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51st State? (Scribe Short Books), Altman, Dennis
1 Altman, Dennis 51st State? (Scribe Short Books)
Australia Scribe 2006 1920769986 / 9781920769987 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
137 pages. Australian prime ministers since Harold Holt have all fostered close relationships with the United States, but John Howard has initiated economic and military policies that have bound the two countries even tighter. As a result, many Australians now believe that not only our sovereignty but also our very identity as a nation is under threat, and that we are fast becoming America's 51st state. If this view is correct, it should be reflected not only in our foreign policy but also in our domestic policies. Indeed, the weakening of social safety nets, the privatisation of areas long seen as government responsibilities, and the signing of the Free Trade Agreement all point to the triumph of US-style neo-liberalism. Yet, as Dennis Altman shows, the story is not so simple. Even as official rhetoric immerses us ever deeper into the US worldview, the resilience of the Australian social contract is imposing real limits on the application of neo-liberal principles. And, despite his enthusiastic membership of the coalition of the willing, Howard has assiduously cultivated economic and political ties within our region which, as the global balance of power shifts, will become increasingly relevant. In this elegant and sophisticated meditation on Australian identity, Altman suggests that the tendency to attribute malign American influence to everything we dislike about the contemporary world is the flipside of seeing the US as the only model worthy of emulation, and serves to conceal the deeper questions we face namely, how does Australia imagine its future? 
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Westerly looks to Asia: A selection from Westerly 1956-1992, Bennett, Bruce et al (eds.)
2 Bennett, Bruce et al (eds.) Westerly looks to Asia: A selection from Westerly 1956-1992
Australia Indian Ocean Centre for Peace Studies / Centre for Studies in Australian Literature 1993 1863421939 / 9781863421935 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
x + 248 pages. This anthology samples some rich pickings ot poetry, fiction, essays and interviews from Westerly, one of Australia's leading literary magazines since it commenced publication in the mid-1950s. The focus of the anthology is contemporary Asia - its various countries, its cultures, its literary artists and intellectuals. Some ot the regions best-known writers are represented, including Kamala Das, Pramoedya Ananta Toer, Edwin Thumboo, and many others. Australian authors also contribute their perceptions of Asia - as travellers or expatriates or observers of Asian influences on Australian ideas or manners. Australian authors represented here include Randolph Stow, Frank Moorhouse, Yasmine Gooneratne and Nicholas Jose. Wester/y's policy of publishing lively, inquisitive prose and verse pays off in this feast of images, ideas and insights which link Australia "with the countries of Asia." 
Price: 18.00 AUD
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Hindu Nationalism: Origins, Ideologies and Modern Myths, Bhatt, Chetan
3 Bhatt, Chetan Hindu Nationalism: Origins, Ideologies and Modern Myths
United Kingdom Berg Pub 2001 1859733484 / 9781859733486 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
232 indexed pages. The rise of authoritarian Hindu mass movements and political formations in India since the early 1980s raises fundamental questions about the resurgence of chauvinistic ethnic, religious and nationalist movements in the late modern period. This book examines the history and ideologies of Hindu nationalism and Hindutva from the end of the last century to the present, and critically evaluates the social and political philosophies and writings of its main thinkers. Hindu nationalism is based on the claim that it is an indigenous product of the primordial and authentic ethnic and religious traditions of India. The book argues instead that these claims are based on relatively recent ideas, frequently related to western influences during the colonial period. These influences include eighteenth and nineteenth century European Romantic and Enlightenment rationalist ideas preoccupied with archaic primordialism, evolution, organicism, vitalism and race. As well as considering the ideological impact of National Socialism and Fascism on Hindu nationalism in the 1930s, the book also looks at how Aryanism continues to be promoted in unexpected forms in contemporary India. Using a wide range of historical and contemporary sources, the author considers the consequences of Hindu nationalist resurgence in the light of contemporary debates about minorities, secular citizenship, ethics and modernity. 
