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The Gospel of St John: The Story of the Son of God
1 The Gospel of St John: The Story of the Son of God
U.S.A. Lion Book 1997 0312222092 / 9780312222093 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
160 indexed pages. With words that echo the Old Testament story of creation, St. John set his story of Christ in the cosmic framework of God's plan to save the world from the power of darkness. More than any other gospel writer, John illuminated the life of Jesus in an interesting way. In this book for the general reader, John's gospel is presented along with commentary, from well-known Biblical scholars and a foreword by Piers Paul Read. 
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What Jesus Saw from the Cross, A. G. Sertillanges
2 A. G. Sertillanges What Jesus Saw from the Cross
USA Sophia Institute Press 1996 0918477379 / 9780918477378 Soft Cover Very Good 8vo 
244 pages. Never has there been spiritual reading as powerful as What Jesus Saw from the Cross, the book that will intensify your love of Jesus by burning the events of His Passion into your memory and imagination. Written early in this century by Rev. A. G. Sertillanges, a priest who lived in Jerusalem, this acclaimed devotional classic gives you vivid and dramatic details not included in the Gospel: With Jesus, you'll be jostled by crowds as you enter Jerusalem, choke on the dust of the narrow streets, experience the exotic oriental smells of the city at festival time, share the Last Supper with the disciples, stare into the face of Jesus' accusers, and be there as He dies on the Cross. Do you remember when Jesus begged His disciples to "watch one hour" with Him in the Garden of Gethsemane? With this book, you can watch not just one but many hours with Jesus. Read it slowly and prayerfully. The vivid details and the gripping narrative will soon take over: you'll find yourself engaged in a personal retreat, an interior pilgrimage, and a profound meditation on the love and sufferings of Jesus on the Cross. From Christ's Cross, you'll: Recall with Him the history of His people, while gazing lovingly on Mount Zion the "City of David" cradled within the walls of Jerusalem. Search the faces in the crowd below, finding there the malice of enemies, the dismay of friends, and the indifference of so many others. Find comfort in the tender love revealed in the sorrowful face of His Blessed Mother. Look across Jerusalem to the Mount of Olives, the road to Bethany, the Upper Room, the Garden of Gethsemane . . . and remember with Jesus the holy deeds He performed in each of these places. Recall the forty days in the desert, the marriage at Cana, the baptism by John, the calling of the Apostles, and the other events of His holy ministry, now brought to fearful consummation on the Cross. 
Price: 14.00 AUD
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The Rhetoric of Christian Socialism, Boase, Paul H.
3 Boase, Paul H. The Rhetoric of Christian Socialism
U.S.A. Random House 1969 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Good 12mo 
173 browning pages. Contents: Introduction - Is the Social Gospel Dead?; In?del Attack on Property, by IOSEPH COOK (1838-1901); Labor’ s View of the Situation, by R. HEBER NEWTON (1840-1914); The Church and the Gospel of Push, by WILLIAM DWIGHT PORTER BLISS (1856-1926); Christianity versus Socialism by LYMAN ABBOTT (1835-1922); The Coming Brotherhood by FRANCES WILLARD (1839-1898); The Problem of the City by IOSIAH STRONG (1847-1916); The Opportunity of the Church by GEORGE D. HERRON (1862-1925); The New Apostolate by WALTER RAUSCHENBUSCH (1861-1918); The New Evangel by WASHINGTON GLADDEN (1836-1918); My Account with the Unknown Soldier by HARRY EMERSON FOSDICK (1878-1969); The Koinonia Story by CLARENCE IORDAN (1912-1969); A Knock at Midnight by MARTIN LUTHER KING, IR (1929-1968). 
Price: 32.00 AUD
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The Religious Factor in Australian Life, Bouma, Gary D.; Dixon, Beverly R.
