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100 Other Games to Play on a Chessboard, Addison, Stephen
1 Addison, Stephen 100 Other Games to Play on a Chessboard
UK Peter Owen Pub 1983 0720606179 / 9780720606171 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
96 pages. Do you have a chessboard? What games do you play on it? Chess? Draughts? What about Japanese Chess, Chameleon Chess or Explosion Chess? Or Turkish Draughts, Redrafting Draughts or indeed Conversion Redrafting Draughts? With only a set of chess-pieces or some counters there are scores of games that can be played on a chessboard. Stephen Addison has selected a hundred of the best games from around the world and across the centuries, ranging in complexity and fascination from simple draughts to the ?endish ‘Lanrick’ invented by Lewis Carroll. Each game is explained concisely and clearly, often with the aid of diagrams. Here are occupational games, positional games, custodian capture games, and games like ‘Chessboard Go’ or ‘Tablut’ that are played on the intersections of the squares. For chess enthusiasts, Stephen Addison presents more than thirty variants of the orthodox game and explains how to add an exciting new dimension to your play by using ‘fairy’ chess-pieces with special moves of their own. Finally, for those occasions when a player ?nds himself without an opponent, the book includes a selection of chessboard puzzles. IOO Other Games To Play on a Cbessboard is a book for everyone who has ever enjoyed a game of chess or draughts, from the absolute beginner to the grandmaster. These games will increase the potential of your chessboard a hundredfold, providing hours of stimulating amusement. 
Price: 14.00 AUD
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Your Success In Five Years Or Less, Anita Bell
2 Anita Bell Your Success In Five Years Or Less
Australia Random House 2004 1740512839 / 9781740512831 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
xi + 176 pages. Many people have written to Anita over the past five years seeking additional hints and tips to help them pay off their mortgage in five years, or at least cut a few years off their debt. With the permission and assistance of these wily savers and dedicated budgeters, Anita now shares their case studies with you. Learn how these people found affordable properties to suit their requirements, became debt-free and found extra funds to add to their mortgage payments. Hear and be motivated by their stories of how five years of sacrifice brings a lifetime of comforts, and then do it yourself! The author is one of Australia's best-selling finance authors with "YOUR MORTGAGE" having sold more than half a million copies. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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First Three Months, Barker, Robin
3 Barker, Robin First Three Months
Australia Pan 1998 0330361074 / 9780330361071 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 16mo 
96 indexed pages including b/w illustrations. This field guide has been written primarily for the non-botanist interested in the native trees of the Australian Capital Territory. It contains descriptions and illustrations of the sixty woody species of Australian plants commonly reaching tree height, or more precisely four metres, growing naturally within the Territory. As the coastal vegetation of the Jervis Bay region is quite different from that of the inland part of the Territory and would add greatly to the complexity of this guide, it has not been included; and as an additional aid to a compact guide, the descriptions have been kept as short as possible. References to further reading are included for those wanting more information. 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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Quicksilver (A little ark book), Broome, Errol
4 Broome, Errol Quicksilver (A little ark book)
Australia Allen & Unwin Children's Books 1997 1864483814 / 9781864483819 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
96 pages including drawings. 'Why are they called charms?' Mum wrinkled her forehead. 'I don't know. It must be something to do with magic.' On her eleventh birthday, Luisa's father sends her a silver charm bracelet from Paris. She wishes he hadn't gone away. Life is different without him, and she feels at odds with her mother and friends. Luisa decides to add charms to the silver chain until he returns: bell, flower, mirror, heart... Some are gifts, others she saves up to buy, but each of the charms works a kind of spell and nothing turns out quite the way she expects... In Quicksilver, Errol Broome has written an intriguing chain of stories that combine fantasy and reality to explore the fragile links connecting family and friends. Errol is the author of many books for children, including Tangles, Rockhopper and Splashback. For primary school age. Ex-library markings/attachments or remnants of and covered in adhesive transparent plastic. 
