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Baby Health (Mini Parenting Guides)
1 Baby Health (Mini Parenting Guides)
Australia The Australian Women's Weekly Home Library 2001 1863962255 / 9781863962254 Reprint Stapled Cover Very Good 12mo 
63 indexed pages including coloured illustrations. An Australian Women's Weekly parenting guide. It covers keeping baby healthy; giving your baby medicine, immunisation, common baby ailments, Abdominal pain, Allergies, Anaemia, Antibiotics, Aspirin, Asthma, Bites and stings, Animal bites and insect bites, At the beach, Taking a temperature, Breathing problems, Bronchiolitis and bronchitis, Burns and scalds, Chickenpox, Choking, Coeliac, disease, Colds, Colic, Conjunctivitis, Constipation, Convulsions, Cradle cap, Dehydration, Diarrhoea, Dislocation, Diphtheria, Drowning, Ear problems, Eczema, Encephalitis, Eye problems, Fever, Finger injuries, Foot problems, Fractures, Gastric reflux, Gastroenteritis, Genital problems, Giardiasis, Head injuries, Heart murmurs, Heat problems, Hepatitis, Hernia, Hl / infection and AIDS, Hives, Impetigo, In?uenza, Intestinal obstruction, Leg problems, Lumps and swellings, Measles, Meningitis, Mouth problems, Mumps, Nose problems, Pneumonia, Poisoning, Poliomyelitis, Po?ution effects, Rashes, Roseola infantum, Rubella, Scabies, Scarlet fever, Shock, Sneezing, Splinters, Suffocation, Sunburn, Teething, Tetanus, Thrush, Urinary tract infections, Vaginal infections, Viruses, Vomiting, Whooping cough, Worms. 
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Shakespeare the Sadist / Bremen Coffee / My Foot My Tutor / Stallerhof, Bauer, Wolfgang; Fassbinder, Rainer Werner; Handke, Peter; Kroetz, Franz Xaver
2 Bauer, Wolfgang; Fassbinder, Rainer Werner; Handke, Peter; Kroetz, Franz Xaver Shakespeare the Sadist / Bremen Coffee / My Foot My Tutor / Stallerhof
U. K. Eyre Methuen 1977 0413343901 / 9780413343901 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
96 pages. These plays by the four leading young German playwrights offer the best proof of the much-vaunted ‘theatrical renaissance’ in 1970s Germany. "Shakespeare the Sadist" is a neat spoof on the sort of cultural pretentiousness that can rate Shakespeare on a par with pornographic movies. Fassbinder, known outside Germany mainly for his films, takes a 19th century real-life multi-murderess as his heroine in Bremen to tell a moral tale of doubtful morality. "My Foot My Tutor", a totally silent mime for two actors, demonstrates a refreshingly different aspect of his dramatic ability. Kroets special talent is for relentlessly naturalistic studies of ordinary people in depressed or deprived situations. "Stallerhof" is the best of these: its impact is truly disturbing. Inscription in the inside front cover. 