4 Bouma, Gary D.; Dixon, Beverly R. The Religious Factor in Australian Life
Australia World Vision & ZADOK 1986 0959691561 / 9780959691566 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Good 12mo 
xviii + 206 pages. A growing number of church and para-church leaders are taking tough, vigorous and authentic action to connect Australia with the gospel. MARC Australia wants to be part of that action, and publishing important research material such as the Bouma-Dixon data assembled in "The Religious Factor in Australian Life" is one expression of this. MARC (Missions Advanced Research and Communications) is an integral part of World Vision of Australia. Our function is essentially ministry-support, providing Christians with information, programmes, books and resources on leadership and mission. We want to help church leaders and Christian groups engage reflectively and strategically with issues which need to be confronted. How might your congregation respond to this publication? What are your church's strategies for the future? What is an appropriate way for your church to challenge Australians with the gospel? These and related issues can be explored through special ministry consultations and workshops conducted by MARC. If you want to know more about this programme and our other services, contact World Vision. Inscription in the first page. 
Price: 15.00 AUD
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The Bible and Postmodern Imagination, Brueggemann, Walter
5 Brueggemann, Walter The Bible and Postmodern Imagination
U. K. SCM Pr 1993 033400103X / 9780334001034 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
117 pages. It is widely affirmed that we now live in a new situation, a pluralistic, postmodern world. This situation is seen by many as a threat to traditional churches and their long established practices and patterns of belief, not least their interpretation of the Bible. Walter Brueggemann argues that this approach is far too pessimistic. Far from being a threat, our new siuation offers new opportunities, not least a chance to move beyonf the negativities of historical criticism. In support of this argument, Professor Brueggemann first outlines in more detail the present context as he sees it. Then he does the same for the themes of the Bible, seeing them as the picture of a world which is to be correlated with and set over against the modern world, providing a viable alternative infrastructure. The third and last chapter turns to specific texts with a focus on memory, covenant and hope. By moving from context to theme to text, Professor Brueggemann argues, the text can be given liberating power to transform, working in congregations who seek modes of practice faithful to the gospel. 
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John: The Gospel of Life, Burge, Gary M.; Lee-Thorp, Karen; Jobes, Karen H.
6 Burge, Gary M.; Lee-Thorp, Karen; Jobes, Karen H. John: The Gospel of Life
U.S.A. Zondervan 2008 0310276519 / 9780310276517 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
143 pages. A series of Bible study guides following the format and content of the NIV Application Commentaries Series. Each study looks at the original meaning, bridging contexts, and contemporary significance of the text, and offers small group participants a better understanding and relevant application of the biblical material to their daily lives. 
Price: 8.00 AUD
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Leading lawyers look at the Resurrection, Clifford, Ross
7 Clifford, Ross Leading lawyers look at the Resurrection
Australia Albatross Book 1991 0867601272 / 9780867601275 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
143 pages. Did Jesus rise from the dead? What happened to the body of Jesus? Are the writers of the Gospels reliable witnesses? The author selects some of the most prominent lawyers of modern times to sift through the evidence on the most influential figure of history. He describes the lawyers’ professional backgrounds, outlines their contributions to this 2000-year-old debate and reinforces their conclusions by some careful research of his own. A compelling case is made for the familiar claim of the Apostles’ Creed: ‘On the third day he rose again.’ While Ross Clifford believes that ‘the evidence would convince a court of law,’ he argues that we can't leave the matter there. The phenomenon of the resurrection strikes at the very heart of who we are and how we view human existence. inevitably, we find ourselves asking: What does it mean if Jesus did rise from the dead? How does it affect my understanding of life and death? If Jesus rose from the dead, what response does God require of me? Contents: 1. Who wrote the gospels? /? Edmund H. Bennett; 2. Are the gospels reliable, historical documents? /? John Warwick Montgomery; 3. Do the gospel writers speak the truth? /? Simon Greenleaf; 4. Do the gospel writers complement each other? /? Robert Anderson; 5. Is the Jesus story found outside the New Testament? /? Lord Hailsham; 6. What is the real evidence for the resurrection? /? Norman Anderson; 7. It may be true, but does it work? /? Lionel Luckhoo; 8. What should our response be to Jesus? /? Frank Morison. Appendices 1-3. Ross Clifford is a Baptist pastor. He has completed graduate study in apologetics. There is a name in the first page. 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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Jacques Ellul, the Major Works, Cranmer, John; Ellul, Jacques
8 Cranmer, John; Ellul, Jacques Jacques Ellul, the Major Works
Australia Hexagon Press 1980 0908063040 / 9780908063048 1st Edition Stapled Soft Cover Good 12mo 