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Deviant: A Satirical Novel, Dale, Georgia
4 Dale, Georgia Deviant: A Satirical Novel
Australia Ginninderra Press 2000 1740270312 / 9781740270311 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
116 pages. A powerful parody of where we are heading as a society. What do heroin trials, wheelie bins and mandatory sentencing have in common? Read this darkly humorous story and find out... ‘The momentous event of Deviant's conception, which happened without much forethought on the part of his parents, amid grappling and giggling in the back seat of an old maroon Ford Falcon in a bitumen car park on an otherwise uneventful evening, destined him to be a misfit from the start. But for the chance meeting of that young couple on that night, Deviant wouldn't have seen the light of day. His genetic make - up was determined by that event, but you will see that the environment in which he lived and the influences to which he was exposed played a greater part in determining the path he was to tread. This book is fiction, of course. Any resemblance to any particular country or government or state organisation is only partly intentional. The real picture is much harsher than the one portrayed.' There is an inscription in the inside front cover. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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On the struggle for democracy in Vietnam, Dao, Tang Duc
5 Dao, Tang Duc On the struggle for democracy in Vietnam
Australia Butterfly Books 1994 0947333703 / 9780947333706 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
xi + 244 indexed pages icluding bibliography. This title is the first book in the English language which explains the cultural, religious and political factors affecting Vietnam today. The author is a practising lawyer in Sydney. His book is the result of painstaking research. It is a revealing and clearly written thesis on the problems and cultural influences that have shaped this troubled nation for centuries. The successive effects of many centuries of Chinese domination, French colonisation, and most recently the disastrous Vietnam war which shook the world and humbled America - all these have led to the Vietnam of today, run by a Communist government of the kind that has been discredited and all but disappeared elsewhere in the world. The author, writing from his own Vietnamese cultural and family background, has examined these matters with a clarity that allows us to see the complex issues without ideological or sympathy-seeking overtones. This book is recommended reading for expatriate Vietnamese, as well as Western readers who are concerned about the South-East Asian question and bewildered by its complexity. There are small creases in the cover. 
Price: 26.00 AUD
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The Resilient Power of Purpose: 7 Steps to Own Your Dream - When your dream becomes your purpose you are absolutely Unstoppable, Diangi, Larry
6 Diangi, Larry The Resilient Power of Purpose: 7 Steps to Own Your Dream - When your dream becomes your purpose you are absolutely Unstoppable
Australia Goko Management 1998 1577570839 / 9781577570837 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
112 pages. In The Resilient Power of Purpose, Larry DiAngi offers inspiring yet practical advice on how to make your dreams a reality. By following the seven principles Larry sets out in this book, you will learn how to rediscover the passion of your purpose in life and be propelled with unstoppable inspiration. You will be challenged to explore questions such as: What is the purpose in my life? How can I discover my true identity? How do I live an inspired life that creates continual motivation? How am I influenced by the people that surround me? How do my thoughts about the different areas of my life affect me? How can I overcome procrastination and self-sabotage? How can I make my dream a reality despite the negative influences in my life? How can I learn to face my fears and find the courage to do things I have never done? Filled with poignant stories and examples from Larry's own life. This book will inspire you to pursue your dreams with relentless energy and courage. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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The Role of Rock, Don Hibbard
7 Don Hibbard The Role of Rock
U.S.A. Prentice Hall 1983 0137824416 / 9780137824410 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
216 indexed pages. From its inception in the 1950s to the arrival of New Wave in the 1980s. rock 'n' roll has had an enormous impact on American youth and culture. Sex, drugs, the anti-war movement - rock has revolutionized many facets of society. Here the extent of rock's impact is evaluated and the role of rock analyzed, from 1955 to the present. What emerges is a new understanding of the motivations behind rock, its influence on audiences, and its interrelationships with society. Rock as an art form is a central theme, and in this book its development through established genres and performers is traced. But this is not just a rock encyclopedia; musical and sociological analyses flesh out the chronological framework. Rock is defined not only as music, but as a social phenomenon as well. From this viewpoint, rock is seen as a vehicle for youthful rebellion, and non conformity as a symbol for a new world view. The authors grapple with these ideas and succeed in unearthing a fascinating assessment of the role of rock. As they do, it suddenly becomes clear that though the revolution of the 1960s has passed, rock made something significant happen in our society - and the impact of that event still influences our lives today. Specially featured in this book is an extensive discography that covers not only rock 'n' roll but the blues, gospel, country, rhythm and blues, folk. and reggae as well. 
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Not Just for Christmas, Doyle, Roddy
8 Doyle, Roddy Not Just for Christmas
Australia Flamingo 2001 0732268494 / 9780732268497 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 16mo 
89 pages with the fantastic story of Danny Murphy meeting his brother, Jimmy, after an estrangement which lasted over twenty years. The story concentrates on the power of the past and how it influences the present. Emotionally speaking, the two brothers are still incredibly close, even if they have not seen one another for two decades. 
