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That Aussie Christman Book, Andrew Daddo,Terry Denton
1 Andrew Daddo,Terry Denton That Aussie Christman Book
Australia Scholastic 2007 1741690439 / 9781741690439 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo Terry Denton 
183 pages. Streuth! It's another flamin' Christmas book from Scholastic! The author of Good Night, Me; Youse Two; Muffin Top; Sprung; and countless other beloved Aussie tales offers up a new collection of wickedly funny stories! Andrew Daddo's brilliant ability to tap into the inner child and deliver stories that will ring true with kids is more outstanding than ever in this collection of hilarious, quirky accounts of Christmas-the Aussie way! Packed with stories, unfortunate twists and silly alterations, some of Daddo's stories are loosely based on his own family Christmas experiences, while others are just far-out super-silly tales that we know children of this age group love. Andrew Daddo well known to television audiences in Australia and overseas for more than ten years, as a presenter on American MTV, Lonely Planet, 11 AM, and (with Ernie Dingo) Kidspeak and Olympic Sunrise. He is a reporter on the current series of The Great Outdoors. He is a mad golfer and lives with his wife Jacqui, son Felix and baby daughter Anouk on Sydney s northern beaches. Terry Denton is one of Australia s best loved artists: he has won many awards including Picture Book of the Year, and he created the look for ABCTV s internationally successful children s show Lift Off. Terry lives with his wife and children in Mornington. 
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Marcovaldo: Or the Seasons in the City, Calvino, Italo Weaver, William (Translator)
2 Calvino, Italo Weaver, William (Translator) Marcovaldo: Or the Seasons in the City
U. K. Picador 1985 0330285610 / 9780330285612 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
121 pages with surreal stories filled with great love for humanity and of a subtle sense of poetic, tender, lives of simple poor people. These stories take place in an industrial city of northern Italy of the 1950s and 1960s. A must read! Italo Calvino (1923-1985) was an Italian journalist and writer of short stories and novels. Inscription in the first page. 
Price: 7.50 AUD
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Australian Aboriginal Art: A Souvenir Book of Aboriginal Art in the Australian National Gallery, Caruana, Wally
3 Caruana, Wally Australian Aboriginal Art: A Souvenir Book of Aboriginal Art in the Australian National Gallery
Australia Australian National Gallery 1987 0642081441 / 9780642081445 Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good Folio 
55 colour illustrated pages. The work of Australia's Aboriginal artists, in all its variety of forms and social origins, has a sense of purpose and achievement. A knowledge of long traditions is reflected in the vitality and excitement of its contemporary setting. Aboriginal art, though relatively unknown, is one of the most important forms of artistic expression. It is not only the long history but also the continuing and evolving traditions of Aboriginal art that represent an extraordinary achievement, and most of the artists represented here live and work in traditionally oriented situations in the Northern Territory. This book aims to give the reader a feeling for the Gallery's collection, both in its scope and in its quality. Unfortunately not every artist represented in the collection can be mentioned here. For those that are, one work by each is illustrated. There are many omissions, but the selection has no bias. This book is intended to provide an overview of the Gallery’s collections and of the state of contemporary Aboriginal art. Most works included in this book were collected in the 1970s and ealry 1980s 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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Gifted and talented children: a teachers' Guide, Comerford, Tomand; Creed Keith
4 Comerford, Tomand; Creed Keith Gifted and talented children: a teachers' Guide
Australia Publications and Information Branch, Education Dept. of Victoria 1983 0724129804 / 9780724129805 Reprint Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 8vo 
92 pages designed to help teachers in secondary schols develop programs for gifted and talented children. Contents: Introduction; 1. Changing Conception of the Nature of Giftedness; 2. De?nition; 3. Characteristics of the Gifted and Talented; A. Fact or Fantasy; B. Traits Common to Gifted Children; C. Traits of Talented Children in Relation to Particular Talents; 4. Identification; A. Summary of Methods of Identifying Gifted and Talented Children; B. Standardised Aptitude and Achievement Tests; C. Examples of Check list Instruments; (a) Teacher Nomination - General; (b) Teacher Nomination - Subject Based; (c) Parent Nomination; (d) Peer Nomination; (e) Student Self-nomination; D. Which Tests for Which Children; E. One Way of Finding Your Gifted and Talented Children; F. Individual Student Summary Sheet; 5. Curriculum Provision; A. Problems of Dealing with Exceptional Children; B. Student Learning; C. Principles of Curriculum for the Gifted and Talented; D. Differentiated Learning; (a) Enrichment; (b) Acceleration; E. Differentiating the Curriculum for the Gifted and Talented; F. Organisational Forms a Program Might Take; G. Four Programs Operating in Victorian High Schools; H. Curriculum Framework - A Useful Summary Sheet; 6. Co-ordination, In-service Activities, and Evaluation; A. Role of the Co-ordinator; B. Gifted Children Program Checklist; C. Misconceptions and Concerns in Relation to Programs; for Gifted and Talented Students; D. Three Case Studies; E. Criteria for Teacher Selection; F. Understanding and Helping Parents; G. Community Resource Survey; H. Program Evaluation; 7. Resources and Materials; A. Organisations and Personnel; (a) Victoria; (b) Australian Capital Territory; (c) Northern Territory; (51) Queensland; (0) New South Wales; (D South Australia; (g) Tasmania; (h) Western Australia; B. Materials - Units of Work, Booklets. and Audio-visual Tapes; C. Publications; D. References; Glossary. Ex lib. 