40 pages. Jacques Ellul stands against those who seek a moulding of the Christian message by the modern world. For Ellul, modern man does not call the gospel into question, but the biblical revelation confronts modern man as an individual, challenging the foundation of his existence. He believes that Christians have a God-given gift of being able to discern the times, and should speak to their society in a similar manner as the Hebrew prophets to their society, warning of dangerous consequences of trends discernable in the present. He is one who seeks to speak a word from God that takes into account the mindset of the modern (technological) world. As a sociologist, Ellul stands in the tradition of Tocqueville in seeing the essence of modernity in the rise of the centralised and rationalised state. With the publication of “Technological Society” Ellul was discovered by the world outside France as a penetrating social analyst of whose ability even Aldous Huxley stood in envy. Yet to view Ellul only as a social analyst is to remove the dynamic from his thinking, for at the centre Jacques Ellul is one who seeks to confront the modern world with the biblical revelation of God in Jesus Christ. He asks us to view his work in terms of counterpoint: his sociological works standing in partnership with his biblical and theological works. While he gives no detailed program, Ellul says that christians are the only ones who have a genuine hope and a genuine resource of strength to cope with the severe strain of going against the dominant direction of the modern world of technological mass man. Underlining in some text. 
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Responding in Love: Reflections on Sunday Readings - Years a B C, Dean, Anthony
9 Dean, Anthony Responding in Love: Reflections on Sunday Readings - Years a B C
Australia St Pauls Pub 1995 1875570470 / 9781875570478 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
232 indexed pages. A commentary on the first reading and the gospel reading for each Sunday of the liturgical year and for the major feasts occurring on a Sunday in the Catholic church for the complete three year cycle. Includes an index for scripture passages. The author is a member of the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians) and is a graduate of the Pontifical Biblical Institute (Rome). Inscription in the first page. 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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The Role of Rock, Don Hibbard
10 Don Hibbard The Role of Rock
U.S.A. Prentice Hall 1983 0137824416 / 9780137824410 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
216 indexed pages. From its inception in the 1950s to the arrival of New Wave in the 1980s. rock 'n' roll has had an enormous impact on American youth and culture. Sex, drugs, the anti-war movement - rock has revolutionized many facets of society. Here the extent of rock's impact is evaluated and the role of rock analyzed, from 1955 to the present. What emerges is a new understanding of the motivations behind rock, its influence on audiences, and its interrelationships with society. Rock as an art form is a central theme, and in this book its development through established genres and performers is traced. But this is not just a rock encyclopedia; musical and sociological analyses flesh out the chronological framework. Rock is defined not only as music, but as a social phenomenon as well. From this viewpoint, rock is seen as a vehicle for youthful rebellion, and non conformity as a symbol for a new world view. The authors grapple with these ideas and succeed in unearthing a fascinating assessment of the role of rock. As they do, it suddenly becomes clear that though the revolution of the 1960s has passed, rock made something significant happen in our society - and the impact of that event still influences our lives today. Specially featured in this book is an extensive discography that covers not only rock 'n' roll but the blues, gospel, country, rhythm and blues, folk. and reggae as well. 
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His Name Is Mercy, Ken Barker
11 Ken Barker His Name Is Mercy
Australia Modotti Press 2010 1921421452 / 9781921421457 12th Impression Soft Cover Good 12mo 
147 pages. In an age of ever increasing litigation we have become highly tuned to the need for justice. But is there room for mercy? In this book Fr Ken Barker argues passionately that without mercy justice will not be complete. He makes a compelling case for mercy through the use of stories about remarkable human beings who, faced with hurt and violence, have chosen to forgive rather than to seek vengeance. He reminds us that mercy is the highest quality in the heart of God, and hence the most liberating attitude for any human heart. This book provides much needed teaching on forgiveness. With great clarity and sensitivity Fr Barker addresses the deep questions that arise in our hearts when we have been the victims of violence, or when we have been deeply hurt by a betrayal of trust. "Why forgive when a grave injustice has been done against me?" "How can I forgive when they don't deserve it?" "Does forgiving someone mean I have to forget?" "When I forgive do I have to excuse the one who offended me?" "How can I forgive when I feel hatred in my heart?" "Why has God allowed this to happen to me?" The gospel principles enunciated here provide a sure pointer towards freedom for all who have agonised with these questions. The stories offered here of those who have found this freedom are a light in the darkness, and an inspiration towards the highest calling of any human being - to have mercy and to forgive. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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From Jesus, with Love, Kenney, Jim
12 Kenney, Jim From Jesus, with Love
Australia NavPress Pub 8178870096 / 9788178870090 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
88 pages. Jim Kenney's intuitive interpretation of the Gospel from the perspective of Jesus as a fellow, suffering human reminds me that no matter what our life experience, Jesus knows what it's like. 