Price: 10.50 AUD
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Love Charms, Clark, Margaret
5 Clark, Margaret Love Charms
Australia Random House 2008 1741662648 / 9781741662641 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
188 pages. For primary school age. Laura's adventurous grandmother sends her a birthday charm to add to her silver bracelet, just as she does each year. This time it's a golden cat and it's gorgeous! But at her birthday sleep over someone steals it. Does the thief belong to the Populars or the Fringes - the two competing girl groups at the party? Luckily, Laura's mother is a private investigator and takes time out from tracking down the One-Eyed One-Armed bandit to help her with ideas. For primary school age. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Different Kids: Growing up with Attention Deficit, Dengate, Sue
6 Dengate, Sue Different Kids: Growing up with Attention Deficit
Australia Random House 1994 0091830516 / 9780091830519 1st Edition Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
264 indexed pages.Do teachers, friends, and family members say these things about your child? Your child is lazy, or easily bored; just needs a firm hand; is restless, or lethargic;is forgetful, disorganised and unmotivated; reacts to some foods; has poor reading skills or handwriting but is very creative; has trouble making friends; could do better if he or she tried. This compelling book tells how a former teacher and mother found surprisingly successful solutions to her children's behaviour and learning problems, some of which were associated with "Attention De?cit Disorder". It provides a clear analysis of this baffling disorder. This book should be required reading for all health professionals, parents and teachers. 
Price: 14.00 AUD
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Health Issues Puberty, Elliot-Wright, Susan
7 Elliot-Wright, Susan Health Issues Puberty
U. K. Hodder 2003 0750243732 / 9780750243735 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Hard Cover Very Good 8vo 
64 indexed pages including colour illustrations. PHYSICAL CHANGES that occur during puberty your body capable of reproduction. They also have a dramatic effect on your looks, the way you feel and how you relate to other people. This book explains all these changes, showing that they are perfectly ormal and helping you understand the many feelings you may have about becoming an adult. 'Health Issues' is a series that supports the science curriculum. Each title focuses on a facet of health, using case studies to add a human dimension to the fact-based approach. This volume explores what happens during puberty. Ex lib. 
Price: 9.50 AUD
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Unreal Banana Peel - A Third Collection of Australian Children's Chants and Rhymes, Factor, June
8 Factor, June Unreal Banana Peel - A Third Collection of Australian Children's Chants and Rhymes
Australia Hodder 1987 0195547802 / 9780195547801 Reprint Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo Peter Viska 
112 pages. Here is another collection of the rhymes, riddles, jokes and chants made up by children all around the country. This is a book that everyone will want to read and chuckle over time and time again. As in Far Out, Brussel Sprout!, Peter Viska's witty illustrations add to the fun. There is a name in the inside front cover. 
Price: 19.50 AUD
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Just Macbeth!, Griffiths, Andy
9 Griffiths, Andy Just Macbeth!
Australia Macmillan 2009 033042534X / 9780330425346 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
200 pages including illustrations. Just Macbeth is an alternate version of William Shakespere's play Macbeth. It was written by Australian children’s author Andy Griffiths and produced by Bell Shakespeare as well as being released as a book. Take one Shakespearean tragedy: Macbeth. Add Andy, Danny and Lisa - the Just trio, whose madcap exploits have already delighted hundreds of thousands of readers for the last ten years. Mix them all together to create one of the most hilarious, most dramatic, moving stories of love, Whizz Fizz, witches, murder and madness, from the bestselling and funniest children's author in Australia. 
Price: 8.00 AUD
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10 Holborow, Barbara; Neville, Cliff; Webb, Nola Barbara Holborow's Kids: Loving for Life
Australia Random House 1999 0091839378 / 9780091839376 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
275 pages. This is a book to open your eyes. It is a book to make you think, but it will not preach to you. This is a book about children, and therefore about everyone, for children are life. When you become a parent, where do you get your information about how to raise children, and, more importantly, what to do when things go wrong? Parents, friends, neighbours - their advice may be well meant, but it may also be dead wrong. Barbara Holborow, a high-profile former Children’s Court magistrate, has looked at the world of children. She has had to analyse and judge children and those associated with them. She knows how they love and react, how they are abused and used, how they use and abuse. Cliff Neville is a professional communicator, who has seen life in many parts of the world, and Nola Webb, a lawyer, professional researcher and grandmother, has made an academic and painstaking study of kids. Together they have collaborated to create a book to give you food for thought. Kids is full of real life stories, wisdom and experience. It will help you grow with your children, enjoy them and love them, but at the same time it will add to your ability to be a role model for these very special people. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Meeting Life;, Krishnamurti, J.