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Australian Courts of Law: Third Edition, Crawford, James
5 Crawford, James Australian Courts of Law: Third Edition
Australia Oxford Univ Pr 1993 0195535634 / 9780195535631 3rd Edition Glossy Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
335 indexed pages. Includes bibliographical references. The Australian court system continues to be the subject of debate and disagreement. Controversial issues in recent years have included judicial independence and judicial administration, the relations between courts and tribunals, the role of the High Court and specialist courts such as the Family Court, and problems of cost and delay. Australian Courts of Law traces the development of the Australian court systems from their English and colonial origins and gives an up-to-date account of the modern system. This third edition has been fully revised to take into account the developments since 1988. All major courts are dealt with - Magistrates Courts, District and Supreme Courts, the Federal Court and the High Court, and the main specialist courts such as the industrial courts and commissions, the Family Court, children's courts and small claims courts. The courts of all six States, the ACT and the Northern Territory are covered. The emphasis throughout is on an understanding of the constitution and operation of the courts, with comparisons of the many differences between jurisdictions. Australian Courts of Law will be essential reading for law students, and is recommended for anyone seeking an introduction to the Australian courts or the Australian legal system, or looking for further information on their workings and problems. 
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Australia: Boom to Bust: The Great Australian Credit & Property Bubble, David, Lindsay
6 David, Lindsay Australia: Boom to Bust: The Great Australian Credit & Property Bubble
U.S.A. Lindsay David 2014 1497503868 / 9781497503861 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
227 pages. "How much longer can the China construction boom last?" "At the height of the Global Financial Crisis, the American banking system was too big to fail. Today, the Australian banking system is too big to save." Australia: Boom to Bust dives deeply into the plausible collapse of the "Three Pillars" of the Australian economy: Banks, Natural Resources and Real Estate. Lindsay David provides unique commentary on the true state of the Australian economy and identifies major defects in the structures of the Three Pillars. Toxic levels of private sector debt sponsored by Australia's largest banks has managed to flood already-inflated asset classes of the Pillars on the back of a once-in-a-lifetime construction boom and property bubble in China. Compelling data and research suggests that the Australian economy has lost touch with reality and has gambled away its banking system to propel the mining and property markets into unchartered waters. Powerful Australian property and banking pundits have successfully led Australians to believe that the unusually high cost of real estate is justified. The pundits tell us that Australia is simply "different." Pundits love to use the word "boom," but they rarely use the word "bust." When a country as a whole and its cities lack density alongside a median house price that is more than six times the median household income, there is only one word that can describe the true state of the Australian property sector-bubble. The domestic banking sector in Australia learned absolutely nothing from past economic downturns in Japan, America, Spain and Ireland. Unfortunately, it will suffer the same sad fate that its northern-hemisphere peers did, as history has a good track record of repeating itself. The warnings signs of a toxic Australian credit bubble could not be any clearer-they have simply been ignored. 