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Signposts in Life: A Life application from a new Perspective - A Daily Devotional, Lack, Rudi
13 Lack, Rudi Signposts in Life: A Life application from a new Perspective - A Daily Devotional
Switzerland Glifa 2002 3906589099 / 9783906589091 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
202 pages. We frequently need new impulses. This book transmits them from one page to the other. Discover God in everyday life and be encouraged and lifted up as you read about the signposts in life. The experiences of Rudi Lack, written in the form of mediations are remarkable in strength and depth. These writings motivate us to go on with God. Rudi Lack has traveled to over 100 countries. In most of them he has ministered the Gospel of Christ. Originally he trained in chemistry and worked in research. His theological training he received in England. For the past 30 years he worked in the international and interdenominational movement Youth With A Mission. He is also the founder and leader of GLIFA, a ministry that touches millions of people with the word of God. Together with his wife Eliane he makes his home in Switzerland. 
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The Rosary: Contemplating the Mystery, Madore, Georges
14 Madore, Georges The Rosary: Contemplating the Mystery
USA Pauline Books & Media 2000 0819864714 / 9780819864710 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 16mo Claudette Danis 
126 pages about an enriched method for praying the rosary. The author sketches the historical development of this devotion and offers practical suggestions for praying it. He then proposes an expanded series of mysteries drawn from gospel episodes and themes. 
Price: 24.00 AUD
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About Life: That's Worth Living and Lasts Forever - Introducing Jesus from John's Gospel, Mansfield, David
15 Mansfield, David About Life: That's Worth Living and Lasts Forever - Introducing Jesus from John's Gospel
Australia David Mansfield 2002 0957987307 / 9780957987302 Reprint Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
163 pages. Hope. Is there any? Eternity. Can I be sure? Jesus. What does he offer? David Mansfield takes us to John's Gospel to meet Jesus and his offer of life in all its fullness. In a world of uncertainty, the one certainty is Christ. He can be trusted. 
Price: 7.50 AUD
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The How and Why of Love: An Introduction to Evangelical Ethics, Michael Hill
16 Michael Hill The How and Why of Love: An Introduction to Evangelical Ethics
Australia Matthias Press 2002 187632645X / 9781876326456 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
278 indexed pages. An accessible, yet rigorously biblical approach to evangelical ethics. In this vibrant and much-needed book, Michael Hill introduces us to an evangelical approach to ethics. Starting from creation, and taking us trough the whole of biblical theology, this book describes how we can find out what is good and how to love one another. When does life start? Is abortion ever right? Can divorced Christians remarry? In a whole range of issues, Christians search for the biblical answer. But working out the ethical thing to do can be confusing. In this vibrant and much-needed book, Michael Hill introduces us to an evangelical approach to ethics. Starting from creation, and taking us trough the whole of biblical theology, this book describes how we can find out what is good and how to love one another. Table of Contents: Preface Section 1. Understanding Ethics 1. What's ethics all about? 2. The various accounts of morality Section 2. The Bible and ethics 3. Using the Bible in ethics 4. The schema of Biblical theology 5. Creation order 6. The ethics of personal relationships 7. The ethics of Community 8. Sketching a Biblically based theory of Christian ethics. Section 3. Moral Issues 9. Sex and Marriage 10. Divorce and remarriage 11. Homosexuality 12. Abortion 13. Euthanasia Section 4. Practical Application 14. How to live a moral life Notes Bibliography Bible passages Index Authors Index 
Price: 13.50 AUD
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Archer and the Arrow: Preaching the very words of God, Phillip D Jensen
17 Phillip D Jensen Archer and the Arrow: Preaching the very words of God
Australia Matthias Media 2010 1921441801 / 9781921441806 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
148 pages. "My aim is to preach the gospel by prayerfully expounding the Bible to the people God has given me to love." (Phillip Jensen) Join Phillip Jensen and Paul Grimmond as they explore each phrase in this carefully wrought statement, and show not only why faithful, powerful, biblical preaching is so important, but how to go about it. 