11 Krishnamurti, J. Meeting Life;
UK Penguin 1991 0140193138 / 9780140193138 1st Edition Soft Cover Good 12mo 
228 pages. Our problems are not solved by trying to solve them. So states Krishnamurti in the last teachings before his death in 1986. Rather, he continues, when we do no more than observe them with a mind unruffled by thoughts either of solution or escape, they dissolve. To gaze upon them as one might ‘a precious jewel, exquisitely handcrafted’ leads in fact to ‘total release from that which has caused pain’. In striving for resolution, however, we will only add to the complexity of any problem. If we can remove ourselves from the struggle and shed our intrusive egotism, then sorrow dies - and love is born. Meeting Life suggests that we go about this most effectively when we let go of everything we know and purport to be, and meditate - which entails no more than dropping our hurts, fears, anxiety, loneliness, despair and sorrow on the spot. ‘That is the foundation, that is the first step, and the first step,’ Krishnamurti insists, ‘is the last step.’ Just one of the questions with which this collection of talks confronts the reader is: Are you brave enough to take this vital step? Jiddu Krishnamurti was a philosopher, speaker and writer. He was concerned with psychological revolution, the nature of mind, meditation, inquiry, human relationships, and bringing about radical change in society. Moderate wear in the cover. 
Price: 15.00 AUD
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Bench-Tested Circuits For Surveillance And Countersurveillance Technicians, Larsen, Tom
12 Larsen, Tom Bench-Tested Circuits For Surveillance And Countersurveillance Technicians
U.S.A. Paladin Press 1997 0873649176 / 9780873649179 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
116 pages including b/w illustrations and graphics. If you are hungry for updated, practical electronic circuits, this is the book for you. Not only do these ingenious circuits -- some never before published -- really work, but they are simple, inexpensive and fun. Includes clear explanations and schematics plus real-life applications. Table of Contents: Chapter 1 - Electronics Surveillance Inductive Wiretap for Under 80 Bucks Infrared Telephone Tap Easy-To-Build Lightwave Receiver Voice-Activation Circuit Voice Activation for Radio Monitoring Chapter 2 - Remote Control Circuits Tone Decoder with Latch for Radio-Control Circuits Single Tone Encoder Tone Decoder Add-On Circuit Chapter 3 - Infrared Flasher Circuits Infrared Firefly Flasher Chapter 4 - Countersurveillance Circuits A Simple Way to Detect Carrier Current Transmitters Bug Detector Three Phone Line Tests Automatic Tape Starter Defeat Simple VHF Interference Analyzer Chapter 5 - Receiver Enhancement Circuits Very Low Frequency Converter Preamp/Buffer for SCA Decoders Chapter 6 - Simple But Very Effective Alarm Circuits for Special Applications Briefcase or Instrumentation Case Alarm Simple Surreptitious Entry Monitor for Your Auto, RV, or Truck 
Price: 17.00 AUD
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Great Australian Short Stories, Lawson, Henry; Paterson, A. B. (Banjo) et al
13 Lawson, Henry; Paterson, A. B. (Banjo) et al Great Australian Short Stories
Australia Five Mile Pr 2013 1743009852 / 9781743009857 Reprint Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 8vo 
287 pages. Drawn from the late 19th to the early 20th centuries, all the stories in this collection in some Way capture the spirit of the young Australian nation. Some are humorous, others stark, even horrifying, but all are entertaining - and in some Way add to the picture of Australia’s gradually emerging national character. From Steele Rudd’s humorous Dad and Dave stories and Barbara Baynton’s stark tales to Henry LaWson’s brilliant depictions of shearers, swaggies, selectors, drovers - and their wives - these stories conjure up both the hardship and the poignancy of life in old Australia, bringing both the land and its people vividly to life. These classic short stories should be compulsory reading for all Australians. 