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The House That Jack Built, Ford, Patrick
7 Ford, Patrick The House That Jack Built
Australia Patrick Michael Ford 2013 1291210776 / 9781291210774 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo Signed by Author
250 pages. Patrick Ford has been a student, a soldier, a farmer, a fawn consultant, a teacher and an accountant. He draws on his rich life experiences to create his novels. He writes his stories from his home in rural Queensland. "The House That jack Built" continues the story of Jack Riordan and his family. The continuing story of Jack Riordan, who, with his wife Susan, builds a farming dynasty, through drought, collapsing markets, and the threat of terrorist attack. The sequel to 'Drowning in Your Eyes'. Now at home on the family farm, Jack is still involved with his army career. This sees him involved with pirates, Muslim extremists and violent confrontations with them In Northern Australia and the USA, he continues his battles. Even his home and family are threatened. In the background, his life as a farmer continues, coping with droughts and falling markets, he battles on until, with the help of his Wife Susan, they finally triumph over adversity and establish a farming empire. The love of his wife, the joy of their children, take his story to new heights. This story highlights the hardships and the joys of the farmer's life and how important the love and support of a loving wife and family is to a successful life. There is an inscription signed by the Author in the first page. 
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Brindabella Heritage: from a series of illustrated talks by local experts on the heritage of the Brindabella Ranges, Fraser, Ian; McJannett, Margaret
8 Fraser, Ian; McJannett, Margaret Brindabella Heritage: from a series of illustrated talks by local experts on the heritage of the Brindabella Ranges
Australia Canberra &? South-East Region Environment Centre 1994 0959557245 / 9780959557244 1st Edition Stapled Cover Very Good Folio 
42 pages including b/w illustrations and a series of talks about the heritage of the Brindabella Ranges by some local experts. Talk 1. Watershed in History: some themes in the European history and heritage of the Brindabellas by Matthew Higgins. Talk 2. Skis on the Brindabellas by Matthew Higgins. Talk 3. Life at the Top; ecology of the northern alps by Ian Fraser. Talk 4. Night in the Brindabella Forests by Will Osborne. Talk 5. Floral Heritage of the Brindabellas by Geo?‘ Butler. Talk 6. Butter?ies and Moths of the Brindabellas by Ted Edwards. 
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Double Barrel: A policeman is a bureaucrat. So is a Nazi death-camp commandant. Is that why they got on so well together?, Freeling, Nicolas
9 Freeling, Nicolas Double Barrel: A policeman is a bureaucrat. So is a Nazi death-camp commandant. Is that why they got on so well together?
U. K. Penguin 1967 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Fair to Good 16mo 
207 pages. They told Inspector Van der Valk to pose as a bureaucrat, go to the dreariest town in Northern Holland and forget he was a policeman. They wanted him and his wife to become small town eavesdroppers and ‘peeping Toms’ like everybody else. Just to find out who was writing letters so poisonous that two people committed suicide and everyone was scared of everyone else. lt could have been Van der Valk’s dreariest job - except that he found out a lot about himself, and his wife, small towns, and just by chance uncovered the worst unpunished war criminal since Eichmann. 
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Australian State Politics, Galligan, Brian
10 Galligan, Brian Australian State Politics
Australia Longman Cheshire 1986 0582711444 / 9780582711440 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
xii + 283 indexed pages. Includes bibliography. For tertiary students. There have been extensive changes in state politics, with new governments being elected to office in most states. State governments have had to cope with leaner economic conditions, recession and resources booms, while at the same time continuing to manage vast state apparatuses and provide a wide range of social services and public utilities. Contrary to the prognostications of post-war centralists that federalism was obsolete and the states would wither away, the states are now more dynamic and significant in Australian politics than ever before. The growing recognition of this is producing a resurgence of interest in state politics. This book provides the only comprehensive and up-to-date review of state politics. It focuses on recent developments and the current state of play, examining why there have been such extensive changes" in state politics and assessing the impact of new governments in most of the states. The book is a cooperative research effort by leading scholars and commentators from the various states, coordinated through the Federalism Project at the Institute of Advanced Studies at the Australian National University. There are separate chapters on each of ‘the six states and the Northern Territory, and as well six chapters on key issues of federalism and comparative state politics. 
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Beyond Chinatown: Changing Perspectives on the Top End Chinese Experience, Giese, Diana
11 Giese, Diana Beyond Chinatown: Changing Perspectives on the Top End Chinese Experience
Australia National Library of Australia 1995 0642106339 / 9780642106339 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 8vo 
58 pages including b/w illustrations and bibliographical references. Beyond Chinatown is based partly on European documents, official reports, newspaper articles, Administrators' letters and contemporary theses. But its major storytellers are the Chinese Australians themselves who, through oral history, family stories, photographs and their own accounts, place themselves in the mainstream of Australian history. 