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Sleep (60 Tips), Borrel, Marie
3 Borrel, Marie Sleep (60 Tips)
U. K. Hachette 2004 1844300757 / 9781844300754 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
125 pages including colour illustrations. A concise and indispensable resource, with an easy questionnaire to get you started. Tips for all situations - from difficulty getting to sleep to full-blown insomnia. Exercises, tips and good practices that will help you to you prevent sleeplessness and tackle the root of the problem. Natural remedies, massage, relaxation techniques, environment, diet this book will help you find a solution that works for you. This guide is packed with simple self-help strategies and expert advice which will help you alleviate symptoms. Whether it's occasional difficulty getting to sleep, or full-blown insomnia, there are simple things you can do to beat it. Tips include moving your bed, avoiding disturbing images, taking up a sport, and enjoying a warm foot bath. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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The Complete Art of Breaking, Bryne, Richard
4 Bryne, Richard The Complete Art of Breaking
U.S.A. Ohara Pub 1984 0897500997 / 9780897500999 Reprint Glossy Soft Cover Good 12mo 
127 pages including b/w illustrations. Breaking is a martial arts technique that is used in competition, demonstration and testing. Breaking is an action where a martial artist uses a striking surface to break one or more objects using the skills honed in their art form. The striking surface is usually a hand or a foot, but may also be a fingertip, toe, head, elbow, knuckle, or knee. The most common object is a piece of wood, though it is also common to break bricks or cinder blocks. Breaking can be often seen in karate, taekwondo and pencak silat. Richard Byrne reveals his methods for developing speed, power, and precision in delivering decisive blows. The student is taught a progressive training program in the art of breaking, stressing both safety and technical correctness. Three essentials must be present in order for the break to occur: 1. The weakest point of the object to be broken must be hit. 2. The strike must be initiated from sufficient distance in order to gain enough speed to penetrate the object. 3. The proper part of the body must be used to avoid injury and to pinpoint the exact power/ focus area. Moderate wear. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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Helping Yourself with Foot Reflexology, Carter, Mildred
5 Carter, Mildred Helping Yourself with Foot Reflexology
USA Parker Pub 1980 0133865320 / 9780133865325 Reprint Glossy Soft Cover Good 12mo 
190 indexed pages. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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Turning Suffering Inside Out, Cohen, Darlene
6 Cohen, Darlene Turning Suffering Inside Out
U.S.A. Shambhala Pubns 2002 1570628173 / 9781570628177 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
250 pages. Darlene Cohen discovered the secret to finding happiness in the midst of debilitating pain. She shares her knowledge in her workshops and now in this book. Cohen, who has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for 18 years, was hobbling painfully to her local Zen centre one day, when she made a discovery that changed her life: if she focused on the foot that was in the air rather than the one that was hitting the pavement, her stamina increased enormously. It was the beginning of a completely different approach to the crippling pain that had beset her for so long. As she demonstrates here, this approach can be expanded to all types of pain: physical, psychological, and spiritual. Cohen - a certified massage and movement therapist and Zen teacher - proposes a radically liberating alternative to the usual desperate search for pain relief: paradoxically, she says, release from suffering lies in paying closer attention to it. When we keep pain at bay, we keep pleasure at bay, too. The two are interdependent, and our ability to experience each is totally dependent on our understanding of the other. Darlene Cohen is a Zen teacher who counsels chronic pain clients and gives arthritis workshops, classes, lectures, and pain seminars in private practice and at medical facilities and meditation centers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as Spokane, Washington, and Evanston, Illinois. She is author of "Arthritis: Stop Suffering, Start Moving--Everyday Exercises for Body and Mind. " 
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150 Years: Lanyon 1835 - 1985, Dolan, David
7 Dolan, David 150 Years: Lanyon 1835 - 1985
Australia Australian Government Publishing Service 1986 0644046988 / 9780644046985 1st Edition Stapled Cover Very Good 8vo 
viii + 16 pages including b/w and colour illustrations. Lanyon Homestead is an historic homestead and grazing property located on the southern outskirts of Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory. It lies at the foot of the Brindabellas and is one of Australia’s premier historic properties. Sheep, cattle and horses still graze on the timbered hills and fertile banks of the Murrumbidgee river. Lanyon offers an exciting range of public programs, special events and school programs. Lanyon is now functioning as a museum, café and gallery. To accommodate all that, the Precinct’s centerpiece, the 1850s Homestead, has been beautifully restored and furnished. The information in this book is based largely on a detailed historical study made in 1981 by Pam Ray. 