Price: 7.50 AUD
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Myths of Oz: Reading Australian Popular Culture, Fiske, John;Hodge, Bob
9 Fiske, John;Hodge, Bob Myths of Oz: Reading Australian Popular Culture
Australia Allen & Unwin 1987 0043060056 / 9780043060056 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Good 12mo 
191 indexed pages including b/w illustrations. This book sets out to examine and extend our understanding of Australian popular culture, and to counter the long-established, traditional criticism bewailing the lack of an Australian culture. The authors argue that the ‘knocker’s’ view of Australian culture started from an elitist viewpoint, yearning for Australia to aspire to a European culture in art, music, literature and other traditional cultural fields. They argue however that there are other definitions of culture that are more populist, more comprehensive, and which represent a vitality and dynamism which is a true reflection of the lives and aspirations of Australians. This book offers no comprehensive definition of Australian culture, but rather a fruitful way of interpreting its various aspects. The barbeque or the pub, an expedition to the shops or a day at the beach, the home, the workplace or the job queue; all these intrinsic parts of Australian life are examined and conclusions drawn as to how they shape-or are shaped by what we call popular culture. The authors look too at monuments and symbols, from Ayers Rock to the Sydney Opera House, which both shape and reflect Australian culture, while a chapter on the Australian accent shows how language and terminology play a powerful role in establishing cultural standpoints. A particular strength of this book is that while delivering a provocative and stimulating series of viewpoints on popular culture, it also makes use of current academic ‘tools’ and methodology to ensure that we gain a number of new insights into the meanings and pleasures we derive from our everyday experiences. The authors are all academics with established backgrounds in media, language and cultural studies, and with a large number of books and articles to their names in this field. Their enthusiasm for the complexity and variety of Australian popular culture has been their chief motivation for writing this book. 
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Politically Correct Bedtime Stories / Once Upon a More Enlightened Time More Politically Correct Bedtime Stories, Garner, James Finn
10 Garner, James Finn Politically Correct Bedtime Stories / Once Upon a More Enlightened Time More Politically Correct Bedtime Stories
Australia Macmillan 1994 002542730X / 9780025427303 1st Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 12mo 
These two books sell together. Humorous adaptation of classic bedtime stories to reflect more enlightened times. Garner removes any and all types of bias from these traditionally offensive tales and attempts to develop meaningful literature free from the influences of a flawed cultural past. 
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Byzantine East and Latin West: Two Worlds of Christendom in Middle Ages and Renaissance. Studies in Ecclesiastical and Cultural History, Geanakoplos, Deno John
11 Geanakoplos, Deno John Byzantine East and Latin West: Two Worlds of Christendom in Middle Ages and Renaissance. Studies in Ecclesiastical and Cultural History
USA Harper Torchbooks 1966 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
206 indexed pages including b/w illustrations. "One of the greatest tragedies of the Middle Ages was the gradual division of Christendom into two ultimately hostile worlds, the Byzantine East and the Latin West. Against this backdrop of estrangement six related‘ essays examine key points or themes in the interaction of these two worlds with emphasis on the ecclesiastical and cultural influences of Byzantium on the West - influences which, as is not usually realized, continued until as late as 1600. In the first study the elements of the rich Byzantine cultural synthesis are analyzed and the more creative aspects of Byzantium's role in helping to mold Western civilization pointed out, as well as her more passive function in preserving Greek learning. A new approach to the problem of Byzantine Caesaropapism, a study on the famous Council of Florence (1439), and another on Maximos Margounios (an important but neglected 16th century Greek theologian-humanist) show not only how far the ecclesiastical traditions of East and West had diverged since the early medieval period but how closely bound up with cultural and psychological differences was the question of the religious schism itself. Indeed the negotiations at Florence and Margounios’ ideas for reconciling Orthodox and Catholic doctrine may well provide a point of departure for modern ‘ecumenical’ attempts to reunite the two churches. Two additional essays on the Greek community in Venice and on the numerous Cretan refugee-humanists and painters coming to the West offer a new dimension for the study of the revival of Greek culture during the Renaissance. The continuity of the old Byzantine tradition, extending from the 4th through the 16th century, and including such figures as El Greco and Margounios, is underlined in the work." Contents: PART ONE: EAST AND WEST IN THE MIDDLE AGES. I: The Influences of Byzantine Culture on the Medieval Western World. II: Church and State in the Byzantine Empire. III: The Council of Florence (1438-39) and the Problem of Union Between the Churches. PART TWO: BYZANTIUM AND THE RENAISSANCE. IV: The Greco-Byzantine Colony in Venice and its Significance in the Renaissance. V: The Cretan Role in the Transmission of Greco-Byzantine Culture to Western Europe via Venice. VI: An Overlooked Post-Byzantine Plan for Religious Union with Rome. 