Price: 36.00 AUD
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Heritage Management in New Zealand, Hall, C. Michael; McArthur, Simon; Hall, Michael
12 Hall, C. Michael; McArthur, Simon; Hall, Michael Heritage Management in New Zealand
Australia OUP 1996 0195539060 / 9780195539066 2nd Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
314 indexed pages. Includes bibliographical references. Heritage conservation and management are vital concerns in Australia and New Zealand. Increasing numbers of people want to experience indigenous culture and visit national parks and historic buildings. The challenge is to enable them to do this while maintaining heritage values and appeal. Approaches to heritage conservation and management are changing. The conventional approach has been to take a resource-based approach, where the visitor is of secondary concern. This work addresses the human dimension: it focuses on the interests, values and needs of those who want heritage conserved, yet available for people to experience. This new edition has more emplasis on the use of strategic planning and evaluation as a tool for managing heritage, more detail on visitor management practices such as interpretation, marketing, visitor monitoring and research, and a wider range of case studies from differing environments and localities in Australia and New Zealand. It provides further discussion on the tourism dimension of heritage management, and has expanded coverage of indigenous perspectives on heritage management. It is intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students of heritage management, tourism and visitor management, recreation, leisure and resource management, geography and environmental management. Table of Contents: Part 1: The Human Dimension of Heritage Management: A Framework; 1; The Human Dimension of Heritage Management: Different Values,; Different Interests, Different Issues, Michael Hall & Simon McArthur; 2; Strategic Planning: Integrating People and Place through participation, Michael Hall & Simon McArthur; Visitor Management, Simon McArthur & Michael Hall; Visitor Research and Monitoring, Simon McArthur & Michael Hall; The Marketing of Heritage, Michael Hall & Simon McArthur; Interpretation,; Simon McArthur & Michael Hall; Evaluation,; Simon McArthur & Michael Hall; Part 2: Natural Places; Introduction, Michael Hall & Simon McArthur; Using Visitor Research and Monitoring to Improve Visitor Management: Case Studies from Kakadu and Tasmania, Tim Gardner; Visitor Perceptions of Taranaki/Egmont National Park, New Zealand,; Ross Lawrence, Brian Springett, & Michael Hall; Writing Environmental and Park Histories, Steven Mark; Visitor Management in Shark Bay, Western Australia, Ross Dowling; Walk Softly: The Effectiveness of Tasmanias Minimal Impact; Bushwalking Campaign, Tim O'Loughlin; Part 3: Managing Community Values: Identity-Place Relations; Introduction, Michael Hall & Simon McArthur; Identifying Community Values: A Case Study of Northern New South Wales, Ian Dutton & Katrina Luckie; Maori heritage, Visitor Management and Interpretation, Ngawini Keelan; Authenticity and Cultural Representation: A case Study of Maori; Tourism Operators, Bernadine Walsh; Aboriginal Heritage and Visitor Management, Bill Boyd & Graeme Ward; Marketing Indigenous Heritage: A Case Study of Uluru National Park, Northern Territory, Josette Wells; Landscape, Heritage and Identity: Stories from new Zealands West Coast, Val Kirby; Linking Tasmanias Cultural and natural Heritage: A Case Study of Waldheim Chalet, Rob Saunders; Part 4 : European Culture and the Built Environment; Introduction, Michael Hall, Chris Hamon & Simon McArthur; A Regional Approach to Heritage Management: A Case Study of Otago, Geoff Kearsley; Interpreting Heritage Through Community Involvement: A Case Study of the Mary McKillop Heritage Trail, Penola, South Australia,; Lynn Leader; Napier: The Art Deco City, Robert McGregor; The Wellington Waterfront, Stephen Page; Part 5 : Future Directions; The Human Dimension of Heritage Management: Different Values,; Different Interests...Different Solutions, Michael Hall & Simon McArthur. There is a small inscription in the front fly. 