Price: 14.00 AUD
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China Across the Divide: The Domestic and Global in Politics and Society, Foot, Rosemary (Editor
8 Foot, Rosemary (Editor China Across the Divide: The Domestic and Global in Politics and Society
U.S.A. Oxford University Press 2013 0199919887 / 9780199919888 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
231 indexed pages. Understanding China's role in the world has become one of the crucial intellectual challenges of the 21st century. Recognizing the interpenetrated nature of the domestic and international spheres, this book uncovers some of the key interactions between the global and domestic forces that determine China's external behavior. The first section of the book concentrates on the role of ideas. It examines Chinese conceptions, at both the elite and mass levels, of the country's status and role in global politics, and how these conceptions can influence and frame policies. The second section provides evidence of Chinese societal involvement in transnational processes that are simultaneously transforming China and other parts of the world, often in unintended ways. The third section assesses the impact of globalization on China in issue areas that are central to global order, and outlines the domestic responses-from resistance to embrace-that it generates. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach involving scholars in international relations, history, social anthropology, and area studies, this book offers a sophisticated understanding of Chinese thought and behavior and illustrates the impact that China's re-emergence is having on 21st century global order. 
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Reflexology a Way to Better Health: Foot and Hand Massage for Relaxation and Treating Many Ailments, Hall, Nicola
9 Hall, Nicola Reflexology a Way to Better Health: Foot and Hand Massage for Relaxation and Treating Many Ailments
United Kingdom Gateway Books 1993 0946551731 / 9780946551736 Reprint Glossy Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
187 indexed pages including illustrations. Re?exology is one of the most accessible forms of alternative therapy. This ancient art of foot and hand massage brings relaxation and relief from stress and healing to the body. V R L This is a straightforward guide for the lay person or the student, describing how re?ex systems work and what are the theories behind them. There are 75 illustrations which make the hands-on approach easy to follow. Also treatments are described for 100 different disorders. Nicola Hall is Director of the Bayley School of Re?exology and Chairman of the British Re?exology Association. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Dis Information and Other Wikkid Myths, Kruszelnicki, Dr.  Karl
10 Kruszelnicki, Dr. Karl Dis Information and Other Wikkid Myths
Australia HarperCollins 2005 0732280605 / 9780732280604 1st Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
250 pages including b/w illustrations. 'Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition.' - Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, 776 Columbus never set foot in America. Piranhas are the deadliest fish. A purring cat is a happy cat. Cleopatra was insanely beautiful. All natural products are safe. Oranges are the richest source of vitamin C. You can tell a liar just by looking in their eyes. The Roswell alien autopsy proved that intelligent aliens visited us. And Dr Karl wears a hoodie lab coat to work every day. Some of these are true and some are not. Well, the last one is definitely not. But inside these covers you'll find out whether there's dis information about the other wikkid myths . Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is the Julius Sumner Miller Fellow at the University of Sydney. He appears on Triple J and other ABC radio stations, and on BBC radio, and is a regular guest of Kochie and Mel on Channel 7's Sunrise. This is his 24th book, and is based on his popular Good Weekend column, 'Mythconceptions'. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Lonely Planet on the Edge: Adventurous Escapades from Around the World, Kuhne, Cecil
11 Kuhne, Cecil Lonely Planet on the Edge: Adventurous Escapades from Around the World
Australia Lonely Planet 2000 1864502223 / 9781864502220 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
232 pages including foreword by Tony Wheeler. Travel is the basis of true adventure, and a thirst for adventure lies at the heart of the most memorable travel. Venturing where no one has ever gone before, pushing your body to its limits in the harshest natural environments, or having to adapt, physically and mentally, to the demands of an alien culture: such moments bring both ourselves and our world into focus like nothing else. Lonely Planet...On the Edge follows the fortunes and misfortunes of the world's best travel writers in jungles and on the seas, off the beaten track and even off the planet. On foot, on camel or on a sailing ship: Lonely Planet...On The Edge will enthral you from start to finish. 