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The Abundant Culture: Meaning and Significance in Everyday Australia, Headon, David; Hooton, Joy; Horne, Donald (editors)
12 Headon, David; Hooton, Joy; Horne, Donald (editors) The Abundant Culture: Meaning and Significance in Everyday Australia
Australia Allen & Unwin 1995 1863736441 / 9781863736442 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
xvi + 245 indexed pages. Includes bibliographical references. This is a re-assessment of Australian cultural life. The collection features essays by many of Australia's leading cultural commentators on the pursuits and concerns that give meaning and significance to everyday life. It covers a wide range of topics, including cultural heritage, gender, fashion, food, sport, the beach, new films and the Sylvania Waters phenomenon. A portrait of the new Australia, it covers indigenous, feminist, multicultural and regional issues, along with changes to the workplace and to political maps. Table of Contents: Future pasts, David Carter; the new heroes - inventing a heritage, Peter Cochrane; making diversity work - the changing cultures of Australian workplaces, Bill Cope and Mary Kalantzis; doing it with your mates - connecting aspects of modem Australian masculinity, Peter Looker; things we want to keep - discovering Australia's cultural heritage, Ken Taylor; jacking up - styles of protest in Australia, James Warden; the funny country, Richard Harris; Australia and the world in schoolbooks, Julian Thomas; the beach, the coast, the signifier, the feral transcendence and pumpin' at Byron Bay, Craig McGregor; Laurie and Noeline and Sylvania Waters, Joy Hooton; strictly stomper - the new Australian films, David Headon; are we what we eat?, Bev Kingston; Packer cricket, Richard Cashman; it's Sony rock and roll - contemporary Oz rock, Philip Hayward; profits from the desert? The Adelaide Festival of Arts, Andrew Taylor; short stories - tabloid culture in the 1950s, Ann Curthoys and Kathryn Evans; the polities of the Australian tribe - a confidential report on the political habits of the Australians, made by an anthropologist from outer space, Donald Home; inventing "the economy", Jo-Anne Pemberton; not finding a word for it - political language in the 1990s, Judy Brett; 1974 - just another year, Peter Read; "Life and sweaty" - ethnic communities at play, Philip Mosely; a sporting chance? The federal construction of Aboriginal sport, Vicky Paraschak; the mirrored ceiling - fashion and Australian women, Margaret Maynard; a day at the zoo, Kay J. Anderson. 
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Contemporary Adolescence: A Social Psychological Approach, Heaven, Patrick C. L.
13 Heaven, Patrick C. L. Contemporary Adolescence: A Social Psychological Approach
Australia Macmillan 1994 073292619X / 9780732926199 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
265 indexed pages including bibliography. Introduces and reviews major themes in adolescent development. The lively and topical chapters, including such topics as the influence of family and friends, sexuality and AIDS, adolescents as parents, the world of work and money, delinquency, and depression and suicide, will appeal to undergraduates and professionals alike. Each chapter provides an overview of important and recent research findings from leading international journals and evaluates their implications for the social and emotional development of adolescents. The text is written in a clear and concise style and cites findings from many different cultures. Many chapters feature a case study, and the reader is able to follow, through the cases, a range of problems. Contemporary Adolescence will make an ideal introductory text for courses in psychology, education, social work and welfare. Based on American, Australian and British research findings on contemporary adolescence, including reference to current social issues, and designed as an introductory text for behavioural science courses. Each chapter includes theoretical considerations and a summary. This book is '...a valuable source of both empirical and theoretical material, particularly for psychology students and those studying psychology as part of their professional training.' - Journal of Adolescence '...a useful addition to the growing literature on the social psychology of contemporary young people. Written in a straightforward easy to access style this book will prove helpful to those who wish to understand the world in which young people are entering and the issues and problems they are facing.' - Youth and Policy Contemporary Adolescence. Contents: 1. General Introduction; 2. Identity and the Self; 3. Family Influences; 4. Friendships and Peer Groups; 5. Educational Processes; 6. Sexuality; 7. Adolescents as Parents; 8. Work and Money; 9. Orientation to Authority and Delinquency; 10. Hopelessness, Depression and Suicide. 