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Fishing the Cape Guide, Hansen, Cliff
13 Hansen, Cliff Fishing the Cape Guide
Australia Marlin Publications 1989 1875165088 / 9781875165087 1st Edition Hard Cover Very Good 12mo 
144 pages including b/w and colour illustrations. Cliff Hansen calls himself a fisherman and storyteller. But the sort of stories Cliff tells are not about the 'one that got away' because not much has escaped Cliff's hook during a lifetime fishing the exciting waters of northern Queensland. Born and raised on the far north coast, Cliff has been a regional and state fishing champion in estuary, reef and offshore competitions, Fishermen of the Year on two occasions and has represented Cairns successfully in Australian championships. He is a life member of two major Cairns ?shing clubs following his long time membership, spanning 25 years at one club, and valuable service at committee level. He is also an associate member of several other clubs and is still treasurer of one club of which he has been a member for 20 years. On one season Cliff fished 51 consecutive Saturdays for this club and then attended the club dinner on the last Saturday of the year. There isn’t a place in northern Queensland that Cliff hasn't tested with rod and reel. As such his advice is much sought after. For more than 15 years he has been doing fishing and boating reports for a Cairns radio station. At the same time he has been a regular contributor to the Cairns Post and Australia's leading fishing publications. His photographs usually accompany his articles, as Cliffs camera always travels with his fishing gear torecord that record-breaking catch. Finally Cliff’s combined knowledge of one of the world's most exciting and challenging fishing areas has been packed between the pages of a book, along with some of his favourite Fishing yarns. 
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Thai Law: Buddhist Law - Essays on the Legal History of Thailand, Laos and Burma, Huxley, Andrew
14 Huxley, Andrew Thai Law: Buddhist Law - Essays on the Legal History of Thailand, Laos and Burma
Thailand Orchid Press 1996 9748299864 / 9789748299860 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
211 pages. Between 1880 and 1930 Thai law was modernised. Using the French civil code as their model, the kings of Siam recast traditional Thai law into western form. This book describes Thai law as it was before 1880. For at least five hundred years - perhaps nearer a thousand years - the Thai have used written law books. During the last twenty years, Thai scholars have systematically searched for these law books through the book chests of monasteries throughout the country. As a result, there are now ten times as many legal manuscripts available for study compared to the number accessible twenty years ago. In this book six experts on history and law describe the new discoveries and assess how far our view of traditional Thai law has to change. The essays have a regional focus, dealing with the Northern Thai traditions of Lanna, the provincial cities of central Thailand, the Southern Kingdom based on Nakhon Si Thammarat, the law texts of Laos, the new discoveries in Burma and finally with Bangkok and its famous Three Seals Code. A number of questions arise; some are answered, others will provoke a lively debate in the future. How should we describe the Thai legal tradition? Did the Thais bring it with them into Southeast Asia? Or is it part of the Buddhist intellectual traditions that reached Thailand from across the Bay of Bengal? Is it enough to call traditional Thai law 'pre-modern', or should the different regions be graded into degrees of pre-modernity? Ex-library markings. 
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Wik, Mining and Aborigines, Kauffman, Paul
15 Kauffman, Paul Wik, Mining and Aborigines
Australia Allen & Unwin 1998 1864488506 / 9781864488500 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
208 indexed pages. This account of the mining agreements made with Aboriginal people during 30 years provides a practical perspective on mining's role in the native title debate. It dispels the claim that negotiating with Aboriginal communities must necessarily be difficult or devoid of satisfactory outcomes. The author contends that commercial mining is not necessarily hostile to native title. Aborginal people accept development but want it to occur under certain conditions and wish to share in some of the benefits. This study describes how agreements have been reached in this context, sets out the success stories, and offers practical guidance for future negotiations. Table of Contents: Introduction; Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act; State legislation; Mining agreements prior to the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act; Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act Era; Post Mabo Agreements: 1993-1996; Post Mabo Agreements: 1997-1998. 
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The Cottage in the Parliamentary Triangle : a social history of the building known as Blundell's, Knowles, Beth
16 Knowles, Beth The Cottage in the Parliamentary Triangle : a social history of the building known as Blundell's
Canada Canberra & District Historical Society 1990 0909655111 / 9780909655112 1st Edition Stapled Pictorial Cover Good 12mo 
63 pages including b/w & colour illustrations. The historic cottage in Wendouree Drive on the northern shore of Canberra's Lake Burley Griffin was built about 1860. It was originally a workman’s four-roomed rubble stone cottage on Duntroon estate, one o the large pastoral stations occupying the Limestone Plains in the nineteenth century. The cottage overlooked Church Crossing, a main ford of the Molonglo River which flowed from east to west across the plains. Yarralumla was the third large station on the Limestone Plains in the nineteenth century. The word ’yarralumla’ is an Aboriginal word believed to mean ‘where the cry comes back from the mountains’. Contents: Introduction; Merchant Robert Campbell (769-1946): founder of Duntroon; The limestone plains & Duntroon; economic evolution; consolidation; the cottage era; the cottage fabric; the cottage families (the Ginns, the Blundells, the Oldfields); preservation; restoration; Open for visitors; the cottage garden; Epilogue. 