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Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology, Kunz, Kevin; Kunz, Barbara
12 Kunz, Kevin; Kunz, Barbara Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology
U. K. Thorsons Pub 1984 072250909X / 9780722509098 1st Edition Glossy Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
146 indexed pages including drawings. Best selling classic text for learning reflexology. It revolutionized the way reflexology was taught and learned when it was first published, launching an industry. It provided the first illustrated how-to instructions for the American natural alternative practice of reflexology. This book is a reference work and teaching tool for reflexology. It includes learning tools for reflexology’s: history, theory and how to do techniques. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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Wet and wild: a field guide to the freshwater animals of the Southern Tablelands and High Country of the ACT and NSW, Lintermans, Mark; Osborne, William
13 Lintermans, Mark; Osborne, William Wet and wild: a field guide to the freshwater animals of the Southern Tablelands and High Country of the ACT and NSW
Australia Environment ACT 2002 0642601704 / 9780642601704 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
vi + 262 indebliographyxed pages including colour illustrations and bibliography. Whether you would like to know the name of the snake that just frightened the living daylights out of you, or are simply trying to estimate the number of types of bird on a lake, this book is a valuable aid. Its authors have"distilled their impressively deep knowledge and love of their work into each page of this field guide. This book helps the reader identify many of the frog, reptile, fish, bird and invertebrate species to be found in the high country of south-eastern Australia, with the help of colour photographs and descriptions of each species. The creatures‘ biology, diet, habitat, distribution, abundance and conservation status are all described. The authors also provide some references for further reading. The wealth of detail in this guide makes its subjects intriguing to the reader. Delving into the book and learning about each animal - how a blackfish lays and fans its eggs, or why lizards shuffle from foot to foot - enriches the reader's understanding of the complex freshwater environment. One of the beauties of the book is that as the reader gains more knowledge, more questions spring forth: How does that frog change colour? Why do some snakes lay eggs while others give birth to live young? How can turtles become dormant? As Australia develops, many rivers are under intense pressure to provide more and more water, but there's only so much rainfall. Therefore, unfortunately, the future is not bright for many of the animals that depend on healthy rivers and wetlands to live. For instance, eight species of frogs vanished completely in Australia in the decade between 1980 and 1990. Contents: Freshwater habitats of the Southern Tablelands and High Country; Threatened freshwater animals of the Southern Tablelands and High Country; Fish; Invertebrates; Mammals; Birds; Reptiles; Frogs. 
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Flacco's Burnt Offerings, Livingston, P. J.
14 Livingston, P. J. Flacco's Burnt Offerings
Australia Penguin 1995 0140247823 / 9780140247824 1st Australian Edition Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo P. J. Livingston 
152 pages. This humorous collection of reflections on aspects of life addresses issues such as why rescue the Morton Bay fig, living in fin, skinny dipping, what to do if your house becomes infected with infants, and how to depress a foot pedal. The author is a well-known comedian who has appeared frequently on television and radio. 
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A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove, Moloney, James
15 Moloney, James A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove
Australia Univ of Queensland Pr 2000 0702228842 / 9780702228841 Reprint Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
241 pages. The Matt family are not very popular in Wattle Beach. Abandoned by mum, Carl takes his younger brother to stay with an unwilling aunt. Hungry for the love he has never had, Carl tries to protect young Harley from being hurt, and in the end finds an unexpected home for both of them. Carl Matt even his name mocks him. The people of Wattle Beach do their best to grind him under foot. Why are the Matts such pariahs? The answer lies in Wiseman's Cove, a short ride across the strait where Carl finds refuge in the most unlikely place. Wiseman's Cove has been waiting for Carl waiting a long time. For ages 12-14 years. 
Price: 9.00 AUD
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Mort: The Play Pratchett, Terry (Adapted for the Stage By Stephen Briggs), Pratchett, Terry
16 Pratchett, Terry Mort: The Play Pratchett, Terry (Adapted for the Stage By Stephen Briggs)
UK Gorgi 1996 0552144290 / 9780552144292 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
171 pages. Death comes to us all. When he came to Mort, he offered him a job. But when Mort is left in charge for an evening, he allows his heart to rule his head and soon the whole of causality and the future of the Discworld itself, are at risk. Along the way, Mort encounters not only Death's adopted daughter, Ysabell - who has been 16 for 35 years - and his mysterious manservant Albert - whose cooking can harden an artery at ten paces - but also an incompetent wizard with a talking doorknocker and a beautiful, but rather bad-tempered and dead, princess. He also, of course, meets Death. On Terry Pratchett's Discworld, Death really is a 7 foot skeleton in a black hooded robe and wielding a scythe. He is also fond of cats, enjoys a good curry, and rides around the skies on a magnificent white horse called Binky. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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A Power for Good: A History of Catholic Women's Association and Catholic Women's League, Canberra and Goulburn, 1945 - 1995, Tilse, Sheila M.