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Living with Your Looks (Contemporary Issues (University Western Australia)), Honigman, Roberta Jayne; Castle, David J
14 Honigman, Roberta Jayne; Castle, David J Living with Your Looks (Contemporary Issues (University Western Australia))
Australia University of Western Australia Pr 2007 1920694951 / 9781920694951 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
129 indexed pages. This topical study looks at the social, cultural, and historical influences which effect the way people view their bodies, and how concerns about body image can give rise to a range of body image disorders. Living with Your Looks surveys the processes by which people view their bodies can become so distorted that their obsession(s) manifest themselves as a psychiatric disorder. It counters any preconceived notions that these issues are limited to women. As the book demonstrates, muscle dysmorphia (the belief that one is too small or tiny) is as prevalent among men as bulimia and anorexia are amongst women. Chapters include: -- The 'Looks Heritage': An Historical Background -- Changing Our Looks: Tattoos, Body Piercing and Plastic Surgery -- Weight and Shape: Fat and Thin -- Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD): General Considerations Treatment of BDD -- Skin Picking and Hair Pulling: Recognition and Treatment -- Living With Our Looks. Full contents: Machine derived contents note: Preface: What This Book Is About ix;1 The I ooks Heritage 1;Society and Appearance Concerns 2;The Media and Children's Toys 3;Is Attractiveness Really an Advantage? 6;What Is Body Image? 7;The Development of Body Image 8;Body Image Disturbance 9;2 Changing Our Looks 11;Wigs 12;Tattooing 13;Body Piercing 15;"Plastic Surgery 18;Conclusion 31;3 Men's Body Image 32;Appearance Concerns in Men Today 34;Pressures on Men 36;Muscle Dysmorphia 37;Addressing the Male Looks Obsession 39;Men Who Want to Be Women 40;Conclusion 41; Fat and Body Image 42;The Obesity Problem 42;Obesity and Body Image 44;What Can Be Done about Obesity? 46;Obesity among Children 48;Fat as a Desired Attribute 49;Conclusion 51; The Drive for Thiness 52;Thinness as an Ideal 52;Other Risk Factors for Eating Disorders 54;Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa 55;What Can Be Done? 58;What About the Family? 62;Conclusion 62; Ageing and Appearance 63;The Ageing Face 65;Cosmetic Enhancement in the Ageing Population 66;Cosmetic Enhancement and Body Image 69;Ageing and Psychosocial Aspects of Cosmetic Enhancement 69;Conclusion 71;"7 Body Dysmorphic Disorder 72;What Is BDD? 73;Who Is Affected by BDD? 74;Symptoms of BDD 74;What Parts of the Body Do People Worry About? 79;What Causes BDD? 80;How Is BDD Diagnosed? 80;Conditions Associated with BDD 82;Conclusion 84; Treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder 86;Treatments that Don't Work 86;How Can the Cosmetic Specialist Help? 87;Psychological Treatments 88;Medication 92;Living with Someone with BDD 94;Conclusion 97;9 Habit Disorders 98;Are Habit Disorders Rare? 98;Trichotillomania (TTM) 99;Skin Picking 100;High-risk Situations 101;Additional Psychological Problems 102;Physical Consequences of Habit Disorders 102;Treatment for Habit Disorders 103;Medication 104;Other Approaches 105;Living with Someone with a Habit Disorder 105;Conclusion 108;10 Living with Our Looks 109;Accepting that the 'Ideal' Is Not In Fact Ideal 110;Accepting Ourselves 111;Enjoying a Healthy Look 112;Conclusion 112;Notes 114;Bibliography 119. 