Price: 15.00 AUD
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Overcoming Anxiety and Depression: Practical Tools to Help You Deal with Negative Emotions, Phillips, Bob
18 Phillips, Bob Overcoming Anxiety and Depression: Practical Tools to Help You Deal with Negative Emotions
U.S.A. Harvest House Publishers 2007 0736919961 / 9780736919968 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
236 pages including bibliography. Anxiety and depression are the two most common emotions that plague people, causing emotional distress and feelings of inferiority, loneliness, and despair. Help is available for these people in pain-help from God, from His Word, and from the experience of gifted men and women who seek to lead people to wholeness. Readers will readily identify with licensed family counselor Bob Phillips as he provides descriptions of the potentially debilitating effects of these difficult emotions. He reveals the root causes of anxiety and depression, which are fear and anger, and he helps readers acknowledge and deal with these driving forces in an effective, godly way. He includes a gentle and helpful presentation of spiritual issues and the gospel that will benefit believers and nonbelievers alike. This hands-on, user-friendly approach is written with the lay person in mind and includes plenty of practical and effective self-help exercises that readers can use to find freedom. Christian counselors will recognize that Bob's system is built on a solid foundation of scriptural principles and up-to-date technical research on mental health. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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Stories from the prophet next door: a story source Collection, Pirola, Teresa (compiled by)
19 Pirola, Teresa (compiled by) Stories from the prophet next door: a story source Collection
Australia David Lovell 1998 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
115 indexed pages. These stories and anecdotes from the lives of ordinary people invite readers to see the Gospel at work in their own lives. Storytelling implicitly says: 'Your own story is valuable. Your life reflections are sacred. Moments of insight, often arising from simple, mundane events, are prophetic gifts'. Told in everyday language with refreshing originality, these stories are arranged according to themes such as healing, love, community, joy, faith, justice, tough decision. Each section has 'Your Story', questions for personal reflection, and the 'Jesus Story', reference to a related gospel text and its theme. This is the ideal resource for homily material, for religious education classes, for study and discussion groups, and for individual reflection and inspiration. Pirola has been active in the Antioch Movement and in adult religious education. She has authored three books, and numerous education programmes and articles. She now operates a publishing venture, The Story Source, which produces parish resources. 
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Welcoming the outsider : homilies for the year of Luke, Plant, Geoffrey
20 Plant, Geoffrey Welcoming the outsider : homilies for the year of Luke
Australia John Garratt Publishing 2009 1920682015 / 9781920682019 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
208 pages including bibliography. 'I have called this collection of homilies Welcoming the Outsider, thereby sounding a note that resonates throughout Luke's gospel, and which is particularly evident in stories unique to Luke...In Luke's gospel, the final words that Jesus spoke from the cross to another human being were addressed to an outsider: "Today you will be with me in paradise." Jesus died as he had lived, welcoming the outsider.' - (Geoffrey Michael Plant in the Introduction.) Geoff Plant's homilies teach by surprise. In each, he first devotes time to offer his knowledge of the biblical aspect of the given reading, from settings to scholarship. Then he invites us to share his delight in something from his own discovery of our contemporary secular world which has made its mark, from people to places. In a deft conclusion, he draws the two worlds together so we are suddenly, clearly and unforgettably instructed in holy understanding. Spiritual growth is the result. These homilies will be welcomed by priests and Church workers, students of Biblical Studies, Bible Study groups and individuals wishing to enrich their own spiritual understanding. 
Price: 14.00 AUD
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