17 Tilse, Sheila M. A Power for Good: A History of Catholic Women's Association and Catholic Women's League, Canberra and Goulburn, 1945 - 1995
Australia Catholic Women's League 1998 0646362585 / 9780646362588 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
viii + 156 indexed pages. The book cover design features a photograph, taken by Loui Seselja, of League symbols displayed at every meeting. The crucifix proclaims the faith and commitment of League members; the knots in the net stand for the branches and the links between the knots for the CWL network which exists across the whole of Australia,' the red flower represents the women of the Church of Silence, for whom a Hail Mary is offered whenever League members gather. The net was originally draped over the crucifix but was symbolically moved to its foot when the Iron Curtain fell. Prayers are still offered for all oppressed women unable to practise their faith. Since 1945, the Catholic Women’s League (CWL) of Canberra and Goulburn (formerly known as the Catholic Women’s Association) has worked for the Church, ‘supported the clergy, given solace to the lonely and practical help to the needy. At the same time, they have presented to the wider community the public face of Catholic women. Book Contents: Introduction; The Association; The League; The Deaneries; The Regions; The Fifth Decade; The Activities; Conclusion; End Notes; Bibliography; Appendix 1: Archdiocesan Conferences and Luncheon Speakers; Appendix 2: Lists of Archdiocesan Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, International Secretaries, Archdiocesan and National; Spiritual Advisers, National; Executives from Canberra and Goulburn and Delegates to CWLA Conferences Appendix: CWL Personalities. 
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Leadership on the Front Foot, Veron, Zachary
18 Veron, Zachary Leadership on the Front Foot
Australia Intervarsity Press 2009 1922000124 / 9781922000125 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
204 pages. Outlines 23 principles to inspire and encourage church leaders, to lead on the front foot. That is, to lead proactively and strategically, with confidence and initiative, in order to create missional churches. Practical and principled guidance is offered together with application guides for further reflection, planning and decision making. This unique resource is ideal for all church leaders - especially young ministers and those who lead with them in the local church context. This book has a wealth of practical and helpful material which reflects a ministry that has been greatly blessed by God. 
Price: 17.00 AUD
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Canoeing guide to Victoria, Victorian Amateur Canoe Association
19 Victorian Amateur Canoe Association Canoeing guide to Victoria
Australia Touring Committee, Victorian Amateur Canoe Association 1981 4th Ed Stapled Cover Good 12mo 
95 pages including b/w illustrations. Helps to discover Victoria's rivers, lakes and waterways from a canoe. Helps to explore remote areas of wilderness not accessible by road or foot. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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How to Play Soccer, Weiniger, Peter
20 Weiniger, Peter How to Play Soccer
Australia McPhee Gribble 1983 0869140213 / 9780869140215 Reprint Stapled Pictorial Cover Good 12mo Tony Ward 
52 illustrated pages. With most things we need to know about the skills of the game, and how to practise them. What words do we need to know? ATTACKING: Moving toward your opponent’s goal and trying to score when your team has the ball. It is also called offence. BACK: Another name for a player who plays in defence. Also called defender. BREAKAWAY: A sudden dash towards the opponent’s goal by an attacker who has left all defenders behind. CENTERING: Passing the ball from either side of the field toward the middle. It is also called crossing. CENTRE LINE: A straight line drawn from one sideline to the other sideline which divides the playing field in half. It is sometimes called the halfway line. CENTRE SPOT: The spot on the centre line in the middle of the field from which the ball is kicked off at the beginning of a game, at the start of the second half, and after a goal is scored. CHIPPING: Lifting the ball with your foot so that it goes up in the air at a sharp angle, usually over your opponent’s head. To chip, slide your foot under the ball and scoop it up on your instep. Then lean back, lift, and fling. Do you want to know more? Buy this book. 
Price: 7.50 AUD
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