Aussie Nibble: First Friend, Mattingley, Christobel
20 Mattingley, Christobel Aussie Nibble: First Friend
Australia Penguin Books 2000 014130894X / 9780141308944 Revised Soft Cover Good 12mo Craig Smith 
61 pages. Kerry is a little bewildered by how different things are on her first day at a new school. When Kerry gets lost in the labyrinth of corridors on her first day at the new school - a big black dog comes to the rescue. A children's book. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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