Price: 16.50 AUD
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Just Add Buddha!: Quick Buddhist Solutions for Hellish Bosses, Traffic Jams, Stubborn Spouses, and Other Annoyances of Everyday Life, Metcalf, Franz
14 Metcalf, Franz Just Add Buddha!: Quick Buddhist Solutions for Hellish Bosses, Traffic Jams, Stubborn Spouses, and Other Annoyances of Everyday Life
U.S.A. Ulysses Press 2004 1569754098 / 9781569754092 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
170 pages. Written for spiritual seekers who deal with unenlightened coworkers and inconsiderate bank tellers more often than Zen masters and Tibetan monks, this book demonstrates the practical side of Buddhism. Author Franz Metcalf shows how to weave simple vows, quick rethinks, instant relaxations, fast visualizations, and many other stripped-down Buddhist practices into every area of life. Individually, Metcalf's techniques work as quick fixes for specific dilemmas, but woven together, they gradually strengthen one's spiritual base when one day a habitual way of being has been quietly transformed. While not written to impress pure Buddhists, this book takes Buddhism seriously. Approachable sections on Buddhism's rich tradition and a sprinkling of quotes from ancient scripture and contemporary teachers connect the book's practices to the deeper wisdom underlying them. This books squarely focused on daily life, drawing out the most practical aspects of Buddhism. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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Understanding Classroom Mathematics: A Parent and Student Guide, Morris, Michael J.
15 Morris, Michael J. Understanding Classroom Mathematics: A Parent and Student Guide
Australia P.C.S. Publications 1994 0947225196 / 9780947225193 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Good 12mo 
xii + 180 pages. Parents need to understand the changes that have taken place in modern mathematics. They need to be able to add them to their own knowledge of mathematics if they are to be effective in helping their children in time of need. To do this, parents need to be able to add the vocabulary used in today's classrooms. This book sets out to give both parents and students a better understanding of each other's methods of arriving at the same answer. It also attempts to give parents the necessary vocabulary used in today's mathematics. For the benefit of both parents and students there are examples of both the old and new methods. 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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High Flavour Low Fat - 100 Delicious New Weight-Loss Recipes, Proctor, Catherine
16 Proctor, Catherine High Flavour Low Fat - 100 Delicious New Weight-Loss Recipes
Australia Jane Curry Pub 2003 1920727000 / 9781920727000 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
208 pages about losing weight easy, with great tips on low-fat living and 100 delicious new recipes. Cutting down on the fat in your diet is one of the best things you can do for your health and body shape. With advice on minimising fat, how to add fat-free flavour to food and great low-fat adaptations of your favourite recipes, 'High Flavour Low Fat' lets you satisfy your tastebuds while you lose weight. The chapters are: breakfasts, starters and snacks, soups, salads, pasta and pizza, meat, poultry and seafood, vegetables, baking, desserts. Delicious recipes include: Balsamic Lime Chicken, Chocolate Mousse Tart, Sourdough Bread, Thai Fish Cakes. Catherine Proctor is a writer and editor specialising in health books, and runs her own cookery school. 
Price: 10.00 AUD
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The pink triangle, Raftery, Roger
17 Raftery, Roger The pink triangle
Australia UQP 1981 0702216216 / 9780702216213 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
194 pages. The ingredients are rich and provocative for the murder mystery connoisseur. Add a few dashes from the obscure and concealed world of police corruption and homosexuality, and you have an exciting blend of intrigue and realism to make a superb crime novel which also touches pertinent social issues. Roger Raftery's The Pink Triangle (named after the pink triangle branded on homosexuals by the Nazis) presents a unique but very credible plot. A gallery of fascinating characters is brought unerringly together through a web created by Raftery's penchant for expose. The reader will be just as puzzled as Raftery's sleuth, Duane Dooley, at the many possible suspects for murderer. The bizarre and exciting denouement will prove to be a very entertaining revelation. The novel's exciting, often witty style of narrative belongs to Roger Flaftery whose, in his own words, "proletarian bloodlines stretch back to infinity (potato famine Irish on one side, and East End dockworker English Protestants on the other)." 