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Avenue of Eternal Peace, Jose, Nicholas
15 Jose, Nicholas Avenue of Eternal Peace
Australia Penguin 1990 0140139885 / 9780140139884 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
300 pages. Beijing is a city of opportunity and danger when cancer specialist Wally Frith arrives there from Sydney. Chance encounters have life - changing consequences. As the doctor's journey spirals back into his own family story, memories and ghosts shadow the seductions of the present. After forty years of communist rule, the ancient civilisation of China, newly exposed to western influences, is in a state of vigorous contradiction. Enter Wally Frith, a leading cancer specialist, who travels from the gritty frozen north to the tranquil lakes and mountains of the south, looking for answers. Does traditional Chinese medicine contain a possible cancer cure? Professor Hsu Chien Lung might have the clue, but did he ever exist? Is the elegant, enigmatic linguist, Jin Juan, really trying to help Wally in his quest? As he fights through a maze of bureaucracy and subterfuge, Wally falls in with people whose lives reflect the diversity of contemporary Peking: a model, shady traders, a basketballer, students, a dissident artist and a band of eccentric westerners. Finally, Peking opera turns to a passionate drama for freedom and democracy, when thousands of Chinese students occupy the grey streets of the capital. This is a kaleidoscopic novel of healing and hope. It was shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Literary Award and filmed as Children of the Dragon with Bob Peck and Lily Chen. This is a brilliant novelistic portrait of China on the brink of monumental change. An authentic, gripping, disturbing tale of Beijing leading up to the Tiananmen Square massacre. Over 20mm thickness. Book has to be posted opened, otherwise extra postage charges apply. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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Tantric Quest : An Encounter with Absolute Love, Lewis, David
16 Lewis, David Tantric Quest : An Encounter with Absolute Love
Canada Bantam Books 1997 0733800807 / 9780733800801 1st Australian Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
184pp. The author reveals his passionate experiences with a female Tantric master who taught him the suppressed practices of her ancient order. In 1968 Daniel Odier left Europe for the Himalayas, searching for a master who could help him go where texts and intellectual searching could no longer take him. He wanted everything: the wisdom and spirituality gained from the life of an ascetic and the beauty, love, and sensuality of a life of passion. He found both in Shivaic Tantrism, the secret spiritual path that seeks to transcend ego and rediscover the divine by embracing the passions. In an isolated Himalayan forest Odier met Devi, a great yogini who would take him on a mystical journey like none he had ever imagined. At times taking him beyond the limits of sexual experience, at times threatening him with destruction, she taught him what it is to truly be alive and to know the divine nature of absolute love. This is the personal memoir of one of France's most honored writers. Tantrism is the only ancient philosophy to survive all historical upheavals, invasions, and influences to reach us intact by uninterrupted transmission from master to disciple, and the only one to retain the image of the Great Goddess as the ultimate source of power. 
Price: 29.00 AUD
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Generations. Baby Boomers, their parents & their Children, Mackay, Hugh
17 Mackay, Hugh Generations. Baby Boomers, their parents & their Children
Australia Macmillan 1997 073290921X / 9780732909215 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo Signed by Author
215 indexed pages including bibliographical references. In this book, Hugh Mackay - distinguished social researcher and novelist - devotes his analytical skills to the task of exploring the attitudes, values and outlook of three generations of contemporary Australians. In the process, he examines how all of us are shaped by the social, cultural and economic influences on our childhood and adolescence, and he explains why these three generations are, in effect, the product of three different Australias. Mackay's analysis will change the Way you think about inter-generational differences and conflicts. As he says in the Introduction to this important book: 'It will have served its purpose if, seeing themselves reflected in these pages, members of those generations find it a little easier to understand themselves and each other.' 