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17 Kosciusko National Park The North End: Kosciusko National Park
Australia NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service 1991 1st Edition Stapled Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
74 pages including illustrations and maps. Kiandra, in the North End of Kosciuszko National Park, was the scene of one of the shortest gold rushes in Australia from 1859 to 1860. This booklet deals with the area north of Mt Jagungal. There are considerable differences between the northern and southern areas. 
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The Northern Territory in the defence of Australia: Strategic and operational considerations (Canberra papers on strategy and defence), Langtry, J. O.; Desmond Ball (editors)
18 Langtry, J. O.; Desmond Ball (editors) The Northern Territory in the defence of Australia: Strategic and operational considerations (Canberra papers on strategy and defence)
Australia Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University 1991 0731511565 / 9780731511563 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
xxii + 340 pages including maps and bibliography. Northern Australia has become the primary focus of Australian defence planning. It is the area in which low-level contingencies are most likely to occur, and it is the direction through which higher level threats are most likely to come. The Review of Australia's Defence Capabilities by Paul Dibb, the 1987 White Paper on The Defence of Australia 1987, and Exercise Kangaroo '89 each identified the need for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Australian defence planners to increase their familiarity with northem Australia. This volume is a companion to Canberra Papers on Strategy and Defence No.63, which also dealt with the Northern Territory in the defence of Australia but from the aspects of its geography, history, economy, and the actual Defence presence in the Territory. This volume is concerned with strategic and operational considerations. It highlights the Territory’s place in the threat contingency spectrum, before examining those characteristics of the ambient environment which have particular significance for the conduct of operations. A strategic appraisal of the Territory’s geography follows - in general terms and from an adversary’ s standpoint. Thereafter follow separate and specialised operational considerations as seen from navy, air force and army perspectives. The final chapter addresses the civil-military nexus developing in the Northem Territory. 
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Kangaroo and the Porpoise: An Aboriginal Story, Lippo, Agnes; Lofts, Pamela
19 Lippo, Agnes; Lofts, Pamela Kangaroo and the Porpoise: An Aboriginal Story
Australia Ashton Scholastic 1987 0868963275 / 9780868963273 1st Edition Stapled Cover Good 12mo 
Oblong format.32 colour illustrated pages. The 'kangaroo and the porpoise' is one of many stories from the very small Aboriginal community of Belyuen. We hope publishing these stories will enable us to buy desperately-needed materials for the school. We want to continue to document the culture of the people at Belyuen. Porpoises are small cetaceans of the family Phocoenidae; they are related to whales and dolphins. The Belyuen Shire is a local government area in the Northern Territory, Australia near Wagait, across Port Darwin from the city of Darwin. There is a name and a phone number in the first page. 
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A Mixed Bag: Tales from the Top End and Cockpit Yarns, Lunney, Bob
20 Lunney, Bob A Mixed Bag: Tales from the Top End and Cockpit Yarns
Australia R. Abbott 1989 0731659244 / 9780731659241 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo Diane Gardoll 
144 pages including b/w illustrations. If you are having trouble choosing a present for the bloke next door, your favourite aunt or even your girl friend, then this book will certainly fill the bill. 'A Mixed Bag', as with 'Fair Dinkum and Ridgy Didge', Bob Lunney’s last book, is based on true characters from the fifties and early sixties. The yarns take you from the hunting camps near the South Alligator River in the Northern Territory in 1953, to Darwin, then south via Port Keats and Katherine to Alice Springs. The second part of the book leads you to New South Wales. Starting with the mad cap days of the post War Aero Clubs and other stories. The book entertains with light humorous reading, while telling it as it Was. Bob spent many of his young years in the Northern Territory and has been a pilot since 1956. There is a small inscription in the first page. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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