Price: 17.00 AUD
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A Biblical Approach to Feng Shui & Divination, Rev Daniel Tong
18 Rev Daniel Tong A Biblical Approach to Feng Shui & Divination
U.S.A. Armour Pub 2006 9814138614 / 9789814138611 Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
166 pages including bibliography. In Feng Shui, the ornamental fountain in the home or office has more than aesthetic appeal. It brings prosperity. Likewise, south is good. And north is bad. So it is vital for the front entrance to face south. In a nutshell, the practice of Feng Shui - the words mean "wind" and "water" respectively - aims to help people live in harmony with their environment. The goal is to re-shape their destiny for a better life. How does it work? Is it for real? After painstaking research, Daniel Tong unearths the root of Feng Shui and Divination, and explores some tools of the trade, like the Bagua and Luo Pan. In the process, he stacks up the practices against biblical teaching, and strips off superstition to reveal the truth of God’s Word for all Christians. A good book for those who are unfamiliar with Feng Shui and related divination practices in Chinese culture. It is particularly useful for those Christians who do not read Chinese and need a guide to find their way through this complex minefield. A Biblical Approach to Feng Shui and Divination will help many who are confused and befuddled by the various claims made for such forms of divination. A graduate of Trinity Theological College, Singapore, Daniel Tong has been a priest of the Anglican Diocese of Singapore for some 12 years. Over the past decade, he has been teaching a course on Chinese cultural practices, whose contents have shaped his definitive book, A Biblical Approach to Chinese Traditions and Beliefs. His intention to add to the course a lesson on the increasingly popular practice of Feng Shui was the impetus for this new book. The father of three is currently Vicar of Chapel of Christ the Redeemer and Chaplain of St Hilda's Primary School. Crease in the back cover. 
Price: 21.00 AUD
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Just for Mothers (and Others) : Inspiration, Quotes, Poems, Words - Including Original Pieces, Rooks, Anne
19 Rooks, Anne Just for Mothers (and Others) : Inspiration, Quotes, Poems, Words - Including Original Pieces
Australia Anne Rooks 2001 0958518653 / 9780958518659 1st Edition Stapled Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
30 pages including illustrations. Place your gifts in a large bowl and add spoonfuls of energy and enthusiasm. Sprinkle generously with independence and determination. Rub in a few knobs of sorrow and failure, and soften with the love of your family and friends. Toss in a handful of dreams and mix to a firm consistency. Remove mixture from the bowl, and to ensure that success and enough wealth to meet your needs is blended in, knead till smooth with hands that are rarely idle. Put in a tin greased with faith, brush the top with patience, dot with humility and place in a slow oven. While it’s cooking, relax, and either read a good book, spend time on a hobby, or listen to your favourite music. Remove your creation from the oven and share it with those you love, but make sure there’s a piece left over for someone in need. Crease in the lower edge of the font cover. 
Price: 16.00 AUD
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A Spirituality of Relationships: The Power of Both/And, Ryan, John E.
20 Ryan, John E. A Spirituality of Relationships: The Power of Both/And
Australia Spectrum Pub 2007 0867863943 / 9780867863949 1st Edition Glossy Pictorial Soft Cover Very Good 12mo 
238 pages. Includes bibliographical references and reface by Jack Dominian. With daring honesty and with hope for the future John Ryan offers his personal history as the ground within which to explore the systemic flaws within his beloved Church. It is his progress report on what he has discovered through his own struggles and his extraordinary exposure to many great people of learning and holiness that could be helpful to others. Basically it is an attempt to add his voice to the call to restore love and life ahead of law and control at the centre of Church life and activity and to point to how things might begin to change as this is achieved. It is an appeal to open dialogue and consequent action among all who want to see their religious life bear fruit that will grow and flower. ' - be human, be flawed, be sinful and let me be with you' says the Lord. 
Price: 12.00 AUD
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