Price: 9.50 AUD
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Discovering an Australian Theology, Malone, Peter (ed)
18 Malone, Peter (ed) Discovering an Australian Theology
Australia St Paul Pub 1988 0949080195 / 9780949080196 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
239 pages with essays by the following prominent Australian Christian writers: Tony Kelly, Peter Malone, Michael Casey, Frank Fletcher, Denis Edwards, Patrick Dodson, Peter Kirkwood, Christine Burke, Patricia Hearity, Gideon Goosen, Lawrence Cross, Maryanne Confoy, Raymond Canning and Francis J. Moloney. Since the late 1970s, Writers and lecturers have been exploring theology in an Australian context. They have been considering how the distinctive, if not always unique, Australian experience influences the way we investigate, understand and express our faith. A number of their findings are collected in this book. Some of the articles have appeared in ‘Compass Theology Review’ while others are being published for the first time. Co-ordinated by Peter Malone, this collection offers foundations for a local theology, considers indigenous theology and a range of issues including multiculturalism, ministry, evangelisation and materialism. ‘Discovering an Australian Theology is a beginning of a journey in faith and understanding. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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Intuitive Mothering: Trusting Your Own Child Rearing Instincts, Mcpherson, Lyn
19 Mcpherson, Lyn Intuitive Mothering: Trusting Your Own Child Rearing Instincts
Australia New Holland Publishers, 2006 1741103525 / 9781741103526 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
191 pages. Your life will be transformed as you uncover the natural joy of motherhood and 'tune in' to the instincts you were designed to use, through this invaluable resource. Lyn shows you how to leave unnatural and unnecessary dogma and doctrine behind. You will finally find the answers that work for you...managing pregnancy and birth; sleep; behaviour and cooperation issues; sibling relationships; work and money; partners and much more. It includes a Foreword by Dr Suzanne Roffey, Lecturer in Educational Psychology, and endorsed by NAPCAN (National Assoc. for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect) "Intuitive Mothering" liberates mothers. It helps us realise motherhood is one of the most spiritual journeys taken in life, yet western culture teaches mothers to tune out the innate and powerful survival instincts required to make the journey whole and pure. 'Tuning in' to instinct seems to have become unnecessary because our lives are dominated or controlled by unnatural forces such as schedules and procedures. "Intuitive Mothering" enables mothers to 'tune in' from the word go. It shows us how to be wonderfully okay with who we are as mothers, and it's a journey that can only be learned from one mother to another. When we are tuned in to our instinct, we genuinely feel calm and in control. When we discover this reality, we recover the joy of mothering and it becomes a natural, beautiful experience. "Intuitive Mothering" will inspire and allow us to, at last, educate society into better understanding who we are. Through this book, mothers can feel united in their quest for uncovering the natural joy of motherhood, providing understanding, confidence and a deep sense of knowing to themselves, their children and the world around them. I am the proud mother of two little angels: Jasmine and Angelique. We are blessed with a beautiful, devoted husband and father, Duncan. It was through the challenges I faced as a new mother, that the reality of modern mothering became blatantly clear to me. In many ways, we are being discouraged from the joy of true connection and fulfilled mothering because we are being encouraged to ignore or disregard our instincts and intuition. "Intuitive Mothering" simply flowed through me. It became an incredible light to my life. It's almost as if my instincts wrote the book through me. I found myself living a completely transformed life: answers almost landed in my lap without needing to search, our whole family lived in peace and understanding - communicating and connecting automatically. It was like magic! I then felt deeply compelled to share this gift and now I feel I have received the ultimate gift: "Intuitive Mothering" is transforming lives all over the world just as it did mine and my families'. I hope you enjoy and value this precious gift. We can only create new possibility tomorrow if we create new possibility today! "Intuitive Mothering" uncovers the natural joy of motherhood and helps you 'tune in' to the instincts you were designed to use, leaving unnatural and unnecessary dogma and doctrine behind. Written for expectant mothers, new mothers, mothers of toddlers and mothers or carers of young children through to the pre-teen and even adult years, this book will help you discover practical solutions, confidence, clarity and connectedness that will last a lifetime. 'Tune in' to your instincts and find the answers that work for you on: pregnancy, birth, sleep, behaviour and cooperation, sibling relationships, work and money, partners and much more. Table of Contents: Foreword; INTRODUCTION; REDISCOVERING YOUR INSTINCT AND INTUITION; LIBERATING YOURSELF FROM CONVENTION; FENDING OFF UNWANTED INFLUENCES AND PRESSURE; MODERN TRENDS IN CHILD REARING VERSUS MOTHER'S INTUITION; FACING CHALLENGES AND ADVERSITY; AWAKENING THE JOY WITHIN; NURTURING AN ENLIGHTENED CHILD; TEACHING YOUR CHILD SOCIAL SKILLS; TEACHING TECHNIQUES FOR THE IN-TUNE MOTHER; PARENTS WORKING AS PARTNERS; LETTING GO TO KEEP CONNECTED. 
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Step-by-Step Indonesian Cooking, Pan-Passmore, Jacki
20 Pan-Passmore, Jacki Step-by-Step Indonesian Cooking
Australia Murdoch Books 1992 0864112556 / 9780864112552 1st Edition Stapled Pictorial Cover Very Good 12mo 
64 colour illustrated pages. Here is a truly inspirational collection of recipes which typifies the rich and varied cuisine of these exotic islands. Indonesian food embraces the many culinary influences left by the traders who visited the islands over the centuries. 
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